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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Goemon's Great Adventure Nintendo 64 Cheats

Four Player Mode
Insert four controllers and begin a game. Collect forty-four hands from various levels, press C-Right + Start on controllers three and four.

Alternate Costumes
Enable four player mode. Then you can access new costumes for each character at the "Prediction" house.

Faster hoola-hoopa
In the game-over screen, Select 'Try Again' then repeatedly press A to make the hoola-hoopa hoop faster!

Get to Creep Village
To get to the hidden town in the game, first beat the last boss. Then, go to Mokeke forest in the Underworld. Find the Impact rock, then keep going until you see a pink-suited clay doll. Defeat it and go left to the player change platform. change to Sasuke or Yae, go left, dive, and swim right until you can surface. There is no Teahouse in Creep village, so change to whoever you want to be NOW! Then, go right until you see a run-down bus shelter with a post nearby, and stand under the post. Sometime near daybreak, a HUGE bus will come and bring you to creep village. In Creep Village, you can get the last 4 entry passes.

Secret Finish
On Ryugo Island Kappa Road has two objectives! First you beat it normally then go back and when you are at the cave's first pool of water you have to be Sasuke or Yae to do it. Dive in and change to Sub Sasuke or Mermaid Yae then swim to your right. Go very far. When you can't go any more go up and you will find some star blocks. Use Goemon's chain for that [change into him] and you will beat the second objective!

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