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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Knife Edge: Nose Gunner Nintendo 64 Cheats

Stage Select
Go to the Story or Team mode and enter the following command while the stage number is being displayed: Press and hold all four C Buttons and the R Button and push right, up, left, down on the D-Pad. You can now select your stage.

Hidden Difficulty
Enter the following command while the Kemco logo appears on screen: While holding R, L and C Up, press C Right, C Left and B.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards Nintendo 64 Cheats

Boss Battle Mode
Complete the game after collecting every crystal to receive 100%, and you will unlock the boss battle mode.

Movie viewer mode
Complete the game after collecting every crystal to receive 100%, and you will unlock the movie viewer mode.

Sound Test
Complete the game one time to unlock the sound test option.

Inhaling Bombs
I suppose you have run into one of those annoying bomb guys, correct? Well, play fire with fire! Inhale (hold B) a bomb (DON'T PRESS DOWN ON THE CONTROL PAD!) then press B to launch it back at the pestery wee-beasties !

Difficulty With Getting Shards?
Hello. Ian Murphy here. What? You say you have difficulty retrieving a shard? Don't worry. I will only give you one location, but it's rather important if you want to get ALL the Crystal Shards! On Pop Star, the third level holds a shard visible, but hard to get. It is in a dungeon under a green block. To retrieve it, use a double-cutter star (green). Be patient. I will soon find another difficult shard location!

Difficulty With Getting Shards? 2
Like the first code I entered, I gave you info on a location of a difficult to retrieve shard. I shall do the same now. On Aqua Star, in the second level, there is a boss, who is simply a giant crab. After beating him, there is a Crystal Shard above his platform. How do you get it? You see, look at the wall below the crystal. What is its pattern? Red and brown checkerboard. That means you must combine elements Burn(red) and Stone(Brown) to become a volcano! So, shoot the wall while being a volcano and press B! Here is a list of the elements' colors:
Burn = Red
Stone = Brown
Ice = Blue
Needle = Orange
Bomb = Black
Spark = Yellow
Cutter = Green

Useless Enemies
We all know there are seemingly useless enemies which have no power Kirby can copy. But, there are ways these enemies are useful. For one, do you often see those idiots who are small and pink with wings? Inhale one (DO NOT press down), and press R, L, or any of the C buttons. You will begin to fly!(Only for a while.) Then there's those orange umbrella creatures. Repeat the process, and jump from a cliff. You will slowly float down!

Final Final Boss
Yes, we know that earning 100% earns you boss battle mode, but there is a small detail. You must fight a major big bad guy before you can acces Boss battle Mode. He is on the secret level, Dark Star which you unlock by getting 100%.

Anyway, the guy does not have a name that i know, so i call him Final Final Boss. To defeat Final Final Boss, ripple the fairy comes and gives you a sweet gun made out of the crystal shards.The only strategy is this one. Tab b button constantly.

Final Final Boss will counter your shots until he fires his attack. Shoot him while he shoots at you and he will bleed a little around his eye. After a few times that his eye bleeds, he rolls over and exposes his Halo. You must shoot that halo. Shoot it until it turns colors and gets smaller and dissapears.

Final Final Boss will then kneel over and produce a Cactus-like tail thingy. Shoot the tail, and it will flash and Final Final Boss will be damaged.

Note that his tail is the only way to hurt him, the rest is just to stun him properly. Keep up the tail a lot, and he will eventually die, and you will be rewarded with the Perfect Ending Cinema Scene.

Single and Combo Attacks
In the game, there are many different "enemy abilities"
Here are a few POWERFUL attacks Kirby is capable of doing:

Stone+Bomb= Dynamite Bomb
(Be extremely careful with this attack, when ever it blows up, hold Down on the control pad for cover!)

Ice+Spark = Refridgerator
(Not only does this attack destroy enemies, it can help revive you!Press B- wait till three meals come out... then press B again quickly and grab the grub!

Burn+Bomb = Fireworks
This one I'm sure you'll find helpful (For best effect, run while pressing B repeatedly.)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Killer Instinct Gold Nintendo 64 Cheats

All options
While the game is starting, press A, B, A, L, SHIFT A, Z.

