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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Paperboy Nintendo 64 Cheats

Small paperboy/papergirl
Enter "LITTLE" as a code.

Destroying Neptune
This is how to beat the spaceship in medium mode.
Regular Alien - 1 normal paper
Mini UFO - 1 normal paper
Eyeball Lightning Alien - 1 power throw.
King Brain Alien - Around 5 or 6 power throws. Note: You must be on the top level to hurt the King Brain Alien.

Various Cheats
UNTIMED - Single Frame Advance with C-Right
HEADLINE - View All Newspaper Headlines
NOBUNDLE - Unlimited Papers on All Levels
INVINC - Infinite Health
JUMBLE - Run into Invisible Objects
SCREAM - Everything you hit Emits a Scream
MOON - Jump Super High in Air
WAKING - Slow Motion
RUSH - Turbo Mode
ALLJUMP - Always have Super Jump Springs
GOFAST - Always have Rocket Boosters
BACKWARD - Papers get Thrown Backwards
LITTLE - Paperboy is Super Tiny
MAGOO - Near-Sighted Paperboys
SUNDAY - Huge Newspapers

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