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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mickey's Speedway USA Nintendo 64 Cheats

Play as Louie
To play as Louie, select a character. Then play the Traffic Troubles, Motor Way Mania, and Freewayphobia in the Intermediate Circuit and win the gold trophies in all of them. Louie will be selectable as a racer.

Play as Dewey
To play as Dewey, pick a character and play the Traffic Troubles, Motor Way Mania, Freewayphobias Amateur circuits and win the gold trophy. Dewey will be available under character select.

Quick start
Press A as the third light turns on during the pre-race countdown.

Extra Levels
To get the levels "Victory Vehicles" complete and get gold on every series on professional level.

Drive as Ludwig
Achieve the platinum cup on every race on curcuit mode including "Victory Vehichles" and "Frantic Finale". Note: The gold cup will not work.

Unlock and race as Huey
You need to have the Nintendo Gameboy version of this game or have access to both the game and access to a Transfer Pak. Put the Nintendo Gameboy version of the game into the Transfer Pak. Use the transfer pack in the N64 controller. Huey should be unlocked now.

Car Parts: Frantic Freeway circuit
Collect all four race car parts to receive the Frantic Freeway circuit.

Car Parts: Indianapolis
In the Indianapolis level, go throught the 1st tunnel. Make a sharp left turn at the end of the tunnel. The part is sort of in indented on the wall.

Car Parts: Philadelphia
When the track turns into a ship keep going straight ahead. You will be granted the part after make a sharp turn left to get back on course.

Car Parts: Chicago
When you are on the Chicago track you have to know where you're going to. Do not go up where the track splits after you go down the steep drops. Instead of it, make a left but do not go right after that. Stay going straight to discover this car part.

Car Parts: Malibu
When you start go straight to where the water meets the mountains. You will be granted the secret passage there. Go in there and find the car part.

Secret Level
Go to practice mode on 1 player then go to the farm area and look around and you'll find eggs. Try to crack as many eggs as you can. The eggs are mostly around the chickens. Keep cracking them until the game tells you that you have unlocked New Orleans. Then go to the Time Trial or Vs. and Race away!

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