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Monday, October 31, 2011

Fox Sports College Hoops '99 Nintendo 64 Cheats

Transparent Players
Enter the code GHOST in the Secret Code menu (under OPTIONS.)

Trails Follow Ball
To see light trails when you throw the ball, enter the code TRAILS in the Secret Code menu (under OPTIONS.)

Secret Fans
If you look closely in the crowd during a game, you'll see Bobby Knight (Indiana's men's B-Ball coach). He is wearing a red sweatshirt and has gray hair. Try it. Spike Lee is rumored to be in the crowd too.

Play on Z-Axis Court
Enter the code Z-WOOD in the Secret Code menu (under OPTIONS.)

Play as the Design Team
Enter the code TEAM-Z in the Secret Code menu (under OPTIONS.)

No Crowd
Enter the code NOFANS in the Secret Code menu (under OPTIONS.)

More Fouls Called on Home Team
Enter the code HOMIE in the Secret Code menu (under OPTIONS.)

Disable Shot Clock
Enter the code BUZZZ in the Secret Code menu (under OPTIONS.)

Big Heads
Enter the code NOGGIN in the Secret Code menu (under OPTIONS.)

Alternate Commentary
For different in-game commentary, enter the code MONKEY in the Secret Code menu (under OPTIONS.)

60 Second Game
Enter the code THIRTY in the Secret Code menu (under OPTIONS.)

1998 Cleveland Indians
Select an exibition and pick the St.Joseph team. Your line-up will change to the 1998 Cleveland Indians.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Forsaken 64 Nintendo 64 Cheats

When the game says "press start" enter these codes:
Turbo Crazy Mode: B, B, R, UP, LEFT, DOWN, C-UP, C-LEFT.
Psychedelic Mode: A, R, LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN, C-UP, C-LEFT, C-DOWN.
Gore Mode: Z, DOWN, C-UP, C-LEFT (4 times), C-DOWN.

Extra Lives on the first Hard Level
First beat the fist level in under 1 minute 40 to access the hard levels. Next do the first hard level. Fly up and right down the hall. Bump the two or three guys out of the way and fly into the tunnel straight across the room. Get the one up and go back. Go down the tunnel straight down. Keep going towards the last green thing you have to protect. In the room right before the tunnel to last green thing is four square holes. Down one of the holes is a second free man and some sheilds and some weapon energy. Simply stay there till it says mission failed and you will be one man richer.

One Hit Kills
When the game says "Press Start" enter: B, B, B, L, R, Left, Down, Down.

Unlimited Titan
When the game says "press start", enter A, B, L, Up, Up, C-Up, C-Up, C-Right. If done correctly a message will say "infinite Titan missiles".

Access Hidden Levels
Forsaken has levels set up in a branching manner. If you beat level 1 in two minutes and 30 seconds or less, you'll go to the medium difficulty levels branch. Finish Level 1 in one minute and 40 seconds or less and you will go to the hard difficulty levels branch.
There are two other levels in which you can "warp" from the Medium path to the Hard path. They are "Catch the Orb" and "Power Down" -- (both found in the Medium path). In Catch the Orb, you'll have to chase down the third bounty hunter within the game (don't pick up the fake golden orb of matter) and once you destroy the hunter, he'll drop the real golden orb. Get it, and return to the starting point -- now you will be able to play the Hard path.
In Power Down, simply make your way to the end of the stage, (pick up a resnic reanimator -- extra life), hit all three switches, then destroy the enemies that come out of the now unlocked doors. Once this is done, the thing in the middle will lower it's protective armor, and then go to the front of it and blast the Red "eye".
(The other way to remain on the medium path, is to blast the eye at an angle while it's armor is still up.)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Flying Dragon Nintendo 64 Cheats

Virtual Ryumaou
To get Ryumaou on the virtual character select screen, beat SD Hiryu with Ryumaou. After beating it a couple of times you should get the "Skull of Devil King" as a random prize. This enables you to pick Ryumaou at the Virtual Hiryu select screen.

Play as Ryumaou
To play as Ryumaou, you have to earn your way up to the "Ryumaou Tournament", and then beat it.

Play as Bokuchin
To play as Bokuchin you must beat him in a normal game.

Platinum Characters
On game select go to SD HIRYU. From there fight in the circuit. Platinum characters will make cameo appearances before the championships. Each time you beat a platinum character you win a medal. If you collect all 10 medals you can use the Platinum characters.

Harder Game
For a greater challenge, go to the OPTIONS screen and set the difficulty to HARD, then press RIGHT 20 times. You can now access the VERY HARD difficulty setting. Good luck!

Easier Game
For an easier game, go to the OPTIONS screen and set the difficulty to EASY, then press LEFT 20 times to enable the VERY EASY level.

Defeat Metal Robo Na Hanna
Metal Robo Na Hanna has a very powerful magic. The magic he has prevents him from taking damage, and to make it worse damage normally done to him is done to you!
The only way to defeat him is to use the item "Mr. Virus" which steals his invincibility. The item "strategy book vol. 8" says it steals all powers, but it doesn't. When you get "Mr. Virus" and are fighting Metal Robo Na Hanna use a projectile attack or a projectile secret buster.

Ryumaou Tournament
Earn nine medals to play in the Ryumaou tournament.

Dark Dragon Claw
Successfully complete the Ryumaou Tournament as Yuka at Rank S with 60 second, two round and normal difficulty settings. Note: You must already have nine medals.

Bokuchin: Black suit
Select Wiler and do his Wiler Bomb any other bomb with a character on Bokuchin. He will wear a new black suit briefly.

Ryuhi: Red belt
Select Ryuhi and do his Super Kinryuha do Robo No Hana. His belt will turn red briefly.

Wiler: Disappearing shirt
Select Wiler do his Ninja Circus. If done correctly, he will not be wearing a shirt while climbing down the stick. However, it will reappear after he gets off the stick.

Learning new combos
Enter practice mode on Virtual Hiryu, Then, hold Guard + C-Right. You can learn some great combos while in free training. For example, to execute Hayato's Ultimate Defense, press Right, Left, Punch, Down, Up, C-Down, Left, Right, C-Down, Down, Up, C-Down.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fighting Force 64 Nintendo 64 Cheats

Hold more ammo
At the character screen, press C-Down, C-Up, L, C-Right, C-Down, and then press R.

Cheat mode
On the title screen hold L, Z, C-Up, and C-Down. The game will automaticly go to the character selection screen. Use C-Up and C-Down to choose a level to jump to. You are automaticly 99% invulnerable.

Easy Bars
To get easy bars in the first level, you must be in the elevator. You can pull the bars off the side of it by going to it and pressing the A button. This Cheat/Hint submitted by ztruk66 on Thursday, June 3, 1999 at 17:03:46

Easier Bars
To get a weapon in car park (1.1) there should be 3 bars on each side of the level when you get into the part where the van comes in go over to the bars and press A and they will grab the bar and now you have a weapon!!!