More color
At the players select screen, press Z, B, A, Z, A, L.

Play like Gargos
At the players select screen, press Z, A, R, Z, A, B.

Sky stage
To have the special sky stage as a vs. level when you pick your characters, both players hold down then press down C to choose your character.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ken Griffey Jr.'s Slugfest Nintendo 64 Cheats

Homerun Everytime
This code only works while playing with Griffey. When you are up to bat tap Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Left, and Left on the Game Pad not the joystick. You have to hit the ball after you enter the code.

Big Feet Mode
Enter Create-A-Player Mode, type in CODE for the first name, then BIGFOOT for the last name.

See the CPU Pitcher's Status
View the different pitches that the current pitcher can use as well as the current pitching status. This code does not allow players to see what pitch will be thrown. It works in all modes except Home Run Derby.
Insert two Contollers before powering up the game, but select to play the first Controller against the CPU. While batting and before the pitch, press and hold the R Button on the second Controller to see the list of pitches and the pitcher's status.

View a fireworks display when previewing the field in Exhibition Mode.
On the "Stadium Select" screen in the Exhibition Mode, press the Z Button to preview the field. When you are in the preview mode, press the Z and R buttons to begin a fireworks display at home plate.

Uncanny Bodies
These Create-a-Player codes allow players to field teams with unusual body types. It also allows a special CPU vs. CPU mode. The code that affect players' appearances function in every game mode.

Note: Only one code can be used at a time. The use of one code will cancel the effect of another. To disable the codes, reset the system.

1. On the game's Main Menu highlight Create a Player and press the A Button.
2. Choose a player slot and press A.
3. Use the C Buttons to name the character. The first name will always be "CODE". The last name will determine the actual code itself.

THETICK ----- Each player has a large chest and arms and thin legs.
BIGGHEDZ ----- Each player has a large head.
TOOTHPICK ----- Players have extremely thin bodies.
CPUVSCPU ----- In any mode except Home Run Derby, the CPU will play both sides.
INVISIBLEMAN ----- Players are invisible, except for their hats, shoes, and mitts
LIDDLELEAGUE ----- Tiny players
WEEBLEMAN ----- Players have pear-shaped bodies, large hats and large gloves.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Jet Force Gemini Nintendo 64 Cheats

Super jump
Hold C-Up to perform a super jump.

Avoid getting hit by flying objects
When reaching a section with small flying objects, run behind a tree and repeatedly run sideways to avoid getting hit.

Juno can walk on fire (lava), Vela can swim, and Lupus can hover.

Ants into Pants Cheat
This cheat turns all the enemy drones into stick figures with big pants. "Ants into Pants" becomes available in the Cheats menu (located under Options) as soon as you have collected 300 enemy heads.

Break Fall
Any veteran Mario or Banjo-Kazooie player will have already figured this one out. Falling from high places causes your character to take damage, but you can break your fall with the help of Lupus' rocket paws or Vela and Juno's jetpacks (only if you have fuel, in the case of Vela and Juno).

Change Characters on Map Screen
Not really a gameplay tip - but this feature isn't mentioned in the manual, so we figured we should include it. There is no need to go to the Character Screen if you need to quickly change characters when selecting a new world to fly to. You can change your character on the map screen, too. Simply use the C Buttons to switch the player icons in the corner until you've got the character you want.

Jet Force Kids Cheat
Collect 200 ant heads to unlock the Jet Force Kids cheat, which can be activated from the Cheats/Options menu. This cheat will turn the game's main characters into kids.

Jetpack Tip
Another little feature not mentioned in the manual: use the C Down button to hover in place when using the jetpacks. It only uses half the fuel.

Let Floyd Help
If you want to save on ammo, use Floyd -- even if a second player is not available. Find a hiding place, like a crate or a rock, stand behind it and press START on the second controller to activate Floyd (once you have put him together on Tawfret). Now shoot down your enemies from a safe distance, without wasting any ammo. Do the same if you want to take out crates. You can also use Floyd to snip - even when you don't have sniper rifle ammo. When playing with two players, player one can hide behind a box and zoom in on far away enemies with the sniper rifle. Whether player one has a clear line of fire or not, Floyd's higher up position ensures that player two can do the work - without wasting ammo.

