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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Supercross 2000 Nintendo 64 Cheats

Unlock All Bikes
Go to the cheat menu and put this code in: ALLBIKES.

Unlock the Moon Stunt course
Win the combined championship courses while on the pro difficulty setting.

Cheat codes
To get the cheat screen you press C-Up at the Select Event menu.
N0CR4SH - No crashes
H34DL3SS - Headless rider in practice mode
BL0CKM3 - All riders block you
G14NTS - Giant riders
N00FFTR4CK - Cancel Off Track reset
B1GSPR4Y - Big dirt sprays
M0R3C4MS - Additional views
H0P - Extra hop button
SK1PP1NG0K - Cancel Skipping Track reset
B1GB1K3S - Big bikes
N0R1D3RS - No riders
M00N - Moon gravity
S4TVRN - Saturn gravity
V3NVS - Venus gravity
M4RS - Mars gravity
VR4NVS - Uranus gravity
N3PTVN3 - Neptune gravity
M3RCVRY - Mercury gravity
JVP1T3R - Jupiter gravity
PLVT0 - Pluto gravity

Hold C-Down and press the indicated directions to perform the corresponding move:
Vert Fenter Grab - Down, Up
Rear Fender Grab - Up, Down
Super Fender Grab - Up, Left, Down
Superman - Left,Down, Right
Banzai - Left, Right
Cordova - Left, Up, Right
Cliff Hanger - Right, Down, Left
Side Heel click - Right, Left
Nothing - Right, Up, Left
Saran Wrap - Up, Right, Down
Can Can - Down, Right, Up
Bar Hop - Up, Left, Right
Heel Clicker - Down, Left, Up
Nac Nac - Left
No Footer - Down
No Hander - Up
Pancake Whip - Right

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