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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker Nintendo 64 Cheats

Flight mode
Pause game play, and, after that, press Up, Down, Left(2).

Defeating the Joker
When you reach the Joker, equip the Defensive Suit. After that, constantly ram him with the Shield Punch. He should go down after about fifteen hits or less.

Level 2: Skip robot Boss
Play level two (Wayne Enterprises) and after about two to three elevators, defeat all the enemies to get the key. Then, walk past the elevator. You should find two more easy enemies guarding two metal creates. Defeat the enemies, break the crates (you must have the Offensive Suit) and go through the door. You will find a room with a bull enemy in it. If you have the Nimble Suit with you, Double-Jump onto the cabinet in the room and collect either an extra life or a full health bonus. After you defeat the bull, go to the elevator and you will arrive in the room after the robot Boss.

Level 3: Block toxic breath
You eventually encounter snake enemies with toxic breath that does severe damage to your health. However, if you have the Defensive Suit the breath will stop at the bat-shaped shields and will not affect your health.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bassmasters 2000 Nintendo 64 Cheats

Rod and reels
Reels have various lengths and casting accuracy. Use weight when making a line choice. Lighter line allows lures to go deeper, but also break easier. Heavier line will not break as easy, but may scare fish.

Choosing a boat
Select an R. Series boat when first starting because of its good handling, powerful motor, and advanced fish finder.

This lure floats and can be popped along the water's surface to make a splash. It is best used when fish are near the surface (overcast, rain, afternoon).

This lure remains close to the surface after casting, but dives when reeled in. Most Crankbait will remain in relatively shallow water. They are most effective in medium depths and in cold water.

This lure is quick, noisy, and can cover a lot of water. It is a good choice to use when testing the waters. Small and dark Spinnerbait work best in clear, sunny weather. The bigger, heavier Spinnerbait works best in mud.

These lures are often shaped like actual food (worms, lizards, crayfish). Naturally colored and smaller Plastics work best in clear water. Brighter and larger Plastics work in darker, muddy, or deep water.

These lures work best in heavy vegetation, matted up grass, and similar conditions. None of its parts will get caught up in plants.

This is a fair weather bait that works best in sunny days and clear water. They are not flashy, fast, or noisy.

Old Hickory Lake
Early morning: Stay near the north shore and the shallow water. The game will start very close to a good spot. Slowly pull up a bit to find a lot fish.
Midmorning: The north shore and vicinity are good places. Stay in the shallows in the morning. Water over hard and rocky ground is a bass favorite. The small inlets may also have some good fishing.
Afternoon: The bass will tend to go near docks, poles, clusters of rocks, and sharp drops in depth.

Lake Okeechobee
Early Morning: The shallows will warm up first in the morning and attract the fish. Most of the shore and the area around the small islands is shallow. The south shore is a good place to fish.
Midmorning: The three small islands and the north side of the lake, directly opposite those islands are good places to fish.
Afternoon: Fish in the locations from the morning and midmorning hours.

Lake Shasta
Early Morning: This lake has a shallow shoreline, with most of the remaining area very deep. Try fishing in the northern recesses, as well as in the muddy shallows at the northeast side of the lake.
Midmorning: Try the shallow areas with structure, such as up north. The bass can also be found just beyond the shallows where a steep drop-off separates it from the deep water.
Afternoon: Use your fish finder to search for bass. Stop as soon as soon as possible, look at the depth reading, and select the correct lures.

Retrieving lures
Retrieve your lures steadily in clear water and on sunny days, as well as when you need to quickly look around.

Jerk the line from side to side to create movement while reeling in a loud spinnerbait or topwater lure in muddy or overcast conditions.

Pull sharply on the line to hop a topwater lure along the surface or to pop a plastic or jig along the bottom of the lake.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Banjo-Kazooie Nintendo 64 Cheats

Cheato Codes
There are 3 codes You will find Cheato at a different location for each cheat. Once you get the code you must return to the Sand Castle in Treasure Trove Cove and spellout the word by using Kazooie's Beak Buster on the lettered floor. Oh! by the way you can't activate the cheat unless you talk to Cheato.
1) Double Blue Eggs...At the Bubble Gloop Swamp entrance... walk into the small pipe (Make sure you have full enery) Beak Barge the ice block (opens a path to Cheato, but your to big to fit) Leave the pipe, enter the Swamp, allow Mumbo the Shaman to turn you into an alligator (it will cost you 10 mumbo tokens) Go back through the pipe and go through the small ice pipe (path) Cheeto should be around the corner (The code is "Blueeggs"). Each time you find Cheato he will give you one code.
2) Doubles the amount and capacity of Red Feathers... In the Lava chamber that links you to Mad Monster Mansion you will find a very thin (and scary) walkway above the lava, then Beak Barge the rock and you'll find a pumkin-sized tunnel, go into mad monster mansion and allow mumbo to turn you into a pumkin (It will cost you 20 mumbo tokens) then return to the tunnel, Cheato should be around the corner. The cheat is "redfeathers".
3) Gold Feathers spell... Cheato is in the watery caverns connecting to Click Clock Wood. You'll have to raise the water level by hitting the switch inside the casket near the entrance to Mad Monster Mansion. When you return to the cavern there are two other switches you can hit to raise the water level. Beak Bust Both and a timer will appear. Swim down into the tunnel and into the next cavern. If you swim to the surface before the timer runs out, you'll be able to climb into a high cavern where you'll find Cheato and get the Gold Feather Spell. Spell is "goldfeathers" Banjio--Kazooie is really fun!

