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Saturday, September 3, 2011

BattleTanx: Global Assault Nintendo 64 Cheats

Custom Gang in Multiplayer
To access the M2 Hydra tank in multiplayer, enter the passcode TRDDYBRRKS.

Secret Multiplayer Level
Put in the code WRDRB

Super Weapons
If you press A+B at the same time, you will shoot a super version of the weapon selected. This works with every weapon but health or The Edge.

Put in the code MSTSRVV

Select level
Put in the code 8ODYS

Brandon gang
Enter "NNKNHCKS" as a code.

All weapons
Enter "RCKTSRDGLR" as a code.

Enter "HPPYHPPY" as a code.

Nuggets of Wisdom
To get some nuggets of wisdom from the Battle Tanx team, first make your way to the Arizona truck stop. It's about the third stage in one player mode. Get some guided missiles and go back to about where you started the stage. Control a guided missile to the dessert that should be to your left. You should see a white car, hit it. There you go! Little mesages should scroll at the bottom of the screen.

5 ways to destroy the Rhino
1. If you use the flamethrower, you don't have to get along the sides of the Rhino to kill it. It's front armor is invincible to anything except the flamethrower.

2. Lay a lot of gun buddies down so when the Rhino tries to kill you or the gun buddies, one of you will get a clear shot.

3. Use the cloaking to make yourself invisible and you should be able to get around him without him knowing where you are.

4. Fire a guided missile and guide it around the Rhino for a clear shot

5. Be the FLP-E & then use your side step to quickly run around his defense.

Level Passwords
To play on a particular level, highlight "Input Code" at the Options screen and enter its corresponding password.

Level 01: Ground Zero - FRHBMCTNTK
Level 02: The Tunnel - LHTSPMFRGS
Level 03: Times Square - NGLFFPTTFP
Level 04: Stranglehold Bridge - SHPPNRVWGB
Level 05: Bonus Level - MRFFCRTKP
Level 06: Heartland - LPGCVBBJCF
Level 07: Lake Shore Drive - GLWHJCRNLK
Level 08: State Street - KMKJTMHRNS
Level 09: Bonus Level - FLWWFCWNRK
Level 10: Armageddon Highway - WSMBCPVRWS
Level 11: Area 51 - CGJWVRGLNM
Level 12: Fremont Street - KVVLHFHWTB
Level 13: Bonus Level - FCLPJRWTMP
Level 14: Crimson Gate - TMFNJMKJGF
Level 15: Warf - PPJLJHRCVV
Level 16: Bonus Level - LNKNSWKGTH
Level 17: Q-Zone - WMNRSMRTR

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