Select Level
At the title screen hold L + Z + C-Up + C-Down. Now select a level by pressing C-Up or C-Down. This code also gives 99% invunerability. You still get hurt by explosions and your special move. It also gives Rocket launchers 30 amunition and Flare guns 10 amunition.

How To Beat EXO
YOU get behind one of the blue bench's and wait till he gets stuck , and chunk luggage at him.

Instant Rocket Launcher
To get the Rocket Launcher in the first level you have to go to the nearest police car which is close to where you start. When you are there kick or punch the car until the it breaks. You will see the trunk of the car open and out comes the Rocket Launcher.

After you destroy most cars the hood opens, if you are Smasher, you can pick up the engine and use it for a weapon.

Play as any boss
At the main menu press C-Up, C-Left, A, Left, B

Bazooka Cheat
Press R, R, R, B, C-Down, Z, C-Left, L, to get the bazooka in every level.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fighter's Destiny Nintendo 64 Cheats

The Master
Beat the Master Challenge and you will be able to play as the Master!

The Joker
Beat all 100 characters in Survival mode to earn the Joker.

Ushi the Clown
Stay alive in Rodeo Mode for 1 minute or more to earn the ability to play as Ushi.

Robert the Robot
Beat all the fighters in less than 1 minute total on the Fastest Mode to gain Robert.

Winning poses
Rapidly tap A or B after defeating your opponent.

Alternate costume
Press R when selecting a character.

View gained skill
Press C-Left, C-Right, C-Up, or C-Down before selecting a character.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

FIFA Soccer 64 Nintendo 64 Cheats

If you can't stand the thought of losing a FIFA match, follow this simple tip and victory will be yours. Press Start, go down to the Controller Select item on the menu screen and switch teams. Honestly, it's as simple as that - you'll never lose again!

Goal Antics
After scoring a goal, while the player is doing his victory jog and during the instant replay, pressing the C buttons causes sound effects. Top is horns, left is the crowd yelling, bottom is a drum, and right is a man yelling "Gooooaalllll!"

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

FIFA Soccer '99 Nintendo 64 Cheats

To play as the Atlanta Attack, beat the Champions Cup with Brazil on Professional level.

Finding Ronaldo
Ronaldo may be found in the game as Calcio on the Inter Milan team.

Easy Goals
To get easy goals, go clear and press up C just as the goalkeeper is about to start going down, if you do it right, you should jumpo stright over him and the ball should land in the back of the net.

Max Stat Teams
To get the squads with max stats, win every country's league. Next, finish top of the World League followed by the US League on hardest difficulty. Now, new teams will now be under the US category on the Team Select screen.

Monday, October 24, 2011

FIFA 98: Road To The World Cup Nintendo 64 Cheats

Unlimited player points
Go to Player Edit, then Vancouver (USA). Enter "DAVE" (all caps) on any player to enable 99 player points on all categories. The player will jump up and down if you've entered the code correctly.

When you start the game go your original team but as the game progresses press start then go to controller select and change your controller to the opisite team then keep on scoreing own goals and when it gets near to the end of the match change back to your original team.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

F1 Pole Position Nintendo 64 Cheats

Unlimited Fuel
In any Grand Prix race, set your fuel to 10% before starting to get max acceleration and don't worry you dont lose any fuel during the whole race!

Bonus Car
After you've become World Grand Prix Champion, turn on the system and hold A + B when the screen "Now loading the data from controller pak..." Now go to the Driver Selection screen and the '96 Forti drivers will now have an Ubi Soft Original H-RA V12 Car.
Note: You need a controller pak to do this code.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

F-Zero X Nintendo 64 Cheats

All tracks, levels and difficulties
On the Main Game screen (where you pick your mode), press the following: L, Z, R, C-Up, C-Down, C-Left, C-Right, then Start. If you've done it correctly, the screen will blur, then reappear as normal.

Shrink Vehicles
On the vehicle select screen, while holding the L and R buttons, press left C and bottom C simultaneously. All vehicles will be small until you complete the current circuit.

Change Colors
On the Adjust Your Machine screen, press the R button repeatedly to scroll through the various paint jobs. Do you have anything in mauve or puce?

Rotate Vehicle
On the Adjust Your Machine Screen, press the C buttons to view your vehicle from different angles.

X-Cup Track Generator
Beat all four cups on Expert difficulty to open F-Zero's hidden X-Cup. This cup will randomly generate six courses, ranging from utterly boring to plain cool. Beating the four cups will also open a Master Difficulty level.

Title Screen Changes
To have the title screen change to a comic book motif, beat F-Zero X on Expert. For a second change, beat the game on Master difficulty.

Spin Attack
To use the spin attack just hold the Z botton and tap R twice or just do the reverse.(This method is very useful in "Death Match" if you time it just right).

Rainbow Road Shortcut
At the top of the first big drop, drive off the side of the track and tilt backward. Starting from 30th, this will put you anywhere from 20th to 1st, depending on how well you pull it off.

Mute City II Shortcut
Right after you make the third hard turn, you will see a ramp to the left that looks like it will lead you off track. If you hit it with a booster, you will fly over the gap and onto the next strip of tracks.

End Credits and Final Six cars
Beat the Jack, Queen, King and Joker Cup on Novice, Standard and Expert difficulty to see the game's end credits. After resetting the machine, the title screen and
intro music will change and the final row of six cars will be selectable.

Fall through track in Port Town
To fall to in Port Town first you have to be on the second lap then right before the first speed boost use the booster. In the air, turn untill you see two signs. Then, land.

Friday, October 21, 2011

F-1 World Grand Prix Nintendo 64 Cheats

Unlimited Fuel
When you are in Grand Prix mode go to the paddock screen. Put your fuel down as far as it will go. Then when you race you will have unlimited fuel for the next race.
NOTE: This only works in Grand Prix mode.

Unlimited Acceleration
Go to gold or silver racer and select rookie and manual. Stay in first gear and you will have a never ending acceleration.

Silver Racer
Go into Exhibition mode and select Driver Williams. Using your Control Stick, edit his last name to "Chrome." Exit all the way to the Start screen, then re-enter. A new Silver Driver will be available in Exhibition, Time Trial and 2 Player modes.

Shortcut at Silverstone Track
While driving the at the Silverstone track, about halfway to the end of the track, you will notice several grandstands on the left side of the road. After the third or fourth in a row on the left, a hotel will come into view. If you continue towards the hotel, and don't make the turn, you will see a service road. Continue on that road, and it will lead you back onto the main track. You will advance several positions in the race if you do this correctly.

Hawaiin Bonus Track
Go into Exhibition mode and select Driver Williams. Using your Control Stick, edit his last name to "Vacation." Exit all the way to the Start screen, then re-enter. You'll find a bonus track after the European Grand Prix.

Gold Racer
Go into Exhibition mode and select Driver Williams. Using your Control Stick, edit his last name to "Pyrite." Exit all the way to the Start screen, then re-enter. A new Gold Driver will be available in Exhibition, Time Trial and 2 Player mode.

Ghost Racer at San Marino
Beat something like 1 min 23 second at San Marino and a ghost racer, an old-style Mclaren, will begin to race along side you.