Bottles says R button makes a sharp turn when flying, but he does'nt say that you can use it when swimming!

Secret Room in mad monster mansion
Well its not that good of a cheat but any way In mad mon... there is a secret room outside the church.Look at all the stain glass windows outside the church and the one with a picture of banjo-...Then jump into it.

Need some more blue
If you think you are running out of eggs and you just need some more , go to the floor at treasure trove cove and give the bucket two eggs and it will empty the water for you. Then go in the sand castle and beak bust these letters to get 200 blue eggs.

Alternate starting
Start your normal game and choose english as your language. When you come to load your game, go to where banjo is cooking. Wait for the goldfish to bang it's head 3 times and then press A. Banjo should dissapear behind a swivel wall.

Ice Key
To get the ice key which is in Freezeezy Peak, go to the sandcastle in Treasure Trove Cove. Then, type in CHEAT. Once you have done that, type NOW YOU CAN SEE A NICE ICE KEY WHICH YOU CAN HAVE FOR FREE. The screen will show you a picture of it if you entered it in correctly. It is in Wozzas Cave.

Secret Egg in Mad Monster Mansion
To get a secret egg like the one Mumbo shows you at the end of the game, go to the sandcastle in Treasure Trove Cove, and first type CHEAT, then type either DONT YOU GO AND TELL HER ABOUT THE SECRET IN HER CELLAR. This will unlock a special light blue egg you can retrieve in Mad Monster Mansion that has a ? on it.

20 Goldfeathers
You have to raise the water to level 3 in Rusty Bucket Bay. Dive into the water, and swim into the room with the entrance to Rusty Bucket Bay. Swim straight up and turn around. There is a tunnel right above the new waterline located directly above the entrance tunnel. Cheato is waiting at the end of the tunnel. He'll tell you to enter GOLDFEATHERS at Treasure Trove Cove.

100 Red Feathers
Go to the Mad Monster Mansion and turn into a pumpkin. Now when you exit the level go to the left path and past Brentilda. There is a passage in there and cheato tells you to enter REDFEATHERS at Treasure Trove Cove.

200 Eggs
Find the first Spell book near the FREEZEZY PEAK puzzle. To do this you need to break the rock on the path to the left of the puzzle then come back as the alligator and go through the hole. Then go the the BANJOKAZOOIE puzzle room in TREASURE TROVE COVE and enter the code BLUEEGGS to get 200 eggs and a 200 egg limit.

Less Damage From A Fall
To take less damage from a fall, press B just before you land.

Get the Red Egg
Finally, the Red Egg is hidden in the Captain's Cabin in Rusty Bucket Bay. Enter the following cheat to bring it out of hiding:

Get the Yellow Egg
The Yellow Egg is hidden in Click Clock Wood. Once you enter the following cheat, you will be able to find it in Nabnuts' tree house.

Get the Green Egg
Everybody loves Loggo the Toilet on Mad Monster Mansion's second floor. Enter the following cheat to find the Green Egg in the same room:

Get the Purple Egg
To raise Sharkfood Island in Treasure Trove Cove, enter the following sentence. You have to work yourself up to the top of the hill inside -- to get the Purple Egg.

Get the Blue Egg
Go to Banjo-Kazooie's Sandcastle in Treasure Trove Cove and start off by spelling CHEAT. Every letter you hit will make a "moo" sound to confirm that you did it correctly.
After you spelled CHEAT, you will be able to enter the following lengthy cheats to unlock the hidden stuff. The cheats are pretty much self-explanatory. Note that the letters won't make any noise.
To open the locked gate in the rock wall in Gobi's Valley, enter the following cheat. You will find the Blue Egg inside.

Combine The Codes
Want a quick refill of all 3 items instead of entering the 3 different codes? When you find all 3 spellbooks in the game, go to the Sandcastle in Treasure Trove Cove and pound in the following code: BLUEREDGOLDFEATHERS.

Unlimited and Maximum Items
Go Into the sand castle in tresure trove cove. first, collect the jiggy in the sand castle. The using the beak buster move to spell CHEAT. You must do this before all codes. Next spell any of the following cheats. A noise will not be made while your spelling a cheat so be careful!!!

