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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rugrats in Paris: The Game Nintendo 64 Cheats

Defeating Robo-Snail
Get 16 gold tickets, then go the gift shop at the main entrance. Buy the Reptar Control Helmet, then go to Golf Park. View the map, then go to the warehouse that is marked with a gold ticket. As soon as the battle with Robo-Snail begins, move all the way to the right then turn left slightly. When Robo-Snail approaches, he will get stuck for a moment. Use this opportunity to shoot him with fireballs, then claw him until he is defeated. If you need more fireballs, smash one of the wooden boxes after running out.

100 Points
On the game when you get to the ski ball place you go two spaces to the right or to the left to get 100 points. (you may have to try it once or twice for it to work)

Get More Gold Tickets
Get enough red tickets and buy a puzzle piece. Go to a inventory marker with that same puzzle piece then select the puzzle piece and do the puzzle.

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