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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mischief Makers Nintendo 64 Cheats

Speed Demon
In the running events of the compettion press RIGHT on the direction pad very quickly to win the race. Pressing C-Right won't work.

Sound Test
Hold L + A + C-Left + C-Right and press Start at the title screen.

Skip the Intro
To skip the level introduction, press the Z button.

Infinite Red Rubies
Go to level 3-8 (the day before) and shake the first clancer and he will produce 30 red rubies. Press Start, choose Exit, then restart the level and repeate the process.

Easy Life Fill-up
To fill up on life really fast go to western world and go to the area with the clancer who is really strong and has the gun. The enemies will come to fight you. If you grab a hold of one and shake him he will let out a green gem for every shake. This works with any of the enemys in that area.

Boss Tips
When fighting the giant bee, grab hold of him and use the digging move (press Down + B) to attack.
When fighting the second boss, kill the smallest one first. Don't attack the big one because the little one will keep healing him.

A New World
You're probably wondering about those Gold Gems in every level. Each one acts as one minute added to the "ending". If you can get all 52 gold gems in each level, go to the ending and watch the WHOLE thing, even that suprise ending after the credits. Instead of having the "credits" at the end of the last bar of levels, press "R" for 12 new levels.

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