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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mario Party 3 Nintendo 64 Cheats

Auto Naming
If you don't enter a name for yourself when you create a new save file and leave the field blank, the game will randomly pick a classic Nintendo character name for you (this means it will using something like Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Wario, and other names)

Easy coins
When rolling the dice, roll doubles, after using a mushroom for 10 coins.

Hit L while playing to hear your character's taunt. You can't do this in mini game. Only while playing on game board.

Bonus mini-games
Complete the game in story mode to unlock the Backtracks and Waluigi's Island mini-games in party mode.

Unlock 1-player Mario's Puzzle Party
Play story mode and get as many S star ratings as you can. If you get eight S star ratings and beat story mode, you will be able to go into the Game Guy's room in the mini-game room. Complete Game Guy's challenge by earning 1,000 coins in his special mini-games. When you are done, you will be able to play Mario's Puzzle Party in the mini-game room.

Unlock Stardust Battle Mini-game
Play story mode and complete it. After you beat the millenium star at the end of story mode, you will be able to play Stardust Battle in the mini-game room.

Starting Partners
In Duel Mode, players start with these partners:
Mario - Koopa
Luigi - Goomba
Yoshi - Boo
DK - Thwomp
Wario - Bomb
Peach - Toad
Daisy - Sniffit
Waluigi - Pirahna

Power Up Duel Partners
To power up your partners in a duel mode, get the same partner in the back and front. The Eternal Star will improve their stats (Example: 2 Snowmen will be awarded +1 attack each; 2 Thwomps will have decreased salaries).

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