Rainbow Blood Cheat
Collect 100 ant heads of any color to unlock the rainbow blood cheat. You can activate this cheat by going to the Cheat Menu, which is located on the Options.

Reach High Up Gems
In order to grab the many health gems located in seemingly unreachable areas -- such as on the SS Anubis generators or on beams in the cave levels -- shoot them using your pistol or machine gun. If you hit them correctly, they will move and slide down to your level.

Secret Flame Thrower Ammo
If you're low on Flame Thrower ammo, look for Tribals that carry lanterns. Shoot these Tribals once to make them drop their lanterns (be careful not to kill them), then pick them up to use the fire as Flame Thrower ammo.

Selective Ammo
If you're running low on ammo for the Shotgun, Pistol or Machine Gun, select the weapon you want to refill (even when it's empty) when collecting weapons from dead enemies. This will automatically give ammo to the weapon you picked. This strategy is invaluable to keep your Machine Gun ammo count high.

Special Item Locations
Jet Force Gemini contains a number of special items in addition to the regular power-ups such as gems, backpacks and Gemini Holders. This listing tells you what the items can be used for and where to find them.

Fish Food
Where: Goldwood, first area after landing pad (treasure chest)
One of the first secrets in the game can be accessed right from the Goldwood entry area, even before you enter the Outset zone. Look for a secret passage near the right rock wall. Behind it, you will find the fishpond and a treasure box that contains fish food. Although it's listed among your weapons, the fish food is hardly lethal. You can use the fish food to feed the fishes (duh) or other hungry creatures, such as the creepy maggots or Flopsy the dog (which keeps them from attacking you). The food can also be used to distract your enemy or to detonate proximity mines without wasting any ammo.

Ear Plugs
Where: SS Anubis, Hold (Floyd Mission)
The ear plugs are the perfect protection for sensitive ears, especially when around noisy Tribals - but the Jet Force team can't use them. To get the ear plugs, get a Gold or Expert rating in the Floyd mission in the Hold area of the SS Anubis. Once you have access to the Water Ruin stage, bring the Ear Plugs to Ivana the Bear.

Where: Tawfret, Bridge (on top of a tree)
What a charming place to forget one's shorts... In this desolate swamp haunted by zombie drones and giant bettles, a pair of shorts hangs from a tree. Bring them to their rightful owner, Gimlet, who awaits in the same stage.

Where: Tawfret, Bridge (from Gimlet)
This handy tool lets you open the heavy trap doors on Tawfret and Walkway. To get it, bring the pants back to Gimlet.

Jeff & Barry II Arcade Chip
Where: Ichor, Military Base (Floyd Mission)
Only if you have found this circuit board can you play the Jeff & Barry II racing game in the nightclub arcade on Ichor (Jeff & Barry I can be played without it). Get a Gold rating in the Ichor Military Base Floyd Mission.

Specialist Magazine
Where: Eschebone, Cortex
Cough. Specialist magazine, eh? We know where you can find it - if you want it... Go to Eschebone's Cortex stage to find it, then bring it to Fernando who is hanging out on Rith Essa (Bluff). Fernando will give you the Mine Key in return for the... uh... inspiration literature.

Mine Key
Where: Rith Essa, Bluff
You need this key in order to get into the Rith Essa mines. Once you've got the Specialist Magazine from Eschebone, visit Fernando and trade it against the key.

Gold Bars
Where: Celulean, Dune
Look for three gold bars in the Cerulean outdoor area. You can use them as payment for Fish Face's Tri-Rocket Launcher in the same level.

