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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion Nintendo 64 Cheats

At the Secrets screen, enter any of the following:
Elk, Elk, Elk, Elk, Elk, Elk - Credits
Cougar, Horse, Elk, Salmon, Cougar, Hawk - Pen and Ink Mode
Raven, Salmon, Eagle, Bear, Lizard, Rabbit - Invincibility
Owl, Bear, Owl, Insect, Hawk, Owl - All Weapons
Salmon, Elk, Bull, Snake, Eagle, Salmon - Unlimited Ammo
Frog, Elk, Horse, Dragonfly, Wolf, Rabbit - Warp Level 1
Owl, Owl, Horse, Elk, Elk, Elk - Warp Level 2
Owl, Rabbit, Bear, Insect, Frog, Cougar - Warp Level 3
Bear, Horse, Raven Eagle, Horse, Coyote - Warp Level 4
Bear, Dragonfly, Horse, Bear, Frog, Elk - Warp Level 5
Lizard, Dragonfly, Bull, Bear, Wolf, Eagle - All Keys
Lizard, Elk, Eagle, Owl, Salmon, Horse - Headless
Lizard, Salmon, Insect, Salmon, Wolf, Dragonfly - Gouraud
Snake, Bull, Snake, Frog, Bear, Elk - Mannequin mode
Horse, Eagle, Snake, Cougar, Insect, Salmon - Stick Man mode
Frog, Frog, Salmon, Insect, Wolf, Cougar - Tiny mode

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