Control the Camera During Replay
Press C-Up to control the camera during replays. You can now control the camera by pressing UP and DOWN on the d-pad.

Car Gallery
Go into Exhibition mode and select Driver Williams. Using your Control Stick, edit his last name to "Museum." A new GALLERY option will appear.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Extreme G 2 Nintendo 64 Cheats

Misplace mode
Enter MISPLACE as a name at the bike selection screen.

Wireframe Mode
Enter your name as LINEAR to activate wireframe mode. To deactivate the code, enter it as your name a second time. Spiraling screen:
Enter SPIRAL as a name at the bike selection screen.

Wipeout Mode
For those that love Wipeout this one is for you. Start a contest and enter your name as "2064" at the name entry screen. This will convert your motorcycles into futuristic planes.

Wasp Superbike
Looking for the second superbike? Finish the Contest Mode on Critical Mass difficulty, and you'll be able to drive the Wasp. You can also enter the password: 55Hz1MH3H9H1.

Venom Superbike
If you want to race as Hotra Toxic with her super-fast Venom Bike, come in first on the Atomic Contest -- or, if you're too lazy, enter the password: 868QCMH3H9HT.

Unlimited Weapons
Enter your name as MISTAKE for unlimited weapons. To deactivate the code, enter it as your name a second time.

Unlimited Shields and Lasers
Enter your name as XCHARGE for unlimited shields and lasers. To deactivate the code, enter it as your name a second time.

Unlimited Nitro
Enter your name as NITROID for unlimited nitros. To deactivate the code, enter it as your name a second time.

Ugly Mode
To disable antialiasing, enter your name as PIXIE. To deactivate the code, enter it as your name a second time.

Tron Mode
Enter your name as NEUTRON to activate Tron mode. To deactivate the code, enter it as your name a second time.

Super Speed
If the game isn't fast enough for you, enter your name as XXX.

Mirror Mode
Enter the password: HS3B9BQ9DGPL

Spectre bike
Enter the password: HSFDCCV611FV

More Multiplayer Levels
Enter the Venom or Wasp Superbike codes, then enter the password N31GG76CG9DZ

All tracks
Enter the password: 8KLSZKW76ZM7

All bikes
Enter the password: 3GP8ZKW76ZMW

All bikes, tracks, and duel mode
Enter the password: W7LRGCQ9D6P5

Blurry Mode
Enter your name as FLICK.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Extreme G Nintendo 64 Cheats

Enter your name as:
ANTIGRAV - race on your head
ROLLER - race like stone
BANANA - bike gets hard to control
Xtreme - to race with extreme high speed
GHOSTLEY - to race in a spooky environment
UGLEYMODE - get Lo-Fi graphics
FISHEYE - for a long distance view
MAGNIFY - for a short distance view

More Codes
Cange your charecters name to one listed bellow.
Code - effect
arsenal - unlimited weapons
fergus - puts a face on your cycle in battle mode
nitroid - unlimited turbo
ra50 - warp into extreme contest mode
stealth - makes all cycles invisible

When entering your name, enter it as arsenal this will allow you to get the weapons by pressing the down "C" button.

Unlimited Nitros
Enter any mode and press R at the bike selection screen. Enter nitroid as a name. . a sound will confirm correct code entry.

Ultimate Password
Enter 81GGD5 on the password screen to unlock all tracks and bikes.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Excitebike 64 Nintendo 64 Cheats

Get Cheat Menu
Hold L, C-Right, C-Down, and the A button at the main menu.

Big Head mode
Enter BLAHBLAH at the cheat menu

Stunt Bonus
Enter SHOWOFF at the cheat menu.

Turn all riders invisible
Enter INVISRIDER at the cheat menu.

Unlock Hill Climb
Finish 1st in the Gold Round of the Amateur Season.

Unlock Soccer
Finish 1st in the Silver Round of the Novice Season.

Unlock NES Excitebike
Finish the Tutorial Mode by completing all the stunts.

Unlock 3D NES Excitebike
Finish 1st in the Challenge Round of Pro Season.

Night Mode
Type "MIDNIGHT" at the cheat code entry.

Mirror Mode
Enter YADAYADA as a code.

Small head mode
Enter PINHEAD as a code.

Monday, October 17, 2011

ECW: Hardcore Revolution Nintendo 64 Cheats

Big Feet Mode
Beat career mode with Balls Mahoney.

Big Hand Mode
Beat career mode with Jason.

Big Head Mode
Beat career mode with Rhino.

Custom Wrestler Textures
Beat career mode as Tommy Dreamer.

Ego Mode
Beat career mode as Chris Chetti.

Fat Man Mode
Beat career mode as Spike Dudley.

Hangman Mode
Beat career mode as Sal E. Graziano.

Headless Mode
Beat career mode with Taz.

Little Head Mode
Beat the career mode with Roadkill.

Play as Beulah McGillicutty
Play the career mode and win the ECW World Tag Team belt.

Play as Bill Alfonso
Beat career mode with Rob Van Dam.

Play as Cyrus the Virus
Play the career mode and win the ECW World TV belt.

Play as Joel Gertner
Play the career mode and win the Acclaim belt.

Play as Joey Styles
Play the career mode and win the Acclaim belt.

Play as Judge Jeff Jones
Beat career mode with Mike Awesome.

Play as Louie Spicolli
Play the career mode and win the ECW World Heavyweight belt.

Play as Taz
Play the career mode and win the ECW World Heavyweight belt.

Play as The Sheik
Play the career mode and win the ECW World Tag Team belt.

Play as Tommy Rich
Play the career mode and win the ECW World TV belt.

Play as the Jobbers
Defend the ECW World Heavyweight belt five times.

Random Head Mode
Beat career mode as Louie Spicolli.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Earthworm Jim 3D Nintendo 64 Cheats

Infinite lives
For infinite lives in the happiness stage first you have to get the 12 golden udders in memory to get to happiness. When you do get there there will be a Snot over to the left and he will give you a fart power drink. Go to where the extra life is and get it. After that go into the room next to you and go back out - now go back to snot to get the power and do the same thing over and over until you want to stop.

Small Jim
At the Title screen, hold Z and press C-Up, C-Down, Left.

Earthworm Kim
Collect 1000 marbles and successfully complete the game with a Smart Superhero rank to unlock Earthworm Kim. The difficulty of the game will increase when played as Earthworm Kim.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Duke Nukem: Zero Hour Nintendo 64 Cheats

Group 1 multi-player characters
When "Press Start" appears at the opening screen, press A, L, R, Left, B, Down, Up to unlock all Group 1 multi-player characters. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

Group 2 multi-player characters
When "Press Start" appears at the opening screen, press B, A(2), R, L to unlock all Group 2 multi-player characters. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

Group 3 multi-player characters
When "Press Start" appears at the opening screen, press L(2), Up, Down, R, B, A to unlock all Group 3 multi-player characters. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

Group 4 multi-player characters
When "Press Start" appears at the opening screen, press B(3), R, Left, A to unlock all Group 4 multi-player characters. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

Group 5 multi-player characters
When "Press Start" appears at the opening screen, press Right, B, Left, L, A, Z to unlock all Group 5 multi-player characters. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

Group 6 multi-player characters
When "Press Start" appears at the opening screen, press Up, Down, B, A(2), Left to unlock all Group 6 multi-player characters. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

Regain health
When you shoot a fire hydrant in the game stand next to it and press the A button.This will replenish your health to 100.