Key Locations
Yellow Key: Goldwood, Outset (hidden in a box in the caves)
Red Key: Goldwood, Outset (receive from Magnus)
Blue Key: Sekhmet, Battle Cruiser (lava pit, through pipe)
Green Key: Sekhmet, Battle Cruiser (jetpack room)
Magenta Key: Eschebone, Thorax (left intestine)

Yellow Key: Cerulean, Dune (holding room)
Red Key: Sekhmet, Battle Cruiser (receive from mole)
Blue Key: Eschebone, Thorax (underwater)
Green Key: Sekhmet, Battle Cruiser (jetpack room)
Magenta Key: Eschebone, Thorax (left intestine)

Yellow Key: Spawn Ship, Troop Carrier (sewer pipe)
Red Key: Spawn Ship, Troop Carrier (cargo sewer)
Green Key: Sekhmet, Battle Cruiser (jetpack room)
Magenta Key: Eschebone, Thorax (left intestine)
Note: Lupus cannot acquire the Blue Key.

All Hidden Characters
All the secret deathmatch characters in Jet Force are unlocked by touching the secret Totems hidden throughout the game, except for the Cyborg Ant (see below) and the powered-up versions of Vela, Juno and Lupus, which become available once you have received your powers in the single player mode.

Yellow Ant
Location: Goldwood
Type: Totem Pole
Character: Vela
Requirements: None

Blue Ant
Location: SS Anubis, Generator Room 2F
Type: Totem Pole
Character: Any
Requirements: None

Red Ant
Location: Ichor, Military Base
Type: Totem Pole
Character: Juno
Requirements: None

Green Ant
Location: Spawn Ship, Cargo Sewer
Type: Totem Pole
Character: Any
Requirements: None

Male Tribal
Location: Sekhmet, Channel Area
Type: Totem Pole
Character: Lupus
Requirements: Magenta Key

Female Tribal
Location: Rith Essa, Mine
Type: Totem Pole
Character: Vela
Requirements: Mine Key

Zombie Termite
Location: Tawfret, Treehut
Type: Totem Pole
Character: Lupus
Requirements: None

Beetle Termite
Location: Tawfret, Tomb
Type: Totem Pole
Character: Vela
Requirements: None

Metallic Termite
Location: Sekhmet, Spiral Walkway (hover across)
Type: Totem Pole
Character: Lupus
Requirements: None

Purple Termite
Location: Mizar's Palace
Type: Totem Pole
Character: Juno
Requirements: None

Cyborg Ant
Location: N/A
Type: Floyd Mission Award
Character: Floyd
Requirements: Get an Expert Award on all Floyd Missions

Hidden Multiplayer Stages and Modes
Most of the multiplayer modes have to be unlocked before you can play them, including the target ranges, the 2D Super Sprint clone and the 3D racing game. Here's how you can get them:

King of the Hill
Location: Cerulean Holding Room
Type: Totem Pole
Character: Any
Requirements: None

Tunnels Stage
Location: Rith Essa Waterfalls
Type: Totem Pole
Character: Vela
Requirements: None

Rith Essa Mine Stage
Location: Walkway Station
Type: Totem Pole
Character: Any
Requirements: Powered (jetpacks)

Space Station Stage
Location: Space Station Basement
Type: Totem Pole
Character: Any
Requirements: None

Goldwood Target Range
Location: Goldwood
Type: Floyd Mission Award
Character: Floyd
Requirements: Get Gold on Goldwood Floyd Mission

Rith Essa Target Range
Location: Eschebone
Type: Floyd Mission Award
Character: Floyd
Requirements: Get Gold on Eschebone Floyd Mission

Jeff & Barry Arcade Racing
Location: Ichor Arcade
Type: Arcade Score Reward
Character: Any
Requirements: Come in first on Jeff & Barry Arcade Racing

Jeff & Barry Arcade Racing II
Location: Ichor Arcade
Type: Arcade Score Reward
Character: Any
Requirements: Come in first on Jeff & Barry Arcade Racing II

Greenwood Village Race Track
Location: Ichor Arcade
Type: Arcade Score Reward
Character: Any
Requirements: Break the top records on both Jeff & Barry arcade machines.

Mizar 3D Racer
Location: Mizar's Palace
Type: Race Award
Character: Any
Requirements: Come in first in the Mizar races.

Weapon hints
Pistol: Try to use this if you have no other weapon. They are only affective if you go to options and take off expert control. Run out of ammo and little lasers come out (infinite ammo!). Cool, but it sux.

