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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA Nintendo 64 Cheats

Jump 2 ships
First you must go to the Hawaii track. When you get to the part where you are underneath a bridge type thing and there are fat stone posts that you can easily run into, before that, if you go totally right, you can break through 2 walls of glass and you end up at an airport. At the end of it there is a wood ramp that leads onto a battleship and if you keep going you will eventually jump onto another ship, then back onto the track.
PS- its really good for when you are racing and need to raise your position.

Wheels only sequence
Press Up, Down, Z, Left, Right, Z, Right, Left, Z + Down, Up, Z at the car selection screen.

Switch control directions
Highlight the "Mirror" selection on the Options screen. Hold C-Left + C-Right + C-Up + C-Down and press Left or Right.

Mountain Dew dragster
Collect all four Mountain Dew bottles on any level.

Rocket car and Midway track
Attain a standing of first place overall under circuit mode.

Drive a Limo
At the car selection screen press Up, Down, Left, Right, Z, Z, C-Up, C-Down.

Prototype car
Collect twelve keys on any level.

Formula 1 car
Collect nine keys on any level.

Hot rod
Collect six keys on any level.

Collect three keys on any level.

Game Timer
Hold Z + C-Down, press C-Up, then hold Z + C-Up and press C-Down.

Quickly press C-Up four times.

Tire Scaling
Hold Z and C-Left and press C-Right, then hold Z and C-Right and press C-Left.

Frame Scale
Hold Z and C-Down and press C-Up, then hold Z and C-Up and press C-Down.

Resurrect In Place
Hold Z and C-Left and press C-Right, then hold Z and C-Right and press C-Left.

Cheat menu
Hold C-Up + C-Down + C-Left + C-Right + L + R + Z at the settings screen. Then, highlight a cheat option, hold L + R + Z and press [C-Up + C-Down + C-Left + C-Right] two to five times. Each option requires that the last set of buttons be pressed a different number of times. To access the codes in the cheat menu simply put the cursor on the code you want to access then enter one of the codes below:

Alcatraz mega trick
First you need to get the cheat menu and get super speed, invincibility, and stunts. Then go to the main menu and click on practice, then go to Alcatraz and then pick the 4x4 truck. When you start go straight all the way to the brown turn; turn around and head back the other way until around the place where you started DONT STOP just keep going and you should see something that looks like a really big jump go right at it and youll go flying in the air. You should go right through the mountain. when you do that youll land your trick and get a lot of points.

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