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Thursday, January 26, 2012

NFL Quarterback Club '99 Nintendo 64 Cheats

Hidden Character
To play as the character "The Good Mr." simply press C-Up, C-Down, C-Left, C-Left, C-Right, C-Left, C-Up. At the main menu, "The Good Mr." Can be found on the Dallas Cowboys just under Emmitt Smith.

No Helmets
Go to the "Enter Cheat" screen on the the amin menu. type in PRTCTNSCKS. Now none of your players will be wearing helmets, unless you are using a team you created.

Cheat Codes
Enter these codes in the game's CHEAT menu.
MRSHMLLW - Fat Players
TTHPCK - Thin players
SPRTRBMD - Faster running
FRRSTGMP - Slowmotion mode
SCLLYMLDR - "Alien" stadium
BTTRFNGRS - Always fumble
STCKYBLL - No fumbles
BGMNY - Big coin toss coins
BCHBLL - Super-sized football
XTRTMS - Cheat teams
DBLDWNS - Double downs
XTRVLTG - Electric football
FLBBR - Flubber ball
HSNFR - Fire players
PPCRNRTRNS - Loads of land mines on the field
PNBLL - Pinball players
RGBY - Rugby mode
SLPNSLD - Super-slippery mode
PWRKCKR - Super kickers
TRBMN - Unlimited turbos
HSPTL - Increased injuries
RCQTBLL - Raquetball Football mode

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