Machine gun: One of the best. Use it with the air robot guys, and try not to use too much of the ammo on the ants (one ant at a time, i mean). Good for killing the red,yellow, and other big general drones.

Plasma shotgun: If you are desparate, use this. It's barely powerful, and it reaches the enemy slowly. It can blow up the drones when fully charged.

Tri-rockets: Great, and use it when you can on the drones (and the big ones).

Homing missiles: Good, but they arent very good at tracking. Lock on the enemy in targeting mode and fire. ::duh::

Shrunkiens: >:-) These kick butt, and you can retrieve them too. If they get stuck in a tree or something, shoot them and they'll come flying down back to you. Don't use them on bosses (its a real waste of ammo) and kill drones with them. In targeting mode lock on the enemy and fire.

Timed mines: after 5 seconds they become super mines. Go right up to one and itll blow up in your face. That might be fun, but it hurts you. These mines arent good.

Remote mines: Really not good to use. They can become camoflaged in some places, therefore hard to use. Theyre OK.

Fish food: Mizar would probably laugh in your face if he knew you had this. To the second door of goldwood, there is a secret area to the right where you get this. It is the worst "weapon" by far. It does nothing except feed the..hmmm.. Gee, I dont know what you feed with this.

Flares: I don't know much about this one(really). You can light it and if you switch the weapon drop it, or you can double tap A and throw it to the ceiling. You don't stay long in 1 area in JFG, so try not to use these unless it is REALLY dark.

Grenades: use your own descretion for firing these, but a tip is:Throw them BEHIND fully armored drones, and watch them blow up. Also throw them at big drones that just stand there.

Cluster bombs: Try not to use these, but with certain places you may have to use them. dont use them with blue drones, green are better.

Sniper rifle: Wanna be a sniper? Yes? Too bad. there is a very little amount of places you can snipe, but you can be a sniper shooter. A & B to zoom in and out, so find the green drones and shoot em down.(Pink is a bad color for a sniper anyway).

Friday, November 25, 2011

Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000 Nintendo 64 Cheats

Cheats menu
Press L, C-Up, C-Up, C-Down, C-Up, C-Down at the main menu.

5 Gear bicyle
Press A, B, A, B, A, B when the race is about to start and when it does, your bike will turn into a 5 gear bicycle.

Hold the R button for the following tricks:

Nac Nac = Z
No hands no feet = Down, Z
No hands = Right/Left, Z
Side prone = Up, Z
Can Can = A
Recliner = Down, A
Cliffhanger = Right/Left, A
Scorpion = Up, A
One foot Can Can = B
Surfer = Down, B
Super Mac = Right/Left, B
Rodeo = C-Down
Suran wrap = Down, C-Down
Toe clip = Up, C-Down
Fender grab = C-Left
Backflip = Up, C-Left

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Jeopardy Nintendo 64 Cheats

More Money
After answering a question correctly, press (L,R,L)x3, C-Down C-Up.

Alternate host
Press R(2), L, R at the options screen. A buzzing sound will confirm correct code entry.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

International Track and Field 2000 Nintendo 64 Cheats

Unlock Poll Vault
Enter the name L.A. in Championship Mode.

Extra Events
Enter the case-sensitive name Montreal.

Green Tutorial Guy
Enter the case-sensitive name Mexico.

Bronze mode
Enter "Roma" as your name in trial mode.

Silver mode
Enter "Munich" as your name in trial mode.

Gold mode
Enter "Helsinki" or "Moscow" as your name in trial mode.

Red mode
Enter "Tokyo" as your name in trial mode.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

International Superstar Soccer '98 Nintendo 64 Cheats

Juggling And Other Cool Tricks
While you are in training, or in a game, press and hold Left-C. The player will start doing tricks, such as rolling the ball up on his foot and juggling it around on his knee and feet and head. Different players have different tricks.

Bonus Teams
If you finish the league at any difficulty, and win, you can play against the World Stars. When you win the World Series at level 4 and defeat the World Stars, you'll have access to 5 more hidden teams. The teams are: Euro Stars A, Euro Stars B, African Stars, Asian Stars, All American Stars.

