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Friday, August 19, 2011

All Star Baseball 2000 Nintendo 64 Cheats

Faster Running
While running, hold the Z trigger to run faster.

Blind Mode
Enter the cheat MYEYES. The graphics will be blurry and dull.

Blackout Mode
Enter WTOTL at the cheat menu and everything but the player will be pitch black.

Big Ball Mode
Enter BCHBLKTPTY at the "Enter Cheats" menu.

Baseball trails
Enter "WLDWLDWST" as a code at the cheat screen.

Fly back to dugout
Enter "FLYAWAY" as a code at the cheat screen. Players will fly back to the dugout after an out.

More home runs
Select a power hit and place the box under the pitch to increase the chances of hitting a home run.

Easy strikes
If the CPU misses a bunt, it will probably attempt another bunt on the next pitch. Press B to throw far outside the hitting zone for an easy strike.
Alternatively, hold A + C while pitching.

Lizard team
Select an exhibition game at Kaufmann Stadium. When a player hits either sign that reads "Win a lizard", the entire team will turn into lizards.

Change pitch speed
Hold Z to increase or R to decrease the speed of a pitch.

Small players
Enter "TOMTHUMB" as a code at the cheat screen.

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