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Thursday, March 15, 2012

San Francisco Rush Nintendo 64 Cheats

Disable car collisions
Press left then holding right on the d-pad and press c>,then release both and press C-Up, C-Left, C-Down, Z.

Toggle Gravity
Hold Z and press Up, Down at the setup screen. Release Z and press Up, Down, Up, Down.

Race as a street rod & more
collect all of the 6-8 keys hidden on any track in a regular race.The car can only be selected on the track you collect all the keys on.

Quickly press L, R, L, R, L, R at the setup screen.All orange traffic cones will turn into touch sensitive explosive mines.

Burnt car - Hold C-Up and press Z four times this will make your car burnt and it will still go. Reapeat to change back.

Drive a blown up car
There are two different blown up cars, one isn't blown up at all, it's just all messed up and looks like the blown up one, the other is blown up and there are flames coming out of it. Here's how you do it. On the car selection screen HOLD Z then press C-UP FOUR times. Do it again, you'll get the messed up one.

The Street Course
Now this code to me is very secret and I don't want to do this but I will. What you do is you go into Level 6. OK. So then you go to the CHECKPOINT after the dirt road and fall off the cliff holding the B button. Keep going to the side until you find a little hole. Enter the hole and go straight and you're at the Street Course.

Blown up car drivin'
At the car select screen hold C-Up and press Z, Z, Z, Z. This will allow you to drive a blown up car. Works on one player only and the flames can get in the way. Good for a laugh though.

Turn the "Resurrect in place" cheat on (on the setup screen, hold Z, C-left and C-right. Release the c buttons but continue to hold on the Z-button. now press and hold C-right and C-left and release all buttons. A small "R" with a line through it should appear). Now, with the cheat on, go into a track and stop UNDER a place you would like to be lifted to. Hold on the brakes and after a while the car will respot. BUT, when it raises in the air it won't drop down again. And if you continue to hold the brakes it will respot again and go even higher (But wait until the car stops flashing, otherwise you will drop down again). If you are under a bridge the car will pass through the bridge and you can still drive on top of it. As soon as the brakes are released, the car will drop down. This can get you to many wierd places, and give you some good arial views, Good Luck!

Alcatraz-Track 7
Follow these (well...sort of) simple directions and you will be soaring over the prison cells of Alcatraz in no time!

Note: If you have a circuit completed and saved on the memory pak, you can bypass the codes below and skip to the four steps to obtain the secret track.

First, finish a circuit. To save time and skip to the end of a circuit just enter this code and you will get the F1 car and be able to get the track. Once you've entered the code go to "Circuit" and continue the circuit, but die (let the time run out).

Here's the code to winning a circuit.

Note: Japanese cartridges need this alternative code.

Once you've done the code go to "Circuit" and conti let the time run out like I said above. After it congrats you with the F1 you may get started.

Note: To move between the car select screen,the track screen and the "Setup" screen, use A & B.

1. On car select screen: Hold C-left, press Z, release both and press left.
2. On setup screen: Hold C-up, press Z, release both and press up.
3. On track select screen: Hold C-right, press Z, release both and press right.
4. On car select screen: Hold C-down, press Z, release both, press down, L, R.

And voila - you're Alcatraz bound.

If you have a memory pak you can save Alcatraz-Track 7.

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