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Friday, October 7, 2011

Diddy Kong Racing Nintendo 64 Cheats

Keys for the challenges
You will find the key on the Ancient Lake track. After the first set of balloons, go off the track on the right, here you will encounter a little ski jump. De key is on top off the jump.

You will find the key on the Snowflake valley track. From the start of the race, go left off the track. Follow the track a short while and you the see the key at the right.

The key is on the Crescent Island track. Use the hovercraft for more speed. At the start of the race you can go either left or right. Go left and straight ahead until you encounter water. The key is in a gap of a stone at the right side.

The key is on the Boulder Canyon track. Go to the wooden bridge that leads towards the castle. Behind the bridge there is a bell with a blue balloon. Grab the balloon and wait until it returns and grab it two times more until you have a level 3 boost. Drive below the bell facing the bridge and if it's ok, the bell will sound and the bridge will raise. Drive onto the bridge and use the boost. You will land at the keycodes. Go to the options menu, go to the magic codes and enter them here.

You can play like TT the Clock by defeating him in each course. TT has the best average properties.
After the speaker shouted 'Get Ready' and the words disappear, you have to hold A for a boost.
To go to Space World, you must have all the trophies and amulets. Then, go to the lighthouse. This will change to a rocket and bring you into space.
To play with the chicken you have to get all amulets and go to the center and splash a frog on the red spot.
To make more sharper turns, hold R and press B.
Before you go through a Zipper, let go off A until your boost is empty. The boost will take 2 times as long.
When you finished the game in Adventure mode, you can play it in Adventure mode 2. All golden balloons are now silver, all tracks are inverted and all opponents are twice as difficult.

BLABBERMOUTH - In stead of normal horn you hear your character
JOINTVENTURE - Two players can play the adventure mode
BODYARMOR - All balloons turn yellow
OPPOSITESATTRACT - All balloons wil get a rainbow color
TOXICOFFENDER - All balloons turn green
BOMBSAWAY - All balloons turn red
ROCKETFUEL - All balloons turn blue
BYEBYEBALLOONS - The computer can't use weapons against you
VITAMINB - You can grab unlimited bananas
BOGUSBANANAS - Bananas slow you down
NOYELLOWSTUFF - There are no more bananas
ZAPTHEZIPPERS - There are no more zippers
TIMETOLOSE - The AI of the computer is enhanced, the game gets harder
FREEFORALL - Each balloon gives you a level 3 powerup of the balloon you grab
FREEFRUIT - You start with 10 bananas
JUKEBOX - There is a music test in the audio options screen
ARNOLD - The racers get 4 times as big
TEENYWEENIES - The racers get times as little
DOUBLEVISION - Two players can play with the same character
WHODIDTHIS - You see the credits
OFFROAD - You don't lose speed if you hit off the road

When wiz-pigs mouth is open look for a two fetherd frog - run over him and play as a rooster . (he will appear when you do)

2X-Boost-Right Before you hit a boost, let go of the accellorator. If done right you will get a green fire and rainbow smoke.

Misc. Hints
Right before the announcer says GO! press A to go faster.
There are 2 free ballons. One on the island where the Taj is and the other is when you come on the river, veer right and it should be there.

Free Balloon
Go to Options, then go to Magic Codes and enter "EOLAOBFENRLONE". Then, go into one player and on Adventure and you will have another balloon. You can do this as many times as you want.

Rom Checksum and EPC Lockup Display
Go to Options and into Magic Codes and enter
EPC: for EPC lockup display, and.
DODGYROMMER: for ROM Checksum.
Both codes will be on as soon as they are entered.

Times to beat to play as T.T.
WHALE BAY 1:19.00
STAR CITY 2:07.00

2nd Adventure
Enable the "Space World" code. Beat Wizpig on this world. An "Adventure 2" option will now be available. This adventure involves collecting platinum balloons on reversed tracks.

Space World
Collect all the trophies and amulets, then locate the sign by the lighthouse. Approach the sign and honk your horn. The lighthouse will turn into a rocket and launch into space, allowing access to the bonus fifth world.

Play as "Drumstick"
Collect all of the trophies and amulets. Move to the central area, with the red spot that goes to all other zones. Run over the frogs near the edge of the water. Run over the frog that has a red bird perched on its head to access Drumstick.

If you get three bollons of one color then get another color then that will be at maximum power as well.

Super speed
To get super speed get three blue balloons. then go to a boost and dont hit a wile crossing but hit z. you should go flying into the lead.

On Diddy Kong Raceing play the Fire Mountain battle. then when you are loosing and some 1 else has an egg that is not solid you can go to their platform and steal it.

Speed up
To speed up on any level all you have to do is get three blue ballons. Then go to a boost and hit Z before you get on it and let go of A. Away you can see if it worked is if you get a green flam. Eventully the flame will be rainbow colored.

Fly with the car!
OK here is what u do to make a car fly, and it should get u in first place. for best resalts be pipsy, diddy kong, konker, or timber. Go to the frosty village level. When your rounding the corner get a blue ballon(rocket fule) and when u see the boost just run over it WITHOUT HITTING A! if you are hitting A wile crossing the boost it WILL NOT WORK. So cross the boost without hitting A and you shold get a green flame then once your passing the top of the hill it Z and you should fly.

Make more out of zippers
Just before you run over a zipper let go of the A button. Instead of a small boost (the same as one blue ballon) you will get a huge boost (the same as 3 balloons).

Play as T.T.
To play as T.T., you must race each course in the Time Trial mode until T.T. comes out to challenge you, and he won't appear until the pre-programmed track record in a particular track is beaten by a large margin. When he challenges you, you must defeat him in a race on that course. Once you do beat him, a small T.T. symbol will appear on that particular track. You must beat him on all tracks to get him as a playable character.

Ride on two wheels
In any area, in the car press B, A and the Right Shoulder button together. Now press the control stick right to spin out, and left to do circles.

See a Crosshair
If you have a homing missile, press and keep hold of Z to see a crosshair implanted on your closest opponent.

Turbo boost at start of race
At the start of the race, wait for ''get ready'' to fade away, and just before the word ''GO!'' appears, press and hold the A button. You will get a free boost.

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