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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Starfox 64 Nintendo 64 Cheats

If you want to go with the landmaster( tank ) in VS mode, you have to get the medal on Venom first.
To get expert mode you have to get all the 15 medals.
To get a nicer title screen, you have to get all the medals in expert mode.
If you lock on a enemy in a group and you hit this target, you will get a +3 hit bonus. This way you reach the number of enemies quicker to score a medal.

It is possible to gain in each level a medal. To reach this goal, you have to kill a number of enemies. The numbers of enemies are:
Corneria: 150
Fortuna: 50
Sector X: 150
Meteo: 200
Aquas: 150
Titania: 150
Area 6: 300
Sector Y: 150
Solar: 100
MacBeth: 150
Venom 1: 200
Katina: 150
Zoness: 250
Sector Z: 100
Venom 2: 200

Secret exits
Corneria: First, save Falco from his enemies and fly through the circles in the water. Falco will lead you to the exit for sector Y.
Meteo: Fly through 7 warp rings in this level and you can go via a bonuslevel to Katina.
Sector Y: Shoot 100 or more enemies and you go straight to Solar.
Zoness: Terminate all lights and you can go to Sector Z.
Sector X: Terminate the robot before he hits Slippy and you go to MacBeth.
MacBeth: Shoot all 8 handles so the train will go wrong. Then you may go to Area 6.

In Sector Z, if you're losing power, go to the back of the Great Fox. You'll go in the Great Fox and come out with full power.

Control title screen
Complete the game on any path. Return to the title screen and use the Analog-stick to move the "64" logo.

Remove targeting
Pause game play and press R.

Hidden Enemy
This take's place in Corneria...
After you save Falco from the 3 Vennies, and get through those things that throw the long metal things, youll come up to the arches. Right when you come up to the water, look to your right, you'll see a hidden enemy that walks on the water. The only way to kill it is to use a bomb. You can also get a extra 3+ points this way.

Sector X to Sector Z
To go to Sector Z easier, you needed to go through the 4 warp gates. You will end up in a wierd place if you go through them. You need to pass a place where there is rocks. Becareful of them. Then you are back in Sector X, but you don't need to beat the boss. After you go to the map, you will see a line to Sector Z!

Fight With Wolfens in Training Mode
In training mode, keep going until you get to the all-range mode part. Then shoot down 100 enemy ships. Once you've done this, you'll see a black mark on your radar. That's one of Star Wolf's ships. Destroy it and anoher comes to take it's place. Good for manuever training!

Secret Vs. Mode
Get a medal on all planets to unlock a secret Vs mode. The players will be ON FOOT! Plus, Fox will be wearing sunglasses.

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