Titanic Level
To access the Titanic level "GOING DOWN" find all the time machine pieces before you get to "THE RACK" and a second exit portal should appear in the room just off the first.

Wetworld Level
To access the "WETWORLD" level play through level 3 'NUCLEAR WINTER' and when you reach the rail tracks leading to the communicator you have to power up drop off onto the roof below where you will see a medi kit. Now jump off this roof into the water (which is only on 1 side) and swim to a floating platform where you will see the level exit.

Unlock All Cheat Options
At the Press Start screen, press C-Left, Left, Up, C-Right, R, R, C-Down, L, C-Up, Up, Right, C-Right, Start.

First Person View
At the Press Start screen, press Down, Up, L, B, Z, Left, C-Up, C-Right, C-Left, Z.

.30-.30 Rifle with Infinite Ammo
At the Press Start screen, press C-Up, C-Down, C-Left, C-Right, L, R.

All Guns with Infinite Ammo
At the Main Menu, press A, B, A, C-Up, C-Down, Left, A.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Duke Nukem 64 Nintendo 64 Cheats

Entering the L.A.R.D. police station
Locate the tunnel in the Freeway level. There is a large box on one side of the tunnel. Jump on top of the box, and from there jump on to the ledge. On the far side of the ledge there is a pair of night vision goggles. Jump a little bit above the goggles to enter the vents of the L.A.R.D. Police station. Use the night vision goggles, and follow the air ducts and shoot through the fan on the right side of the wall; or keep going and break the second fan that also on the right side of the wall. Duke may now explore the interior of the L.A.R.D. Police Station.

Energy refill
Destroy any water source, including fountains, fire hydrants, and toilets. Stand in the water and hold A to slowly restore energy. Alternately, stand in front of a toilet or urinal and press A.

Tiny Duke
Start a game in co-op or deathmatch mode. Enable the "All Items" code, as well as the "Friendly Fire" option. Have one player shoot the other player with the shrink weapon. Enable the "Invincibility" code, then disable "Invincibility" to get a small version of Duke. Note: Weapons can not be used in this state.

Huge Duke
Start a game in co-op or deathmatch mode. Enable the "All Items" code, as well as the "Friendly Fire" option. Have one player shoot the other player with the expander weapon. Enable the "Invincibility" code before the first player explodes, then disable "Invincibility".

Unlimited jet pack fuel
Enable the "All items" code while flying with the jet pack.

Level select
Enable the "Cheat mode" code. Press L(3), C-Right, Right, Left(2), C-Left in the NTSC version of the game. A level select option will now be available. For the PAL version of the game, press R, L, R, C-Down, Right, Up, Left, C-Up.

No monsters
Enable the "Cheat mode" code. Press L, C-Left, Left, R, C-Right, Right, Left(2), Right in the NTSC version of the game. The sound of a siren will confirm correct code entry. Monsters may now be toggled on the cheat menu. For the PAL version of the game, press L, C-Up, Left, L, C-Down, R, L, R.

Enable the "Cheat mode" code. Press R(7), Left at the main menu in the NTSC version of the game. A sound will confirm correct code entry. The invincibility option may now be enabled on the cheat menu. For the PAL version of the game, press R, C-Right, R, L, R(3), Left.

All items
Enable the "Cheat mode" code. Press R, C-Right , Right, L, C-Left , Left, C-Right, Right at the main menu in the NTSC version of the game. For the PAL version of the game, press R, C-Right, Down, L, C-Up, Left, C-Right, Left.

Cheat mode
Press Left(2), L(2), Right(2), Left(2) at the main menu to access the cheat menu in the NTSC version of the game. For the PAL version of the game, press Left, Down, L(2), Up, Right, Left, Up.

In the cheatmenu key in R(7x), left. If you did this alright, you will hear a sound.

Unlimited jetpack
Execute the All items code while you are flying with the jetpack.

All items
In the cheat menu, key in R, C-right, right, L, C-left, left, C-right, right.

Cheat mode
Key left (2x), L(2x), Right(2x), Left(2x) in the main menu to go into the cheat menu.

Monsters On/Off
Enter the cheat menu code then enter this code: L, C-Left, Left, R, C-Right, Right, C-Left, C-Left, Left

Level Select
Enter the cheat menu code and then enter this code: L, L, L, C-Right, Right, Left, Left, C-Left.

Hear Butthead's voice
Begin game play on the Duke Burger level. Locate the drive thru sign on the outside of the building. Approach the "Order Here" sign and press A or move around to the center and back of the sign and press A. Butthead's will say "Go away. We're like closed".

Big, small, midget dukes
For big: use expander on target and just before it explodes, put on invinsibility and back off and it will be big.

For midget: repeat "for big" and just use the shrinker.

For small: (permanent) use shrinker and put on invinsibility and back off and voila!

NOTE: dukes stay still unless controlled

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Duck Dodgers Nintendo 64 Cheats

Extra Lives
After you beat the bonus basketball games, don't just leave right away. Instead, Jump on the button again, to start the timer and only two balls will be there for you to use, beat it again and you will get an extra life. Do the same thing over and over again, but there will be only one ball. Beat it again with one ball this time and also get another extra life.

Easy Way To Beat Strongfeet Contest
In order to beat this contest, you must first get atop the closest place to the meteor, then double jump, and then smash. Repeat for a quick win!

9 Tries
This cheat takes a little while but it's worth it! When you're low on tries, go to the arcade in the city level. get the quarks. then play the tennis game. Whether you win or lose, the quarks will always be restored. do this until you have 9 tries.

Animal Sounds
Press B on Planet X, Transformation Zap to hear an animal sound. For example, when you are a chicken, press B to hear a crowing noise.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dual Heroes Nintendo 64 Cheats

To earn the honor of playing as Gyn (Killer Sergeant), set the difficulty to Expert and beat the game in Story mode as any character.

Fight as Ray
Enter the options screen and set the difficulty to hard, and choose two round mode. Then, successfully complete story mode with Hana. Ray may now be selected in any mode except for story mode.

Fight as Zorr
Enter the options screen and set the difficulty to hard, and choose two round mode. Then, successfully complete story mode with Juie. Zorr may now be selected in any mode except for story mode.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dr. Mario 64 Nintendo 64 Cheats

Unlock Metal Mario
Set the game on normal/hard/superhard difficulty and finish it without losing a single time using Wario. When you get up to, and defeat Rudy, you will then come face to face with Metal Mario!!! You have to defeat him without losing at all (you cannot even Pause and "Redo"), and then he will be unlocked in the Vs Modes.

