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Friday, May 18, 2012

WCW vs NWO Nintendo 64 Cheats

Bonus wrestlers
Complete all ten tournament mode matches on the normal or hard difficulty setting and win the belt to unlock the next wrestler in the series:
First character - Second character - Third character - Last character
Hollywood Hogan - Brian Adams - Eddy Guerrero - Eric Bischoff
Bret Hart - British Bulldog - Van Hammer - Mean Gene
Sting Booker - T. Stevie - Ray - Miss Elizabeth
Lex Luger - Dean Malenko - Scotty Riggs - Arn Anderson
The Giant - Wrath - Horace - Bobby Hennan
DDP Ultimo - Dragon - Rey Mysterio Jr. - Kimberly
Raven Billy - Kidman - Lodi - Larry Zbysco
Saturn - The Disiple - Sick Boy - Sonny Oono
Goldberg - Chris Benoit - Disco - Inferno Mongo
Kevin Nash - Scott Norton - Ernest Miller - Kaz Hayashi
Scott Hall - Konnan - The Barbarian - Jimmy Hart
Curt Hennig - Anvil - Meng - Rick Rude
Macho Man - Roddy Piper - Fit Finley - Enos
Rick Steiner - Buff Bagwell - Reese - Psychosis
Scott Steiner - Kanyon - Chavo Guerrero Jr. - Juventud Guerrera
Chris Jericho - Alex Wright - La Parka - Rick Fuller

Extra fast match
Begin a match in the Turbo ring. Note: This is especially fun when two lighter wrestlers with moves such as the Frankensteiner are used, or in a Battle Royal match.

YMCA dance
Begin a match in the Disco ring and press B to execute your character's taunt. Instead of the taunt, both wrestlers will do the YMCA dance.

During a match, press Z for another wrestler to enter the ring and interfere with the match.

Big hands
At the mode selection screen, press L(7), C-Left(17).

Big heads, hands, feet
At the title screen, press R(7), C-Right, Z. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

Giant head mode
At the title screen, press C-Right(4), C-Left, C-Right, C-Left, C-Right, Z. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

Big head mode
At the title screen, press C-Right(7), R, Z. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

Swelling heads
At the title screen, press C-Left(7), L, Z. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Then, the heads of each wrestler will swell with each hit.

Ring select
At the options screen, press C-Right, R, C-Right, R, Z. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Then, every time Z is pressed, the current ring will advance to the next in the series. To move in reverse, press C-Left, L, C-Left, L followed by Z.

Get Bruiser
first off beat the crap out of all the heavywieght champions. this will give you the secret characters: DDP, Wrath, Glacier, and Randy Savage. Also a new league will open up, The World Wide Championship Wrestling! If you manage to stay awake, and alive for that matter, (you need to beat 20 people!) You will face the almighty Joe Bruiser. He is pretty easy to beat.
You will then have control over him as a playable character. This boxer (yes I did say boxer) is extremely powerful, unfortunately he has no special move or grapple moves but just set the realism setting on and o' Joe wil beat everyone bloody, literally! one of his biggest assets is what I like to call the "bruiser" just hold in the "A" and Joe will uppercut the hell outta anyone!

to get bats and chairs. go to the audience, then press all of the C buttons then you get a black or wood bat, a chair or piece of wood. press B to swing it, and A to drop it. If you get hit you loss it. you must be out of the ring.

Go into league challenge on the main menu. Beat all categories and at the end you will get Joe Bruiser if you beat him. But that's not all. After you beat Joe Bruiser there will be a different category in league challenge. When you go into that category remember one thing it takes over an hour to finish it. But if you do finish it you will be versing Blackwidow. Even though she's a girl she makes a great tag team partner. That's why you want to beat her.
When you're wrestling have your spirit meter on. When ever you can move around the joystick. When you see your spirit meter says SPECIAL! Put your opponent into a strong grapple and move around the joystick and you will do your special move. Like DDP does the Diamond Cutter and Giant does the chock slam. Do some of these correctly and sometimes you will knock your opponent out cold.

To get bill goldberg
Go to character select and press Up, Up, Down, Up, Right on the d-pad and you'll be able to play as Bill Goldberg.

To get Juventued Gurrara
Press Right, Right, Left, Right, Right on the d-pad and you will be able to pick Juventued Garrera.

Play as Raven and Ravens Flock
Press Right, Down, Right, Up, Left, Right, Left and you will be able to pick Raven Kidman Horace Lodi Saturn and Kannyon.

To get Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman
Press Up, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Down, Left and you will be able to pick the Worm Dennis Rodman and the Mailman Karl Malone.

To get Chris Jerricho
Left, Left, Down, Left, Down, Left, Down and you will be able to play as Chris Jerricho.

To do your opponents finisher just get your spirit meter on special and do a strong grapple and mash A and B at the same time.Here is an easy way to get your spirit meter on special: Just do your taunt over and over. Here is how to do your opponents taunt: make the anolog stick go in a circle. This is how to spraypaint the world heavyweight belt: Win the World Heavy Weight with a person in the NWO.

Leave the ring during a match. the go near STING sign and press C-up and use B button to use it and can run and swing the weapon. If you pick Dake Ken you will get a sledgehammer instead.

Get Ric Flair
Wrestle As Fit Finley and win Us Championship on easy then on hard beat it with Chris Benoit and press Up, Down, Up, Down at main menu. Go to choose wrestler screen and where Fit Finley was Ric Flair will now be.

Select Ring
Press C-Right, R, C-Right, R, Z, L, C-Left, L, C-Left, L, Z at the Options Screen. Press Z to change current ring!

All Rings
Press C-Left, L, C-Right, R, C-Left, L, C-Right, R, Z at the title screen!

Get a cage
To get a cage go to battle royal, set it for 40 wrestlers, pick the best wrestler for you, and win the match and make sure to get in first place in the hall of fame.

All Wrestlers
Press C-Right, C-Right, C-Right, C-Right, C-Left, C-Left, C-Left, C-Left, R, R, R, R, L, L, L, L, Z at the title screen!

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