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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Turok: Rage Wars Nintendo 64 Cheats

Cheat menu
Press Z at the title screen to display the cheat menu.

There are fifty meals in the game.

Faster cheating
Cheats in the cheat menu (described below) are activated by the number of frags you have inflicted upon unworthy bots. To get more frags faster, copy your best game file to all 4 slots and load them all into the game. Voila! You now have 4x the frags in your name! Just go in and activate the cheats.

Once you have unlocked the unlimited ammo cheat, choose the minigun into your arsenal before a game and whilst using it in-game, hold B. This gives you a impenetrable shield that holds any power up you have at the time for as long as you have the sheild on. Because you have unlimited ammo, this lasts forever and there is only way to get through it and that would defeat this cheat and so I'm not saying. Apart from that though, you are invincible.

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