Unlock Vampire Wario
As above, except you have to do all this with Dr. Mario, and at the end you will fight Vampire Wario. Remember you cannot lose a single time.

Unlock Super Hard mode
Go to story mode and highlight the Hard difficulty setting. Now press Z and you will change this setting to Super Hard.

Difficulty setting in Vs Mode
From the Character Selection Screen in Vs Mode, highlight any character and Hold L. You can then press A, or B to change the computer controlled character to 1 star (Hard) or 2 stars (Super Hard), respectively.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Doom 64 Nintendo 64 Cheats

Super Password
Enter W93M 7H2O BCYO PSVB. This code will give you 100 health, 200 armour, all weapons, full ammo and a backpack. It'll also supply you with the three pentagram icons that make your laser three times stronger than the BFG and can kill bosses in four seconds flat. These useful pentagrams also let you use the three mysterious switches in the last level, closing the gates which spawn the monsters.

Watch me die difficulty
Level 3 - BXLG 4GSH 46YJ L2?0
Level 4 - CXBF CG5P 1G5G HOTL
Level 5 - BX8L 5BNL W1D5 W3KR
Level 6 - BYS9 SBG? 78TS N2KL
Level 7 - BCYJ HG1B 7BFZ ?SKL
Level 8 - CX3F CG3P 1LDF HHSW
Level 10 - DVY8 YGDR PBYF 10JC
Level 12 - M18C 2L5Z YS74 CGQB
Level 13 - 4JDN RGGN G8VN T7LB
Level 14 - 3ZH? KB5X SH2P WMVB
Level 15 - 3GJL KBR9 BT36 7YLB
Level 16 - TXLT GGD5 9PR7 68JL
Level 17 - TDXH KBNJ 5Q6F W2JC
Level 18 - JY1D CQ53 ZNW? OXZC
Level 19 - SD8G TBXR 30CZ ?X5C
Level 20 - L5ZH 4HYQ 6VGW KZKF
Level 21 - CCCM TQ9F D7S9 R28L
Level 22 - GVM7 WVQ7 MBSS M7QC
Level 23 - GGRS P3Q7 QOC6 89QB
Level 24 - Y1ZL VBGY CL11 FWBB
Level 28 - WO4R 6HRZ P9R9 ZSLB

All passwords from all levels
The Terraformer - CB92 NBPL SYL? JO27
Main Engineering - BXYH ?G41 6Z4J PJ?Z
Holding Area - CYCC MGPK X47G TS2B
Tech Center - CF3? PG6D S12Z PFKB
Alpha Quadrant - BXRO TH1F 52GG 7W?B
Research Lab - BBXW HLGS XB8F 4RKB
Final Outpost - FVV9 FL55 QGFV DWJB
Even Simpler - FFLB MQ6C VV1C PF1B

Very cool DOOM cheat
In Doom 64, enter this password ?TJL-BDFW-BFGV-JVVB. At any time during a level, pause it and there will be a new option called FEATURES. IT will give things like invincibility, all weapons, etc. In the first feature choose the level you want and press a C button to go to it.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Donkey Kong 64 Nintendo 64 Cheats

Refill health
To refill your health jump in a Tag Barrel to change your character when you come out your health will be full.

Kasplut colours
Look at the hair colour of a Kasplut when one is encountered. The colour will reveal what colour Blueprint he is holding. Green hair indicates a green Blueprint). If the Kasplut has white hair, then he does not have anything.

Multi-player mode
Go to the first level in adventure mode, where you find Diddy. Locate the big pad with King K. Rool's face in front of Funky's Place. Stand on the pad and press Z. You will be transported to a "battle arena", where you must defeat a group of small enemies. Once the timer runs out, you will receive a crown and have ability to play two multi-player games -- a third-person death match-like game, and a multi-player version of the Battle Arena.

Krusha In multi-player
Find and photograph fifteen fairies to unlock the Krusha In Multi-Player option at the "Mystery Menu".

DK Theater
Find and photograph two fairies with the camera to unlock the DK Theater option at the "Mystery Menu". This option allows all the animation sequences to be viewed.

Use Tiny and shrink to enter the fairy-shaped stone building in the main hub. Collect the camera to start photographing the fairies hidden in the game and unlock the "Mystery Menu" options.

Banana Fairy Bonuses
When you catch a certian number of banana fairies, you will get bonuses in the mystery mode option on the main menu.

2 fairys = DK theater; watch the cinematic sequences all over again.
6 fairys = Bonus levels
10 fairies = Battle the Bosses
15 fairys = Activate a bonus character in kong battle
20 fairys = Cheat menu, unlimited crystal coconuts, homing ammo, and banana coins.
Remember to go see the fairy queen when you rescue them all for another surprise.

Defeating K. Rool
After collecting the Rare Ware coin, Nintendo coin, and 100 golden bananas; freeing K. Lumsy; and completed Hideout Helm, you will get access to the final battle with K. Rool. You have to fight in a boxing ring and hit K. Rool four times with each Kong, with round times of three minutes. If you lose any of these rounds, you have to start over at Donkey.

With Donkey, K. Rool will jump up and slam the ground, causing shock waves, like Kasplat. Four barrels will appear. Jump into one of them and fire at K. Rool when he lifts his arm and yells "Thank You" to the audience. Do this four times.

With Diddy, K. Rool will throw his boxing glove. This is hard to avoid on the ground, but easy once you have got into the Rocket Barrel. Once in the Rocket Barrel, fire peanuts at the targets on the four lights at the top of the ring. Hit him with all four lights.

With Lanky, K. Rool will have a light fixture stuck on his head. All he do is run around the ring. Four numbered switches will appear outside the ring. Run to where you can get a clear shot, then press B to push in the number. A barrel will appear next to Lanky outside the ring. Press B to pick up, then throw it into the middle of the ring. A giant banana peel will appear out of the barrel. Four trombone pads will appear on the ground in the ring. Stand on a trombone, then wait until K. Rool will run at you from where he is standing. If your timing is good, he will trip on the banana peel. Do this four times.

With Tiny, K. Rool will pound the ground as he did with Donkey. Wait until he punds the ground a few times, then he will start yelling in pain. A barrel will appear. Turn small, then run into the hole in his left shoe. Inside, you will have your feather bow. His toes will attack in patterns. Watch them and when on wiggles, it is going to attack. When a toe rises, fire the crossbow at it. Once you hit it enough times, it will turn red. Get into his shoe and make all four toes red.

This is the last battle and is a little more complicated than the rest. K. Rool will turn invisible and bounce from from rope to rope, but you will still see his shadow. Hit the switch and four Chunky pads will appear. Press Z on one to become invisible, then jump into the barrel to become big Chunky. You have to have very good timing to do this. The first teo times K. Rool will just run at you. Primate Puch him (hold Z and press B) just as he approaches, and you will hit him. The third time, he will be invisible. Primate Punch again. The fourth time, he will be invisible and swerve back and forth. If you hit him, you win.

Restore watermelon meter
When low on health, get next to a "Tag Barrel", jump into the barrel and exit to replenish your watermelon meter.

