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Friday, September 30, 2011

Cruis'n World Nintendo 64 Cheats

Power level
In championship mode go to easy and win all the races you will get powerlevel 2 and paint job.

Press 2 times A in the race for turbo.

Bonus Mode
To get bonus mode in championship mode beat all 3 championship courses on beginner and pro levels.

Play on the Moon
To play on the Moon you must first finish Cruis'n the World mode. The Credits will then come up. Don't turn off the machine and wait for the Credits to finish. Once the Credits are done a race will automaticly start up. Be ready because that race is The Moon ! Now you can play that course at any time on Practice, Cruis'n the World, and in the Bonus Circuit in Championship Mode.

Time Secrets
Practice Course: Target Time: Vehicle Earned:
Hawaii 3:47:00 Mansta
England 1:46:00 Bulldog
China 1:14:00 Enforcer
Japan 2:48:00 Rocket
Australia 1:49:00 The Surgeon
Kenya 2:06:00 Conductor
Mexico 1:46:00 Howler
New York 2:11:00 Grass Hopper
Germany 2:27:00 NY Taxi
Egypt 1:07:00 School Bus
France 2:15:00 Tommy
Russia 1:58:00 Exec

Turbo Start
Before the race start, you can get a quick turbo boost and do a wheelie right over everybody. when the announcer said Ready....Set....GO!!!!! Right before the word SET begins to disappear press the gas button then quickly shift into the first gear and burn rubber!

Remember to shift all the way to fourth gear right after you turbo boost if you are using manual stick, otherwise you'll only be in your first gear. This trick takes some practicing.

Pass Other Cars Easily
When you want to pass another computer racer easily, just tap (A) twice to do a wheelie when you are behind someone. They will veer out of the way instantly. It really helps when you are on your final lap and need to catch up quick.

Note: Don't use wheelie's too often. When you perform one, a turn might sneak up on you. While you are on two wheels you cannot turn very well.

Alternate Paint Jobs / Power Up Cars
Get the required ammount of points in the Championship mode and recieve the following secrets activated on the car select screen.

8 Points: Power Level 1 (up or down c)
20 Points: Paint Job (L or R to select colors)
100 Points: Power Level 3 (up or down c)
150 Points: Two Tone Paint Job (L or R to select colors)
500 points: Power Level 4
1500 points: Power Level 5
9999 points: Speed Demon (Top speed 230)

Build up Points Quickly
You don't have to win races to get points. Doing Flips Rolls and hellicopter spins also rack up the points. To rapidly gain points, go to the options screen and set the laps to 6. Then start a championship on easy.

There are many jumps in the first level. Before each jump, pump the gas twice to perform a flip. You can even flip off the back of opponent cars if in the right position. Press the gas+Left or Right on the analog to do a 2 wheel side wheelie. Perform this before a jump and you'll roll.

Do all 6 laps performing as many tricks as you can. When done, get the points and quit. Go back to options and set the laps to 1. Go back to championship and finish the next two easy tracks. Repeat process and you'll have many points in no time flat.

Go into the Options and set the number of Laps to 6, now start a Championship circuit, it doesn't matter which difficulty setting you use (I've found that Pro or Master works best). Select Germany as your track, now race around the track doing as many tricks as you can, Mega Roll's work best. Now if you come in 1st and do enough tricks you can get over 140 points (on Master). On the next track (Egypt) pause the game and select "End Championship", now you can start at Germany again and repeat the process. I hope this is clear and easy enough to understand.

Hawaii: In Cruis'n World mode, you'll see a blue sign that says senic overlook, with red arrow cones. The instint you see the sign, take a hard left onto a off- ramp. You can get some trick points by this seceret, when doing stunts. Another way to get trick points, is to do a two wheely slightly behind a car, and if done correctly, you can do a flip.

Germany: Just before the last ramp on the Germany coarse, steer left so your car is headed toards the left grass area, until you see a rock side wall on the left. Steer just right of the wall, and if done correctly, you will automatically do a flip for more trick points. This trick is handy if you miss the jump.

Australia: If you watch carefully after after the third set of Kangaroos, you'll see a dirt road to the left. The trail leads to a ramp, were you should have enough room to earn a automatic mega flip. This trail could also be used as a shortcut.

Italy: After The Third Tunnel in Italy You will drive through a road surrounded by trees in a straight line as you look ahead you will see a on-ramp to the side, you can use it to get ahead of your opponents.

China: When you're going around some of the curves on the China track, you will see gaps in the wall on your left and right. Simply follow this road and will eventually bring you back on the track. (It occurs in more than one place, but only while you are on the wall portion of the track).

New York: In New York on the last two tunnels take any of the off ramps on the side.

Mexico: In Mexico at the Aztec Temple, go into the brush to right to the temple and there will be a jump and a shortcut.

Driving Tips and Tricks
Dodge Traffic and Collisions: To go right through a collision or on coming traffic simply do a turbo boost (A twice). Then you can do a trick off the car.

360: To do a 360, when you are at the top of the ramp push left or right.

Flip: To do a flip just pop a wheelie on a jump (press Gas twice). If this doesn't work, work on your timing.

Wheelie: To pull a wheelie simply press the Gas button twice while on a straight road. This will give you a small boost as well!

Sideways Wheelie: To do a sideways wheelie, while taking a turn, press the gas button twice. This helps you to take turns easier.

Barrel Roll: To do a barrel roll, first do a sideways flip by pressing the gas button twice while turning, now move the joystick the opposite way of the turn and you'll do a barrel roll.

Flip Roll: To do the flip roll you need to execute a normal flip during a jump, then press B, B, A, B, C-Up to roll in mid-air. You'll earn 20 points each time you do this.

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