Cheat ----- Effect

banjobegsforplentyofeggs ----- unlimited eggs
lotsofgoeswithmanybanjos ----- unlimited life
dontbeadumbogoseemumbo ----- 99 mumbo tokens
nowyoucanflyhighinthesky ----- unlimited red feathers
givethebearlotsofair ----- unlimited air for swimming
anenergybartogetyoufar ----- max energy
agoldenglowtoprotectbanjo ----- unlimited gold feathers

Switch and Obstacle Cheats for Grunty's Lair
The following list of codes lets you remove or change obstacles throughout Grunty's Lair. The cheats range from opening doors to raising the water level near Rusty Bucket Bay. Enter the codes in the sandcastle in Treasure Trove Cove (after spelling CHEAT):

Raise the two pipes near Clanker's Cavern:

Raise the big pipe by Clanker's Cavern:

Open the passage near Clanker's Cavern leading to Click Clock Wood picture:

Make the Click Clock Wood Jiggy podium appear:

Open the grill blocking the Rusty Bucket Bay picture:

Open the grill inside the giant Witch Statue (near Bubblegloop Swamp):

Remove the ice cube blocking the Freezeezy Peak picture:

Remove the cobwebs that block passages:

Smash the Grunty statue's eye close to Mad Monster Mansion (to get to Jiggy):

Raise the water level near Rusty Buck Bay:

Remove the gate that blocks the way to the crypt near Mad Monster Mansion:

Remove the lid of the coffin in the crypt:

Remove all breakable walls:

Open Note Doors
There is also an easy way to open the Note Doors (without collecting the necessary notes). Again, enter these cheats in the sandcastle in Treasure Trove Cove (after spelling CHEAT):

Open note door 2

Open note door 3

Open note door 4

Open note door 5

Open note door 6

Open note door 7

Open the levels cheats
Too lazy to collect all the Jiggies to open up the levels? Enter the following cheats in the sandcastle in Treasure Trove Cove. As always, first spell CHEAT (a moo sound confirms each letter), then spell the cheats:

To open Treasure Trove Cove:

To open Clanker's Cavern:

To open Mad Monster Mansion:

To open Gobi's Valley:

To open Rusty Bucket Bay:

To open Click Clock Wood:

To open Freezeezy Peak:

To open Bubblegloop Swamp:

Activate Special Pads
To activate the Fly and Shock Jump pads without having to talk to Bottles, enter the following codes at the sandcastle in Treasure Trove Cove (after spelling CHEAT):

This will activate the Fly Pad.

This activates the Shock Jump pad

Warp Cauldron Locations
The warp cauldrons transport Banjo-Kazooie to other locations in Gruntilda's Lair. The time it takes to get to certain levels can be noticeably reduced. There are three sets of cauldrons.

PURPLE: The first purple cauldron can be found through a passageway in the area where the Treasure Trove Cove jigsaw puzzle is located. The second cauldron is located in the area prior to Freezeezy Peak, where there is a large witch's head. It can be found tucked in a cave that is hidden behind a spiderweb. Use eggs to destroy the web.

BLUE: The first blue cauldron can be found near the second purple cauldron is located. Go to the top of the spiral walkway, where there is another spiderweb on the ground. Shoot eggs out your rear to destroy the web. The second blue cauldron is located in the area with the entrance to Rusty Bucket Bay. It is near the top of a bunch of stacked boxes.

RED: The first red cauldron is located inside the pipe below the passageway heading to Clanker's Cavern (also the same area where there is a passage to Treasure Trove Cove).The second red cauldron is tucked away in a passage at the bottom of the hill before Click Clock Wood. There are two entryways and they are just barely visible above the grass.

Bottles Bonuses
After beating Treasure Trove Cove, go back to Banjo's House, outside Gruntilda's Lair. Once inside, look at the 'Bottles The Mole' picture and you will go into a secret game of 'Put the Moving Puzzle Together.' Once all the pieces are fitted, congratulations! You've just accessed the first code. To redeem it, go to Treasure Trove Cove, drain the water around the castle, and enter. Every time you complete one of his puzzles he will give you a new code, they are as follows...

BOTTLESBONUSONE - Gives Banjo Big Head
BOTTLESBONUSTWO - Gives Banjo Big Arms and Legs
BOTTLESBONUSTHREE - Gives Kazooie Big Head
BOTTLESBONUSFOUR - Gives Banjo a Skinny body and a Little head
BOTTLESBONUSFIVE - Gives Banjo a Skinny body, Little head, Big hands, and Big feet.
BIGBOTTLESBONUS - Gives Banjo a Skinny body, Big head, Big hands, Big feet.
WISHYWASHYBANJO - Turns Banjo into a washing machine.

NOTE: To cancel these codes, enter the code NOBONUS

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Banjo Tooie Nintendo 64 Cheats

Play As Boggy
If you beat the game 3 times you get to play as Boggy.