Swim faster
When swimming above water, hold B to swim faster.

201st Banana
Collect all 200 known Bananas so that Donkey Kond gets his board back. After collecting all 20 Bana Fairies, a message requesting you to visit the Head Fairy will appear. Visit her with Tiny and she will show you the way to the 201st Banana.

Rainbow Coins
Locate the dirt mounds marked with "DK" scattered throughout the game. Stand on top of a mound, then hold B to attack and send a shockwave to destroy the mound. A large Rainbow Coin will appear that results in five Banana Bunch Coins for each Kong.

Quick level strategies
Jungle Japes:
First, swing on the vines and pound the gate switch. Collect the Bana Coins around the DK Pad. Buy DK's Coconut Shooter. Do not forget to talk to Diddy. Shoot three Coconut Switches. Get the Blueprint and give it to Snide. Buy the Baboon Blast from Cranky. Use Rambi to smash the huts and painting of Rambi. Pound the DK Switch. Finally, use the DK Pad to reach the Barrel Blast.

Angry Aztec:
First, get the Bongo Blast from Candy. Open the Guitar Gazump Door with Diddy. Get the Strong Kong from Cranky. Get the blueprint and give it to Snide. Free the Revolving Tower with Diddy. Enter the Temple.

Rools Frantic Factory:
First, pound the switch to open the hatch. Learn the Gorilla Grab from Cranky. Barrel Boost to cue the arcade lever. Clear Level 4 of the DK arcade game. Pound the floor switch to open the gate, then pound the numbers. Gorilla-Grab the R&D lever and fight through the Battle Arena. Enter the High Voltage Building to turn on the machine. Enter the machine. Finally, find and return Snide's Blueprint.

Gloomu Galleon:
First, open the Main Areas. Win th Rareware Coin from Cranky Light the Lighthouse. Be a hero and free the seal. Race the Seal. Explore the Sunken Ship. Find and return Snide's Bluprint.

Fungi Forest:
First, get the Super Simian Slam from Cranky. Shoot the switched with all Kongs. Get to the top of the mushroom. Go to the Kong Pad and play the Bonus Game. Find and return Snide's Blueprint. Go to the Bonus Barrel in the house and pull the three levers. Finally, visit Funky's Store.

Crystal Caves:
First, get the Ammo Belt from Funky. Get the upgrade from Candy. Blast to the Bonus Game. Cue the Music Pads with Diddy. Negotiate teh revolving maze. Bomb the beese. Match the Kong faces. Open Snide's Hideout with Chunky. Do not forget to find and return Snide's Blueprint.

Creepy Castle:
first, get the Sniper Scope fro Funky. Get the upgrade from Cany. Get Cranky's Super Duper Simian Slam. Open the tree and get the Blueprint. Shoot all the targets. Pull the levers for a mine cart ride. put together the face puzzle. Finally, explore the library.

Hideout Helm:
First, assemble all necessary items. Climb the hill with Lanky. Blast the Pineapple Switch with Chunky. Shrink Tiny to enter the machine room. Pull the lever with DK Rocket. Diddy through the DK Stars. Puch the gates with Chunky.

DK Bonus Stages
Find and photograph six fairies with camera, then locate Rambi the rhino, and Enguarde the swordfish to unlock the bonus stages.

Original Donkey Kong
Use a Gorilla-Grab to operate the lever in the Frantic Factory area, then play the original Donkey Kong game. Successfully complete all four stages, then play once more and complete the game to collect the Nintendo Coin. Then, find and photograph six fairies with the camera to unlock the original Donkey Kong option at the "Mystery Menu".

Collect at least fifteen Banana Medals, then visit Cranky to play the Jetpac game. Get 5,000 points in the game to collect the Rareware Coin. Then, find and photograph six fairies with the camera to unlock the Jetpac option at the "Mystery Menu".

Boss Battle
Find and photograph ten fairies witht he camera to unlock the Boss Battle option at the "Mystery Menu". This allows any Boss that already has been defeated to be fought again.

Cheat Mode
Find and Photograph all twenty fairies with the camera to unlock the Cheat Mode option at the "Mystery Menu". This allows unlimited items during a game.

Alternate ending sequence
Successfully complete teh game after collecting all banas to view the normal ending, with an extra sequence with K. Lumsy taking the Kongs for a ride. Successfully complete the game after getting all the collectables to view the normal ending, K. Lumsy sequence, and an extra sequence fearuring Cranky.

How to find 202 bananas
First you battle k.rool and when you defeat him, Candy the girl will come out. At that same time press C-left, B, R, L, C-up, C-down and the Z button. You must press it straight away and fast when Candy comes out.

Replay Mini Games
When you have found all of the blue prints with every character and have given them all to snide, if you go and see him you will be able to play any of the mini games you want.

Floor Glitch
This glitch reminds me of the infamous Super Mario 64 glitch where you have a interesting but confusing view of the castle's exterior and interior. I won't go into it further here. First, you need Donkey Kong to do this. Second, this is in Crystal Caves. Go in, find the number 2 warp (if you've activated it*)and go on the plank near the warp point. Use your Bongo Blast on the music pad and go in. Now, you will see two light blue switches on the floor. Slam the one on the left. Next, hit the two yellow pads on the floor (Note: I don't know if you need to do this or not. Try it and find out!) and the timer will begin. Slam either the red or blue pad, slam the switch, move the Controller stick all the way over to the right, and keep it there until you fall through the floor. Now you are under the floor! By the way, the only way to escape (as far as I know) is to press Start and exit the level. What happens if you head too far into the black? I honestly don't know. *If you haven't activated the #2 warp, then all you need do is find the waterfall, go past Candy's shop, get up the stairs, go across the ledge and you're done.

Passageway to #4 Bannanaporter
In Jungle Japes, go to Funky`s Hut and find the flower on the right. Stand on it and press Z + B to Chimpy Charge into the side of the mountain. If done correctly you will fall through the mountain and onto next, to the #4 Bannanaporter .If you did not fall right away and are standing on air inside the mountain, move around and you will fall near the #4 Bannanaporter. The screen will glitch while falling.

Get all 28 secret characters on multiplayer mode
Press these buttons after the DK rap and before the demo starts: Up, Down, Down, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left, Left, C-down+start.
Note: The last 2 buttons of this code (C-down and start) MUST be pushed at the same time.

Get Past B. Locker With Ease
Once you get Lanky Kong, go to a DK Portal you can't enter. Stand in front of B. Locker and tap B. Lanky Kong's long arms will get you into the world for free and you won't have to spend any Golden Bananas.

Skip Scene
Once you have started a new file you will see the starting scene. Press reset and go back to the file. Donkey kong will be out of his house and you can play right away!

Double jump with Diddy Kong
This cheat is easy but might take time. Press A to jump. Right when Diddy's feet are on the ground, press A again and Diddy Kong will jump higher than just pressing A.

