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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mystica Ninja Nintendo 64 Cheats

Infinite Ryo
Go anywhere in a castle that has money and break open the jar and collect the money. Go through a door and then back to the previous room. The jars have now reappeared. Break open the jars and collect the money. Repeat the procedure again and again. You can get infinite ryo!

Blade-Shield Usage
When Yae uses her blade-shield, she normally can't move. However, if you have the armor or shield and receive damage from an enemy when using the blade-shield, you can move.

Unchangeable Hair Color
In the middle of using Goemon's touch-and-go skills, get killed by an enemy (if you have more than one life). If you do this, you will come to life again with golden hair. However, if you want to change the character, you can't change the hair color.

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