Play As Gruntilda
Beat the game with Boggy.

Banjo's Double Jump
While playing with Banjo, without Kazooie in your backpack, jump then use the "Pack Whack" attack, then jump again. Banjo should now do a second jump. NOTE: You must have learned the "Pack Whack" attack, or this will not work.

Swim faster
Press A + B to swim faster in water.

Open all doors on Hags
To open all of the doors on the island of Hags, use the password "cheatojiggywiggyspecial" in all capital letters. *Note* Be careful! Just because you opened a door, that doesn't mean that you could do everything in that world! You still have to learn special moves from Jamjars if you want to do anything or get anywhere.

Multi-Player Jinjo
Ok, all of this talk about Heggy's Hen House has likely got you wondering what is in that egg up top. Well, once you learn the Hatch move in Terrydactyland head back to Heggy's place, Bill Drill the object on the Split-Up Pads, Split-Up ad have Kazooie Hatch it. Inside you'll find a Jinjo that can be used when playing multi-player.

Drive Submarine on Land
Okay, this may be useless, but it's still kind of neat. Have Humba Wumba transform you into the Submarine in Jolly Roger's Lagoon. If you try to warp back to the Town Square, you will be told that submarines can't operate outside the water. Not true! You can take the sub manually up to the surface and drive up the slope. The underwater craft actually handles quite well on dry land. Sadly, you can't get up the stairs -- but you can hop into the pig pool and explore the docks at your heart's content.

Enter cheatcode "HONEYKING".

Kazooie can go underwater
First, get the the backflip with kazooie in Grunty Industries. Then go to Jolly Rogerers Lagoon and run up to the tip of the lagoon without stoping and backflip (Z+A). Kazooie will be sinking down.
Note: When you hit the ocean floor, you will float back up.

Cheat Code Wishes
Go to the Mayhem Temple near Wumba's Wigwam and enter any of the following "Codes". First enter 'CHEATO' followed by the code (eg, CHEATO JIGGYWIGGYSPECIAL):

Cheat Code - Granted Wish

SREHTAEF - Double Feather Carrying Capacity
SGGE - Double Egg Carrying Capacity
NESTKING - Unlimited Eggs and Feathers
KCABYENOH - Unlimited Air and Health
SUPERBANJO - Banjo Moves Faster
SUPERBADDY - Enemies Move Faster
XOBEKUJ - Music Test Unlimited in Jolly Roger Bay
HONEYBACK - Unlimited Health
FOORPLLAF - No Damage When Falling
YGGIJTEG - Jiggy Hints Given by Signs in Master Jiggywiggy's House
PLAYITAGAINSON - All Replay Sub-Options Unlocked
JIGGYSCASTLIST - View Ending Sequence

The Secret Items/Eggs
There are 3 special, secret N64 cartridges in Spiral Mountain and Jinjo Village. They each hold a "mystery" item from Banjo-Tooie, the Ice Key, Pink Egg and Blue egg. Here is how to locate them.

For Cartridge 1 and the Blue Egg, use the fly pad at the tip of spiral monuntain to fly into the cave in the smaller of the 2 waterfalls. In the area there, there is a small ledge. Flip flap jump and grip grab the ledge, then follow it along into a tunnel. in the tunnel is the Game Pak with the Egg inside, roll into it to free the egg.

For Cartridge 2 and the Pink Egg, use the fly pad and airborne aiming sight to launch a egg at the padlocked door directly opposite Gruntilda's old lair. In there is the Cartrige, roll into it to free the egg. These 2 eggs can be brought to Heggy's egg shed, located by following a path directly opposite Mayahem Temple's entrance in Wooded Hollow. Heggy hatches the 2 eggs and gives you a new move (Breegull Bash) and a code (homing Eggs).

As for the third and final Cartridge with the Ice key, it is in Jinjo Village. There is a small ledge in the sandy area behind the green house. Grip grab the ledge and follow it to reach a cave with the cartridge. Smash it to reveal the Ice Key, which i am not completely sure what to do with....

Oh! and by the way..... once you have the Hatch move for Kazooie and the Split Up and bill Drill moves, go back to heggy's shed. If you didnt already notice, there is a ed piece of shell on the floor. Use the Bill Drill on it to reveal a Split up Pad. Split the pair, and use kazooie to hatch the yellow egg on the second floor of the egg shed. after doing this, the jinjo can be used in multiplayer battles. Enjoy these secrets.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Automobili Lamborghini Nintendo 64 Cheats

Short cut
On the race with the castle and dirt road to the side, there will be two rock formations that your car drives under. Immediately after driving under the second formation, make a hard left turn. If done correctly, your car will pass through the wall and reach the short cut.

Reversed tracks
Complete championship mode under the "Novice" and "Expert" difficulty levels.