Get the 2 coins for helms hidout
To get the nintendo coin, complete all four levels in the original Donkey Kong in Frantic Factory. Then play it one more time and get the nintendo coin. To get the rareware coin, collect 15 bananna medals. Then go to cranky's lab and play jetpac. Get 5,000 points or more and get the rareware coin.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

DKC 64 Nintendo 64 Cheats

Bonus Stage
In the first stage pick up the metal barrel, throw it up in the air and it will come down and bust a hole in the ground, go in the hole and there is a BONUS STAGE!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Diddy Kong Racing Nintendo 64 Cheats

Keys for the challenges
You will find the key on the Ancient Lake track. After the first set of balloons, go off the track on the right, here you will encounter a little ski jump. De key is on top off the jump.

You will find the key on the Snowflake valley track. From the start of the race, go left off the track. Follow the track a short while and you the see the key at the right.

The key is on the Crescent Island track. Use the hovercraft for more speed. At the start of the race you can go either left or right. Go left and straight ahead until you encounter water. The key is in a gap of a stone at the right side.

The key is on the Boulder Canyon track. Go to the wooden bridge that leads towards the castle. Behind the bridge there is a bell with a blue balloon. Grab the balloon and wait until it returns and grab it two times more until you have a level 3 boost. Drive below the bell facing the bridge and if it's ok, the bell will sound and the bridge will raise. Drive onto the bridge and use the boost. You will land at the keycodes. Go to the options menu, go to the magic codes and enter them here.

You can play like TT the Clock by defeating him in each course. TT has the best average properties.
After the speaker shouted 'Get Ready' and the words disappear, you have to hold A for a boost.
To go to Space World, you must have all the trophies and amulets. Then, go to the lighthouse. This will change to a rocket and bring you into space.
To play with the chicken you have to get all amulets and go to the center and splash a frog on the red spot.
To make more sharper turns, hold R and press B.
Before you go through a Zipper, let go off A until your boost is empty. The boost will take 2 times as long.
When you finished the game in Adventure mode, you can play it in Adventure mode 2. All golden balloons are now silver, all tracks are inverted and all opponents are twice as difficult.

BLABBERMOUTH - In stead of normal horn you hear your character
JOINTVENTURE - Two players can play the adventure mode
BODYARMOR - All balloons turn yellow
OPPOSITESATTRACT - All balloons wil get a rainbow color
TOXICOFFENDER - All balloons turn green
BOMBSAWAY - All balloons turn red
ROCKETFUEL - All balloons turn blue
BYEBYEBALLOONS - The computer can't use weapons against you
VITAMINB - You can grab unlimited bananas
BOGUSBANANAS - Bananas slow you down
NOYELLOWSTUFF - There are no more bananas
ZAPTHEZIPPERS - There are no more zippers
TIMETOLOSE - The AI of the computer is enhanced, the game gets harder
FREEFORALL - Each balloon gives you a level 3 powerup of the balloon you grab
FREEFRUIT - You start with 10 bananas
JUKEBOX - There is a music test in the audio options screen
ARNOLD - The racers get 4 times as big
TEENYWEENIES - The racers get times as little
DOUBLEVISION - Two players can play with the same character
WHODIDTHIS - You see the credits
OFFROAD - You don't lose speed if you hit off the road

When wiz-pigs mouth is open look for a two fetherd frog - run over him and play as a rooster . (he will appear when you do)

2X-Boost-Right Before you hit a boost, let go of the accellorator. If done right you will get a green fire and rainbow smoke.

Misc. Hints
Right before the announcer says GO! press A to go faster.
There are 2 free ballons. One on the island where the Taj is and the other is when you come on the river, veer right and it should be there.

Free Balloon
Go to Options, then go to Magic Codes and enter "EOLAOBFENRLONE". Then, go into one player and on Adventure and you will have another balloon. You can do this as many times as you want.

Rom Checksum and EPC Lockup Display
Go to Options and into Magic Codes and enter
EPC: for EPC lockup display, and.
DODGYROMMER: for ROM Checksum.
Both codes will be on as soon as they are entered.

Times to beat to play as T.T.
WHALE BAY 1:19.00
STAR CITY 2:07.00

2nd Adventure
Enable the "Space World" code. Beat Wizpig on this world. An "Adventure 2" option will now be available. This adventure involves collecting platinum balloons on reversed tracks.

Space World
Collect all the trophies and amulets, then locate the sign by the lighthouse. Approach the sign and honk your horn. The lighthouse will turn into a rocket and launch into space, allowing access to the bonus fifth world.

Play as "Drumstick"
Collect all of the trophies and amulets. Move to the central area, with the red spot that goes to all other zones. Run over the frogs near the edge of the water. Run over the frog that has a red bird perched on its head to access Drumstick.

If you get three bollons of one color then get another color then that will be at maximum power as well.

Super speed
To get super speed get three blue balloons. then go to a boost and dont hit a wile crossing but hit z. you should go flying into the lead.

On Diddy Kong Raceing play the Fire Mountain battle. then when you are loosing and some 1 else has an egg that is not solid you can go to their platform and steal it.

Speed up
To speed up on any level all you have to do is get three blue ballons. Then go to a boost and hit Z before you get on it and let go of A. Away you can see if it worked is if you get a green flam. Eventully the flame will be rainbow colored.

Fly with the car!
OK here is what u do to make a car fly, and it should get u in first place. for best resalts be pipsy, diddy kong, konker, or timber. Go to the frosty village level. When your rounding the corner get a blue ballon(rocket fule) and when u see the boost just run over it WITHOUT HITTING A! if you are hitting A wile crossing the boost it WILL NOT WORK. So cross the boost without hitting A and you shold get a green flame then once your passing the top of the hill it Z and you should fly.

Make more out of zippers
Just before you run over a zipper let go of the A button. Instead of a small boost (the same as one blue ballon) you will get a huge boost (the same as 3 balloons).

Play as T.T.
To play as T.T., you must race each course in the Time Trial mode until T.T. comes out to challenge you, and he won't appear until the pre-programmed track record in a particular track is beaten by a large margin. When he challenges you, you must defeat him in a race on that course. Once you do beat him, a small T.T. symbol will appear on that particular track. You must beat him on all tracks to get him as a playable character.

Ride on two wheels
In any area, in the car press B, A and the Right Shoulder button together. Now press the control stick right to spin out, and left to do circles.

See a Crosshair
If you have a homing missile, press and keep hold of Z to see a crosshair implanted on your closest opponent.

Turbo boost at start of race
At the start of the race, wait for ''get ready'' to fade away, and just before the word ''GO!'' appears, press and hold the A button. You will get a free boost.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Destruction Derby 64 Nintendo 64 Cheats

Secret Cars
Win world championships with various cars to unlock the secret cars in the game.

Get Ambulance
Beat the legend Circut level with the pick up truck to get the ambulance.

Guns Mode
As soon as you see the main menu quickly press up, down, left, right, hold A, and press start. If you have done it fast enough, there should be a white box on the screen that says choose your weapon. Choose from a machine gun, flame thrower, etc. Then press start and start playing on any level you select (yes, even multiplayer.)

