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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

MRC Nintendo 64 Cheats

Secret passage
If you drive the Downtown track, and you arrive at the top of the hill, drive beneath the tree just before the waterfall. The you drive in a tunnel that is much easier to drive than the normal track and you win allot of time here!

Win each race
You must have the Kingroader (the yellow Jeep) and in the configuration screen: put the aerodynamics to the far right. Your max. speed must be 205 km/ph. When you are going to race, your wheels stick to the ground like there is some sort of glue beneath it. You have ultimate grip on the snowtracks and in turns.

Mirror Mode
In the Championship mode, you must win all the 3 courses against Deus to get his car. No you can drive the mirror tracks.

Race against Deus
In Championship mode you must win all the 3 courses against Hannya to get Hannya's car. Now you can race against Deus in the Challenge mode.

Race against Hannya
In Championship mode you must win all the 3 courses to get the option to race against Hannya.

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