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Saturday, May 19, 2012

WCW/NWO Revenge Nintendo 64 Cheats

Powerbomb/Backbreaker off the Side of the Ring
To do this is simple. For one thing, you must choose a wrestler that normally does a powerbomb or would do a powerbomb. Only one character i have found does a backbreaker off the side, Brian Adams. Powerbombers are Nash, Norton, The Giant, and i think Rick Steiner. To do this move, simply get on the side of the ring(outside the ropes), do a strong grapple, and then hit A or B. If it works, u will see the wrestler pull their opponent out onto the side, and then both will go down to the floor, one being put in this powerful move.

Play as Mortris
Win the TV Title to get to play as Kanyon. Now, at the Exhibition screen, highlight Kanyon and press either C button.

Playable Managers
Start a One-On-One Exhibition match and choose wrestlers that have managers. After the play begins, press Z on the 3rd and 4th controllers.

Do Your Opponents Finishing Moves
First, you must equal your opponents weight class so Kevin Nash, Booker T, Giant will work. Next get in a grapple with a special and press A + B. Don't touch the Analog Stick at all.

Pin Outside of Ring
First, you have to be very close to the door of the walkway and the Count Out must be Off.

Sledge Hammer
Play as Dake Ken and pick up a weapon from the crowd.

Do Opponent's Taunt
Face your opponent, then rotate the Analog Stick Counter-Clockwise.

Sting's Entrance
To see Sting drop from the ceiling, go to Battle Royal and pick 4 or more players. Don't pick Sting or else it won't work. When it is Stings turn to wrestle, because you knocked someone out of the ring, Sting will drop down from the ceiling.

Silver Belts
During the opening movie, hold A while Hogan is talking on the microphone.

Get Out of a Pin or Submission
Just tap the joystick in any direction.

Unmask Opponent
Fight someone who wears a mask and keep poking him in the eyes.

Pretend You're Dead
Hold the joystick over when you're laying on the ground.

Grey Belts
At the Intro, when it shows a grey picture of Hollywood, Eric Bischoff and the Giant, hold A.

Arena Trick
When fighting in the entrance way throw your opponent into the black door at the very end. He will dissapear for several seconds and then will come running out like he just hit the ropes. This can be done in the Nitro Arena and the Super Brawl.

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