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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Conker's Bad Fur Day Nintendo 64 Cheats

Great Commentary Responses
Enter the cheat code screen from the Cock & Plucker main screen. Enter popular swear words and cusses. You will be granted great commentary voices.

Unlimited Tails
After you arrived at the stage (2nd) Queen Bee, you may notice a hook on a sign. If you happen to die, the Death will appear and teach you about the hooks. After you first "near death experience", the hooks will have tails on them that give you extra lives. If you leave an area and come back, the tails will be there again. In short, you can actually get unlimited lives by grabbing the tail, returning to the first stage, and then coming back. Repeat these actions to be granted unlimited tails.

Multiplayer Mode as Conker
To grant this wish enter the following code: WELLYTOP.

Multiplayer Mode as Neo Conker
To grant this wish enter the following code: EASTEREGGSRUS.

Multiplayer Mode: Decapitation
To grant this wish enter the following code: SPUNKJOCKEY.

Unlock All Cut-Scenes and Chapters
To grant this wish enter the following code: WELDERSBENCH.

Unlock Bats Tower
To grant this wish enter the following code: CLAMPIRATE.

Extra money and chapter mode selection
For extra money and to unlock all levels, including "The Heist" in chapter mode, enter CHOCOLATESTARFISH as a code.

Play as Gregg the Grim Reaper in multi-player mode
To unlock Gregg the Grim Reaper in multi-player mode, enter BILLYMILLROUNDABOUT as a code.

50 Lives
Go to the options, cheats, and put in the code BOVRILBULLETHOLES.

Fast Shotgun Reload in Spooky Level
Zombies can sure be a pain to kill; hopefully this information will help. Equip the shotgun, then enter "first person view" by holding the "R" (look) button, use the "C" buttons to move around, when you want to fire, hold the "Z" button and use the red laser to aim. After you have fired the first shot, press "Z" again as you see the sparks (from the first shot) dissipate. If you did this right, Conker will not lift the gun, but will keep it at the firing level to reload; and, if you really time your shots well, Conker won't have to reload the gun at all!

No bleeping out words
To do this go to the cheat menu,then type in NOBLEEPINGOUT as a code.

Unlock Zombies & Villagers
In the cheats menu, enter BEEFCURTAINS. This unlocks the Zombies & Villagers for Multiplayer.

Unlock Generals in Multiplayer
In the cheat menu, enter RUSTYSHERIFFSBADGE. This unlocks both the Squirrel And Tediz Generals for the multiplayer mode.

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