All Cars
At the Main screen, press R(6x).

Hidden cars
Complete one of the following series with the corresponding setting to enable a bonus car.

Porsche 959
Arcade Basic series (Novice)

Ferrari 512 TR
Arcade Pro series (Novice)

Bugatti EB110 GT
Normal Championship series (Novice)

Ferrari F-50
Arcade Basic series (Expert)

Dodge Viper GTS
Arcade Pro series (Expert)

McLaren F1
Normal Championship series (Expert)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Asteroids Hyper 64 Nintendo 64 Cheats

Original asteroids game
Shoot the new, strange green object in Zone 1, Level 15 to unlock the original game.

Black hole warning
When small, white objects begin swirling around the eye of the black hole and become larger and in greater numbers, leave.

Solar flare attack
In Zone 3, Sun, stay away from the top left corner of the screen as much as possible. That is where the deadly solar flares always attack from.

Queen Worm
The Queen comes out of the purple crater and cannot be destroyed.

Cheat mode
During the game press start, then hold L and press C-Left, C-Left, C-Right, C-Right, B, A, C-Up, C-Up, C-Down, C-Down, Start.

Original Asteroids, credits, and relentless mode
When you are at the main menu, hold L and press C-Left, C-Right, C-Up, C-Down, A, C-Up, C-Down, C-Left, C-Right, Start.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Army Men: Sarges Heroes 2 Nintendo 64 Cheats

Level passwords
02 - Bridge - FLLNGDWN
03 - Fridge - GTMLK
04 - Freezer - CHLLBB
05 - Inside - Wall - CLSNGN
06 - Graveyard - DGTHS
07 - Castle - FRNKNSTN
08 - Tan - Base - BDBZ
09 - Revenge - LBBCK
10 - Desk - DSKJB
11 - Bed - GTSLP
12 - Blue - Town - SMLLVLL
13 - Cashier - CHRGT
14 - Train - NTBRT
15 - Rockets - RDGLR
16 - Pool - Table - FSTNLS
17 - Pinball - Table - WHSWZRD

Tin Foil Uniform
Go to the "input code" screen, and then type in "tnmn" While it looks like normal body armor, don't be fooled. It isn't.

All Weapons
Your Password: GBZRK.

Max Ammo
Your Password: SLGFST.

Play as General Plastro
Your Password: PLSTRLVSVG.

Play as Vikki
Your Password: GRNGRLRX.

Display Debug Info
Your Password: THDTST.

Mini Mode
Your Password: DRVLLVSMM.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Army Men: Sarges Heroes Nintendo 64 Cheats

Various Cheats
Enter any of the following "Passwords" as a password:
DNSTHMN = Level Select
NSRLS = Weapons
MMRTL = Invincibility
MMLVSRM = Max Ammo
CNTN = Unlimited Continues
DNLVSHSF = Invisibility
THDTST = Test Info
LVNGLRG = Living Large
TNSLDRS = Tin Soldier
BGGRN = Big Green One
SHRMNSLDR = Hail Mendheimicus

Level Passwords
Attack - LNLGRMM
Spy Blue - TRGHTR
Bathroom - TDBWL
Riff Mission - MSTRMN
Forest - TLLTRS
Hoover Mission - SCRDCT
Thick Mission - STPDMN
Snow Mission - BLZZRD
Shrap Mission - SRFPNK
Fort Plastro - GNRLMN
Scorch Mission - HTTTRT
Showdown - ZBTSRL
Sandbox - HTKTTN
Kitchen - PTSPNS
Living Room - HXMSTR
The Way Home - VRCLN

Reverse weapon selection
Hold Z and press B during game play to cycle through weapons in reverse order.

Forest level fires
Get a bazooka, then find a location in the forest where there is a small gap between some trees. Shoot straight, without hitting a tree. Three or four trees will ignite even though the shot missed them.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Armorines: The Project Nintendo 64 Cheats

Various Cheats
Pause gameplay and select Cheats. Select Enter Cheat and enter any of the following "Codes":
SKETCHY = Pen and Ink Mode
SONIC = Fast Running

Enter GODLY as a cheat code.

All weapons
Enter LOADED as a cheat code.

Unlimited ammunition
Enter SORTED as a cheat code.

Level select
Enter SKIPPY as a cheat code.

Open All Cheats
Just go to the cheats option and enter GOLDENPIE and it will unlock all cheats except the level cheat.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

All Star Baseball 99 Nintendo 64 Cheats

Picking off a CPU baserunner
If the CPU reaches second base by stealing, the baserunner will almost always try to steal third as well. Throw a pitch out to increase the chance for a pick-off.

CPU bunts
If a CPU batter misses a bunt, he will automatically make a second attempt on the next pitch. Use this to your advantage by pressing B after selecting a pitch to throw a pitch out.