Bonus Heads
Complete the International Cup on Level 4 or higher. Once you have viewed the end sequence go to create player. At the "head select" screen press the Left Shoulder button. This will take you to page 11 and a selection of strangely unusual heads.

Extra Faces In Player Creation Screen
Complete the International Cup on Level 4 or higher to get clowns faces and aliens faces as choices in create a player.

Extra Abilities
When creating a player, at the point disribution, press C-up for more abillities for your created player.

Big Head Mode
Wait for the words "Press Start" to flash on the title screen. Now press C-Up, C-Up, C-Down, C- Down, C-Left, C-Right, C-Left, C-Right, B, A. Now hold the Z button and press Start. You'll hear the announcer shout to confirm the code.

Monday, November 21, 2011

International Super Star Soccer 64 Nintendo 64 Cheats

Big headed players
Wait until 'Press Start' flashes on the title screen. Press Top C, Top C, Bottom C, Bottom C, Left C, Right C, Left C, Right C, B and A. Press and hold down Z, then Press Start. The announcer will cry 'Goal!' Big heads will not appear until you actually begin a match.

All-Star Teams
Wait until 'Press Start' flashes on the title screen. Using the Control Pad, press Up, L, Up, L, Down, L, Down, L, Left, R, Right, R, Left, R, Right, R, B and A. Press and hold down Z, then press Start. The announcer will say "What an incredible comeback!" In Open Game and Penalty Kick modes, you'll see a seventh group of teams -- the All Stars, comprising Euro Stars A, Euro Stars B, Asian Stars, African Stars, All American Stars and World Stars.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Indy Racing League 2000 Nintendo 64 Cheats

All cars and tracks in gold cup mode
Start a game in gold cup mode and enter YOU DA MAN as a name.

Gallery mode
Start a game in gold cup mode and enter WOODY COOKIES as a name.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Indiana Jones And The Infernal Machine Nintendo 64 Cheats

Expert mode
Enter REALHARD as a code.

Hidden level
Get 1,500 I.Q. points to unlock the Return To Peru hidden level.

All Levels
Enter FORGEOFF as a code.

Development team screenshot
Enter CHEESE!! as a code.

Audio showroom
Enter MUCKE as a code.

Enter ANCIENT as a code.

Enter ABSPANN as a code.

Friday, November 18, 2011

In-Fisherman Bass Hunter 64 Nintendo 64 Cheats

Hidden River
Go up the river until you find a spot with logs blocking the way in to find some huge fish.

Alternate view
Select 'Cheat Codes' from the Options menu and enter: GIMMIEDVIEW.

Catch Al Linder
Select 'Cheat Codes' from the Options menu and enter: FISHMAN.

Funny noises
Select 'Cheat Codes' from the Options menu and enter: SILLYSOUND.

Cheat Codes
Fast Boat:

Slow Boat:

Bathtub Boat:

Super Line:

No Snags:

No Tournament Penalties:

Win Tournament:

Catch Fish Easier:

More Fish on Finder:

Less Fish on Finder:

Huge Fish:

Active Fish:

55ibs in Livewell:

All Lakes:

More Money:

Win Easily Use:

Big Heads:

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Iggy's Reckin' Balls Nintendo 64 Cheats

To access a secret character without winning, press Z, A, L, R on the player selection screen.

To unlock the nine secret characters you have to beat each race in first place. For example, if you beat Downtown you'll get Sno-eee. If you beat Candylane you'll get King Jr

Tap JUMP while on a boost platform to refill your boost meter.

On the Title Screen, press B, A, L, L, Z (BALLZ). This will let you control two different characters named Banjo and Kazooie. Banjo has an extra long grappling line and Kazooie can jump super high.

At the player select screen go to a character, press left and/or right on the joystick and wait there for a minute (or so) and they will say what the say when they get hit.

Tap Jump while on a boost platform.


Enter 2ROKTOO.





Enter OHMY. Running into other balls or obstacles may cause bombs to appear randomly.


Enter JUMPAROUND. Then, pause game play to access the level selection option.




Enter 2TIMES.




Press R + Z at the opening screen. Then, enter one of the following codes.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hydro Thunder Nintendo 64 Cheats

Hydro Jump
To do the Hydro Jump you must have some boost power. To do it brake and then really fast do your booster then the boat will jump up into the air!

