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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Extreme G Nintendo 64 Cheats

Enter your name as:
ANTIGRAV - race on your head
ROLLER - race like stone
BANANA - bike gets hard to control
Xtreme - to race with extreme high speed
GHOSTLEY - to race in a spooky environment
UGLEYMODE - get Lo-Fi graphics
FISHEYE - for a long distance view
MAGNIFY - for a short distance view

More Codes
Cange your charecters name to one listed bellow.
Code - effect
arsenal - unlimited weapons
fergus - puts a face on your cycle in battle mode
nitroid - unlimited turbo
ra50 - warp into extreme contest mode
stealth - makes all cycles invisible

When entering your name, enter it as arsenal this will allow you to get the weapons by pressing the down "C" button.

Unlimited Nitros
Enter any mode and press R at the bike selection screen. Enter nitroid as a name. . a sound will confirm correct code entry.

Ultimate Password
Enter 81GGD5 on the password screen to unlock all tracks and bikes.

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