Keep a low ERA
Press Start to pause game play in season mode if a home run is hit against your pitcher. This must be done before the ball leaves the park. Select the "Bullpen" and "Bullpen To Mound" options to change your current pitcher for another player. After game play is resumed, the new pitcher will be charged with the home run, allowing the original pitcher to keep a lower ERA.

Easy hits
Hit the ball anywhere in fair territory, then quickly pause game play. Change the controller options to control the opposing team, then resume the game. Intentionally miss the ball, allowing the batter to reach base before switching back.

Dancing player
When the opposing team scores, walk your player to home plate. The scoring player will be dancing.

Faster base running
Quickly tap Z to run to the next base or quickly tap R to return back to a base faster.

Extra pitches
Hold Z or L during game play in arcade mode to access more pitches, including a spit-fastball and screwball.

Home Run Derby camera control
Begin a normal game, not in Home Run Derby mode. Enable the manual camera view option. Exit the game, then begin a game in Home Run Derby mode. Use a controller not being used for game play to control the view. Press Left to pause the view or Right for slow motion.

Alien stadium and team
Enter ATEMYBUIK as a cheat code from the main menu. The phrase "Let the abductions begin" will appear to confirm correct code entry. The Alienapolis stadium will appear at the end of the stadium selection screen. This will also enable the "Abductors" team when playing in that stadium.

Giant baseball
Enter BBNSTRDS as a cheat code from the main menu. Alternatively, press Up, Right, A, Left(2), B, Up, Left(2) during game play.

Baseball trails
Enter GRTBLSFDST as a cheat code from the main menu. Alternatively, press B, Left, Up, Right, Down, B, A, Left(2) during game play.

Big heads, feet, and bat
Enter GOTHELIUM as a cheat code from the main menu. Alternatively, press Left, A, Right, Down, B, A, Left(2) during game play.

Fat and thin players
Enter ABBTNCSTLO as a cheat code from the main menu. Alternatively, press A, Left(2), Right, Up, B, Right during game play.

Two dimensional players
Enter PRPPAPLYR as a cheat code from the main menu. Alternatively, press Up, Right, A, Right, A, Down(2), Up(2), Down during game play.

Type Atemybuik at cheat menu, you get an alien stadium, The home team is called the abductors Gothelium-big heads.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

All Star Baseball 2001 Nintendo 64 Cheats

Big baseball
Enter "BCHBLKTPTY" as a code at the cheat screen.

Baseball trails
Enter "WLDWLDWST" as a code at the cheat screen.

Small Players
Enter "TOMTHUMB" as a code at the cheat screen.

Lizard team
Select an exhibition game at Kaufmann Stadium. When a player hits either sign that reads "Win a lizard", the entire team will turn into lizards.

Centipede Float
Enter "FLYAWAY" as a code at the cheat screen.

Harder Hits
Enter "HOLLOWBATS" as a code at the cheat screen.

Blackout Mode
Enter "WTOTL" as a code at the cheat screen.

Blurry Graphics
Enter "MYEYES" as a code at the cheat screen.

Automatic Homerun
Enter "BEEMCHO" as a code at the cheat screen.

Dancing Players In Dugout
At the code screen enter CHACHACHA and the players in the dugout will be doing the Cha Cha Cha

Replay glitch
If somebody hits a home run off of the foul pole go to INSTANT REPLAY and show it in regular time, changing the camera to zoom out a little bit, and when it hits the foul pole, the announcer will say "Its off the foul pole!" I have done it before, but it is kind of hard to do.

Mini Hang-On Rare Collectible
Go to the 'You Arcade' and have a go on 'Hang-On' if you net over 10,000,000 points the Arcade Manager will give you a rare 'Hang-On' mini collectible.

Friday, August 19, 2011

All Star Baseball 2000 Nintendo 64 Cheats

Faster Running
While running, hold the Z trigger to run faster.

Blind Mode
Enter the cheat MYEYES. The graphics will be blurry and dull.

Blackout Mode
Enter WTOTL at the cheat menu and everything but the player will be pitch black.

Big Ball Mode
Enter BCHBLKTPTY at the "Enter Cheats" menu.

Baseball trails
Enter "WLDWLDWST" as a code at the cheat screen.

Fly back to dugout
Enter "FLYAWAY" as a code at the cheat screen. Players will fly back to the dugout after an out.

More home runs
Select a power hit and place the box under the pitch to increase the chances of hitting a home run.

Easy strikes
If the CPU misses a bunt, it will probably attempt another bunt on the next pitch. Press B to throw far outside the hitting zone for an easy strike.
Alternatively, hold A + C while pitching.

Lizard team
Select an exhibition game at Kaufmann Stadium. When a player hits either sign that reads "Win a lizard", the entire team will turn into lizards.

Change pitch speed
Hold Z to increase or R to decrease the speed of a pitch.

