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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Madden NFL 2001 Nintendo 64 Cheats

Final Madden Card
Buy all Gold, Silver, And bronze Madden Cards in each set of fourteen. After all 296 cards have been obtained, a 297th card (number 000) with the All-Time Madden team will be unlocked. You can use the Madden Cards to put players on rosters, cheats within the game, use legendary players, and unlock old teams, stadiums, or legendary teams.

Unlimited Madden Card use
Unlock a Madden Card and save your profile before adding the card to the game that is currently loaded. Then, select the "Add Player To Roster" option, and reset the Nintendo 64. Load your saved profile and the card will still be available.

Always receive
Press Start at the coin toss screen before anything appears when playing against the CPU.

Easy Madden Cards
Note: This trick requires a controller pak to save your user profile. Go to "Custom Options" and highlight "Load". Load the user profile until there are four of the same profile. Go to Madden Cards and trade a Bronze Card for three Gold Cards. Repeat, then save your user profile and reset he game. Keep repeating this to get tokens to buy Madden Cards.

Create Cap Space
When you start a Franchise mode with any team, you can create more cap space by releasing a player and then signing him back for less money and more years. You can do this untill they stop taking cuts. Players 27 and older can be re-signed for up to 7-year contracts and take cuts, players 25 or 26 years of age can be re-signed for up to 6-year contracts and take cuts. Players 25 and under can be up to a 5-year contract and take cuts. Players will not except offers unless the years are good (not too many years or not too little) and the cut is not too much. They can take cuts from $500k a time to just $50k a time, depending on how much they want, how old they are, and how long the contract length is. After the first year is over, this will not work as players will want more every time they are released.

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