9 second boost
At the start of the race, between countdown from 3 to 2 rev your boat up about halfway, then let go to let it go back down. When it is all the way back right at 1 rev it up again and hold it until the race starts. If you did it you will start with a nine second boost. It may take some practice, but it works for all boats.

Infinite turbo
Pause the game and press A, B, Z(2), R, L, Up, C-Down, C-Left, Right, Z.

All tracks
Finish in the top 5 on ANY track and enter for your initials "?PB". This will unlock the tracks.

Far East - After the Blue Boost that's hanging out in the air, you'll hit a bunch of small waterfalls followed by a Tunnel. If you jump on top of the Tunnel, you'll cut you're time in half for that section.

Ship Graveyard - After the gigantic fall after the tunnel there will be sharks in the water and a waterfall on the right. If you take the shortcut there will be 1 red boost and 1 blue boost and you can use boost to boost into 6th or 5th depending on where you were before the waterfall.

Venice Canals - Towards the beginning of the level, after the second checkpoint, there is a wall with a red arrow pointing left. Usually you would turn a sharp left, then a sharp right (a full 180 degrees) slowing you down and causing you to bump into the walls. But instead of turning that sharp left, just hydro jump over the wall. It will cut about 6 or 7 seconds off of your time and you will end up in 4th or 5th place.

Venice Canals 2 - Towards the beginning of this stage there is a wall that has poles coming out of the water and there is a board going across the top of it. Do a hydro jump off that wall and to cut off a lot of time from your race.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hybrid Heaven Nintendo 64 Cheats

Learn more fighting abilities
A lot of life chargers are required for this trick. You have to fight the mutants to learn different types of fighting moves. Fight one over and over again by going back into the room. Sometimes the best thing to do is to allow a mutant hurt you first. A "bing" sound will indicated that you have learned a new fighting ability. Do not forget to save the moves.

Avoiding fights
You do not have to fight all enemies. You can run past them, or you could get across pits with enemies by jumping in the pit, running to the other side, and jumping out.

Play as Alien
To play as an alien enter L, R, L, R, and Z at the title screen.

Play as President Weller
To play as President Weller enter: L, R, L, R, and start at the title screen.

More Fighting Abilities
Find any spot with a savegame area near one of those yellow things that guys keep coming out of, fight, get hit, or grapple, and everytime you hear a ding you have learned a new skill. Also this is great for upping your offense and defense and will work with a lot of powerups too.

Extra Mode
Beat the game under Ultimate. Then at the Title screen, press L, R, L, R, A.

Learn more fighting abilities
A lot of life chargers are required for this trick. You have to fight the mutants to learn different types of fighting moves. Fight one over and over again by going back into the room. Sometimes the best thing to do is to allow a mutant hurt you first. A "bing" sound will indicated that you have learned a new fighting ability. Do not forget to save the moves.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Hot Wheels: Turbo Racing Nintendo 64 Cheats

Wire Frame Mode
At the Main Menu, press C-Up, Z, C-Down, C-Left, C-Up, Z, C-Down, C-Left.

Unlimited Turbos
At the Main Menu, press C-Right, Z, C-Up, C-Down, R, C-Left, Z, C-Right.

Race at Night
At the Main Menu, press C-Up, C-Up, C-Down, C-Down, C-Left, C-Right, C-Left, C-Right.

Mirrored Tracks
At the Main Menu, press Z, R, Z, Z, R, Z, Z.

Stealth Mode
At the Main Menu, press C-Left, Z, Z, C-Up, C-Left, R, C-Down, C-Up.

TowJam Car
At the Main Menu, press C-Up, C-Down, Z, R, C-Left, C-Right, C-Up, C-Down.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hey You Pikachu! Nintendo 64 Cheats

Deep In Ochre Woods: Hidden area
Look at the hills in Ochre in the Deep In Ochre Woods section. Approach the hill that appears to be slightly different and walk through it to find hidden items.