Small players
Enter "TOMTHUMB" as a code at the cheat screen.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage Nintendo 64 Cheats

Free Battle Axe and Armor
When you talk to Brenna outside the castle and have an extra space in your party, tell her it is too dangerous. She will give you a free Battle Axe and Idem Scale.

Free Inferno Flask
In the town outside Gwernia castle, there is a house with a lean-to built on. Inside is a bag with an Inferno Flask, a powerful item for Godric, or anyone with Alchemy.

Free Strength Spell
Return to Oriana's after starting for the Mirari city. She will relate a tale and give you the spell of Strength for free (if you did not already get it from her).

Chaos Sword
After going over the bridge out of town, turn left onto the beach and turn right at the shrubbery to find a path leading upwards. You will find a campsite, and a short intermission for your journal. Inside a trapped chest is the Chaos Sword. This is a powerful sword that poisons, but requires a 25 Strength to wield.

Shortcut to Erromon
Go to the abandoned Chaos camp where you get the sword and follow the trail north until you reach a path. Then take that path to Erromon.

Weapon list
Min Str - Name
14 - Battle Axe
15 - Broadsword
25 - Chaos Sword
10 - Club
7 - Dagger
28 - Giant Axe
8 - Gladius
19 - Great Axe
18 - Great Bow
22 - Great Sword
12 - Hatchet
16 - Hunter's Bow
10 - Ironwood Staff
14 - Javelin
16 - Long Bow
17 - Long Sword
16 - Mace
20 - Mace of Glory
8 - Poison Dart
18 - Pole Axe
10 - Sabre
14 - Short Bow
10 - Short Sword
15 - Spear
8 - Staff
7 - Tanta
7 - Throwing Iron
7 - Throwing Knife
15 - Trahern's Sword
20 - Warfang

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Aerofighters Assault Nintendo 64 Cheats

Hidden pilot code #2
To get the second hidden pilot (Spanky) you must find and complete all the bonus stages in the game.

Hidden pilot code #1
On the main menu screen press C-left, C-down, C-right, C-up, C-left, C-right, C-down. This will allow you to fly an F15J.

Change the four basic aircrafts colors
How to Enter: When selecting an aircraft in Main Game, Boss Attack or Practice modes, use Left/Right on the Control Stick to select an aircraft. Tap the R Button to toggle between the aircraft's color schemes. Press the A Button or Start to confirm aircraft selection.

Stage select
On the screen after the Video Systems/Copyright information, while planes are flying, but before the title appears, enter the following code: Up on the Control Pad, C-Down, Left on the Control Pad, C-Right, Down on the Control Pad, C-Up, Right on the Control Pad, C-Left, L Button, R Button, Z Button. If the code has been entered correctly, you will hear a chime.

Fly enemy planes in deathmatch mode
A new enemy plane will be available in deathmatch mode for each level completed during game play. A total of six enemy planes may be enabled.

F-14 super-attack
Fire the special weapon followed by a missile and then chaff while flying the F-14. Five Tomahawks and four heat-seekers will then be fired.

Bonus missions
Complete the following tasks to unlock each bonus mission:
Air Docking: Accumulate a very high score.
Shuttle Defense: Quickly complete all the levels before the "Desert" level.
Goliath Defense: Successfully complete the first two bonus levels.
Space: Successfully complete all regular missions and "Air Docking", "Shuttle Defense", and "Goliath Defense" before reaching the "Ice Cave" level. Successfully complete the "Ice Cave" level to unlock the "Space" level.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Aero Gauge Nintendo 64 Cheats

N64 Controller Car
Finish the time attack mode with a time ending with .064 seconds.

All Vehicles/Tracks
Hold CNTRL II: [L]+[R]+Z as you turn on the system and keep them held down.
Press CNTRL II: U+cD when PUSH START flashes on the screen, then press CNTRL I: START before the title screen vanishes.

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Bug's Life Nintendo 64 Cheats

Level select
Go to the ant hill from the main screen. Then, hold C-Up + C-Down + C-Left + C-Right + Z and press R. An arrow will appear at the bottom of the screen to confirm correct code entry.

Unlimited lives
Return to training level and find the letters to spell "FLIK" to gain a bonus life. Repeat this to obtain as many lives as needed before resuming the regular game.

When the level description appears at the start of a level, hold Z + R + L. Note: The invincibility only lasts for the current level.

Easier Level Select
Go to the anthill main menu and just press c-up and R at the same time and hold it for three seconds and all the levels will be unlocked.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

1080 Snowboarding Nintendo 64 Cheats

Panda Man
Hold C-Right then press a when selecting Rob Haywood to be panda man.

When your at crystal lake after you take your big jump take a sharp left by the mountains you might get a little damage taken off but if you do it you will jump on a big platform and ride it to the finish line.

Get different views
At the main screen where it says "1080" Press start then press C-Up. Now use your control pad to get different views of the snowboarder at the demo.