All 12 Extra Cars
You can get 12 extra cars by doing the following:
Street Rocket - Beat the Novice Circuit
Taxi Cab - Beat the Amateur Circut.
Pickup - Beat the Professional Circut.
Ambulance - Beat the Legend Circut.
Baja Buggy - Beat the Time Trial for Destruction Junction with Street Rocket.
Rag Top - Beat the Time Trial for Alpine Ridge with Baja Buggy.
Blue Demon - Beat the Time Trial for Seascape Sprint with Ragtop.
Hatchback - Beat the Time Trial for Terminal Impact with Ragtop.
Low Rider - Beat the Time Trial for Metro Challenge with Ragtop.
Woody Wagon - Beat the Time Trial for Bayou Run with Ragtop.
Hot Rod - Beat the Time Trial for Sunset Canyon with Ragtop.
Police Car - Beat the Time Trial for Midnyte Rumble with Hot Rod.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Deadly Arts Nintendo 64 Cheats

Play as Reiji
To play as the final boss, press A, B, Right, Left, Right, Left, Down, Down, up, Up at the title screen.

Play as Gourki
To play as the sub-boss, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A at the title screen.

New Bodies for Create-a-Character
Create a character and proceed to train it. Keep training until you have 90 moves for that Character. Now go and create a new character. There will be two new bodies to choose from; one male and one female.

Free Health
When you get knocked down, keep on pressing any of the c-buttons and you'll get about two hits worth of health.

Alternate Outfits
Before selecting your player, hold the L button and press left or right on the digital pad. The rotating character pictures will change color indicating the trick worked. Keep holding L when you select your character.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dark Rift Nintendo 64 Cheats

Play as Bosses
These two codes must be performed at the title screen (the screen with "press start" printed)

Sonork: L, R, C-Up, C-Down, C-Left, Right
Demitron and Sonork: A, B, R, L, C-Down, C-Up.

All Character Endings
All codes must be performed at the title screen (the screen with "press start" printed)

Aaron: Up, C-Left, R, Right, Down, R, R, C-Left
Demonica: Up, C-Left, R, Right, Down, R, R, C-Up
Demitron: Up, C-Left, R, Right, Down, L, L, C-Down
Eve: Up, C-Left, R, Right, Down, R, R, C-Right
Gore: Up, C-Left, R, Right, Down, R, R, C-Down
Morphix: Up, C-Left, R, Right, Down, R, R, B
Nikki: Up, C-Left, R, Right, Down, R, R, A
Scarlet: Up, C-Left, R, Right, Down, L, L, C-Left
Sonork: Up, C-Left, R, Right, Down, L, L, C-Up
Zenmuron: Up, C-Left, R, Right, Down, L, L, C-Right

Monday, October 3, 2011

Daikatana 64 Nintendo 64 Cheats

Unlock All Weapons
At the Stage Select screen, press C-Left, C-Down, C-Right, C-Up, Z, L, R, C-Left, C-Down, C-Right, C-Up to unlock all the weapons in the game. A weapons noise will confirm that you've entered the code correctly and received all the weapons.

Stage Select
At the Stage Select screen press C-Up, C-Right, C-Down, C-Left, R, L, Z, C-Up, C-Right, C-Down, C-Left to unlock all stages. A scream will confirm that you've entered the code correctly and the level select has been enabled. Use the analog stick to select stages and worlds at this screen. You can enter both this code and the Unlock Weapons code before any level.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cyber Tiger Nintendo 64 Cheats

When you select your character, press the A button to edit the player. Highlight "Edit Name" and press the A button. Enter these names to get extra characters:

Character - Code

Little Mark in 70's outfit - Brat
Billy in "TW Fan" shirt - Cybertw
Elvis biker - Delvis
Ghost Miner - Golddgr
Vanilla Ice - Ice
Cindy - Instyle
Tiger in 70's outfit - Liltiger
Little Mark in 80's outfit - Marko
Tiger in 80's outfit - Prodigy
Kimmi - Rapper
Inga in flower power outfit - Retro
Tracy in leopard skin - Safari
Starr - Starr
A Bengal Tiger - Tigerrrr
Alien - Ufo
Billy in white shirt - Willi

Volcano course
Select any character, then change his or her name to "Sthelens".

Alternate Tiger's appearance
Select Tiger as a character, then change his name to "Prodigy".

Play as an alien
Select any character, then change his or her name to "Ufo".

Play as Kimmi
Select any character, then change his or her name to "Rapper".

Play as Starr
Select any character, then change his or her name to "Retro".

Control ball
Hold the Analog-stick in the desired direction while the ball is in the air. Hold Analog-stick Up to make the ball fly or roll further. Hold Analog-stick Down to keep the ball from rolling too far.

Keep power-ups from driving range
Use the driving range and get any desired power-ups. Then, select "Quick Play" to begin a game with all the power-ups were already collected.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cruis'n USA Nintendo 64 Cheats

Get New Awesome Cars
To get this cheat you will have to hold these three buttons at the same time. C-Up, C-Down, and C-Left. You will do this cheat when you are about to select a car. You will get a police car, Jeep, and a school bus.

Cheat [Patrick Zeller]
To get the police car, school bus, or jeep, hold C-right + C-up + C-down on the car select screen (Note:this will not work on the car furthest to the right)

Flashing Lights Trick
When you have entered your initials in the 'Hot Times' screen, scroll down to the bottom of the list. Hold L for 40 seconds. A designers head will show up and will say: 'I love this job'. When you race with the policecar or the schoolbus, and you press Brake twice and Gas once, the carlights will flash until you don't give gas.

San Fransisco
Hold down L together with C-Right and C-Down. San Fransisco will replace Grand Canyon.

Hold down L together with C-Up and C-Right. Indiania will replace Beverly Hills.

Golden Gate Park
Hold down L together with C-Left and C-Down. Golden Gate Park will replace US 101.

Secret courses
To race the secret courses you will have to press the following buttons and then press Start.

Nitro boost
This code works just like the Flashing Lights Trick code. Be sure your name will be on the 'Hot lists'. Scroll to the end of the list and hold L for 40 seconds. A head appears in the screen. In each race, with each car you can obtain a nitro boost by pressing Brake, Brake, Brake, Gas, Brake and Gas.

Lost Wheels
If you played a two player challenge, the loser will lose his front wheel when you start turning your joystick in rounds. (to the right, that is)

Falling coconuts
In Beverly Hills you can drive against the palmtrees. Coconuts will drop down.

Bugs and other shit
If you are driving in Iowa or Indiana and you zoom in, bugs will fly against your windshield. Now, if birds will fly by they will shit on your windshield.

When you start racing, you are on the freeway. After the first two turns you have to see a broken car. If you hit this broken car, it will fly through the air and it will land just in front of the leading car.

Flying car
Press Z, Start and A.

Make Your Enemy Spin Out
This trick works best when your in first, but it will work in any place except last. If an opponent or computer car is behind you and is trying to pass, try this: get directly in front of him to where he's almost touchin your car, then tap brake, but don't hold it down, he will crash into you and spin out and fall behind, and the impact from his car will push you forward.