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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Snowboard Kids Nintendo 64 Cheats

For all courses, boards, and 1 extra boarder:
D = Digital Stick
A = Analog Stick
C = Yellow Buttons

At the Main Menu, press:
D-Down, D-Up, A-Down, A-Up, C-Down, C-Up, L, R, Z, A-Left, C-Right, D-Up, B, A-Right, C-Left, Start

You know it works when you hear a "Yeah!" after pressing Start...

Type in the following codes during gameplay:
Hold A, press Down rotate the stick 360 degrees twice and hold Down, now you can release A-Do jam's moonrock
Hold A and push Left, Right, Neutral Position, Up, Down and hold Down and release A-Do nancy's limbo.

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