Choose any rider and on their board selection screen press down C-down and then A. You don't have to do one trick to get it.

Watch Your Ghost
To watch your ghost without racing it, make a ghost in trick attack and then return to the start screen. When Kensuke Kimachi is done going down Crystal Lake, your ghost will appear on the track.

Ring of Fire
First get to the dragon cave level. Next follow the coarse normally until you pass the first bridge. There should be a fork in the trail, turn right. After that there should be another fork in the trail, turn left this time {make sure not to fall off the edge!!} Go straight ahead and there should be a ring of fire and an awesome jump for some great tricks.

Panda character
Finish "Match Race" under the expert difficulty level and finish better than all the EAD scores on the time attack, trick attack and contest modes. Select Rob Haywood, hold C-Right, and press A at his statistics screen. Note: The Panda can perform several unique moves that are listed under the "Trick List" option under training mode.

Go past the finish line
Select match race with any character, any board, and any course. Make your way to the finish line, then press Start and go to retire before crossing the line. Your character will be able to continue snowboarding. This looks the best on Deadly Falls because your snowboarder will fall off a cliff!

Remixed replay music
Press the Analog-stick during a replay to add rap style scratches to the music.

Control title screen view
Press C-Up at the title screen to adjust the view.

Unlock tricks easily
Select the "Training" option from the main menu. Select any rider and board, and choose an easy trick from the list. Launch from the jump or from the side of the half pipe and execute the trick. Then, quickly press C-Right(2) while in mid-air. The trick list should re-appear. Select a trick that has not been unlocked, then resume and land successfully with the easy trick. The more difficult trick should now be unlocked from the list.

Ghost playback during demo
Complete any course under time attack mode and save the ghost. Return to the demonstration screen with Kensuke Kimachi. The demonstration will continue after he crosses the finish line with the saved ghost run.

Penguin snowboard
Complete all twenty-four training mode tricks. Highlight the any character's default board at the snowboard selection screen, hold C-Down, and press A. Note: The penguin board may also be used with the crystal, gold and panda snowboarders.

Dragon Cave course
Select "Match race", and complete all courses under hard mode.

Deadly Fall course
Select "Mach Race", and complete all courses under expert mode.

Turbo start
Press Up as soon as the number 1 begins to disappears on the start of race screen.

Gold character
Enable the "Transparent character" and complete "Match Race" under the expert difficulty level with that character. Select Kensuke Kimachi, hold C-Up, and press A at his statistics screen.

Crystal character
Win race mode under the expert difficulty level and finish better than all the EAD scores on the time attack and trick attack modes. Select Akari Hayami, hold C-Left, and press A at his statistics screen.

Right after the big jump, you will see a house with a ramp beside it straight ahead. Go off the course and hit the ramp, and you will find a shorter route than the normal one.

Right after coming out of the tunnel, you will turn right. You will then see two different pathes. Hit the right one. Be sure that after coming out of the tunnel you make the right turn pretty sharp, or you may not be able to turn in time to hit the right path. The right path is much shorter and you will bypass some tough obstacles.

At the start go straight you'll notice little mounds to the left and a fork the computer goes right when the mountain pertrudes on go left you'll see a mound ramping up hit it, it will thin out to a peak ride to the point and you'll fly up on to the mountain then theres another little mound on that go left around it and cut back sharply then aim forward you should go on to an ice bridge(a bit tricky to find)then follow it until your back on the main hill when you get back down you should see a mound in front of you with a hole in it but don't take it just turn straight down and go your usual way through the outcrops of trees.

If you're a little behind near the end and are willing to take a risk, drive straight through the little shack and ride the thin cable to a small lead, but be careful; if you land poorly it will most likely cost you the race.

On the dragon forest track, once you have gone over the first bridge, stick to the left. Soon you will encounter a fork in the trail, go left once more and in front of you there will be a gaping hole in wall across a small gap. Jump with the A button to span the chasm and you will land in this secret pathway. The path is basically a straight, fast detour that will spit you out around the second bridge with infinitesimally quicker results compared to any other route.

When you reach the fork with trees and powder in the middle, go in the powder. After a while you will see a large log going in the air. Ride up it to get to a further part of the track.

Inside the cave may seem like a maze, but stick to the right side and you will find your way through much easier.

Panda tricks
Back flip:
Press R + Analog-stick Down when in the air. Panda will perform a back flip in the air that is worth 100 points. This move can also be performed closer to the ground.

Front flip:
Press R + Analog-stick Up when in the air. Panda will perform a front flip in the air that is worth 100 points. This move can also be performed closer to the ground.

One foot:
Press R + Analog-stick Down when in the air. Panda will do a one-foot trick in the air, worth 400 points.

Panda tweak:
Hold R and rotate the Analog-stick in a Counter-Clockwise Circle. Then, press R + Left (or Right). This trick is worth 300 points.