Deep In Ochre Woods: Togepi Egg
When in Deep In Ochre Woods, go to the cave at the edge of the woods. Command Pikachu to come to you -- you may also need to tell him to look. He will look in the cave and find a Togepi Egg. Abra will come down and take the Egg. Visit Abra's shop and the Egg will be there. Visit often enough and the Egg will hatch.

Field Trip Part 2: Hidden area
Approach the largest tree. Command Pikachu to came to you and you will be able to enter the tree and get to Abra's shop.

Field Trip Part 2: Watering Jug upgrade
In Field Trip Part 2, you can buy a watering jug that can be used thirty times instead of the watering can that can only be used three times.

Pikachu's Daring Days: Pirate's Sword
Go to Pikachu's Daring Days and select Cobalt Island (The Treasure Hunt, Part 2). Go to the other side of the island and look around. Eventually, you will find a path leading up to a pirate fort. Try to keep Pikachu from finding the treasure chest. Using view mode, tell Pikachu to "Thunderbolt" the cannon facing away from the treasure chest. A loud blast will ring out. When the smoke clears, you will notice that all the chests will be unearthed, allowing you to simply follow the directions on the signs. If you did not open the chest inside the fort, opening it now will give you a pirate's sword.

Pokemon Picnic levels: Extra points and secret areas
There are secret areas in all Pokemon Picnic levels. They are all in the same place. Find the odd spot in a wall. Go in it (and if you cannot see, turn up the color). There will be a magnet and a few bolts there in Pokemon Picnic 1. Pick them up for more PikaPoints. In Pokemon Picnic 2 and 3, there will be a Golden Apple. Pick it up for 500 PikaPoints.

Pokemon Picnic 3: Lucky Hook
In Pokemon Picnic 3 you can buy the Lucky Hook from Abra's shop. Pikachu needs to be nearby to enter the shop. Once you leave you cannot reenter until the next day.

Pokemon Picnic 3: Better Water Pokemon
Play in Pokemon Picnic 3 and go to Abra's shop. Buy the Lucky Hook, then go fishing anywhere. Some of the different Pokemon you can catch include the following.
Olivine: Pollywag, Pollywirl
Ochre: Dratini
Cobalt: Kingler, Tentacruel, Seadra

Make Pikachu dizzy
Go to the Pikachu's Discover, Play, or Daring Days map and press the Analog-stick in any direction. You should see circles in Pikachu's eyes.

Pikachu's attacks
If you want Pikachu to do an attack, say one of the following: "Thundershock", "Thunderbolt", or "Thunder". Saying "Thunder Wave" or "Thunderpunch" will only confuse Pikachu, because he is only used to three attacks.

Play Pokemon quiz at any time
If you want to play Pokemon quiz, but Pikachu wants to go outside, say "Quiz Time". Pikachu will nod its head and start the Pokemon quiz. Note: Pikachu must be looking at you.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hexen 64 Nintendo 64 Cheats

Cheat Mode
Cheat Codes
While playing, pause the game and press C-Up, C-Down, C-Left, C-Right. A CHEAT option will appear on screen. Enter this menu, then quickly enter one of the codes below.
God Mode -- C-Left, C-Right, C-Down
Full Health -- C-Left, C-Up, C-Down, C-Down
Level Select -- C-Left, C-Left, C-Right, C-Right, C-Down, C-Up
Butcher -- C-Down, C-Up, C-Left, C-Left
No Clipping -- C-Up 20 times, C-Down

Collect Mode Cheats
Enter these codes on the Collect Mode screen. See your manual for details.
All Artifacts -- C-Up, C-Right, C-Down, C-Up
All Keys -- C-Down, C-Up, C-Left, C-Right
All Puzzle Items -- C-Up, C-Left, C-Left, C-Left, C-Right, C-Down, C-Down
All Weapons -- C-Right, C-Up, C-Down, C-Down

Skip Part of the Hub
At the core of the seven-portal hub there are three stairs that must be raised. After you raise the first flight of stairs, walk halfway up them. You will see the other two platforms that the other two staircases lead to. If you try hard enough, you can actually jump to the smaller ledge, skipping a part of the hub!

Get the same item
This cheat works on All difficulties, including the Toughest difficulty. It will only work with inventory items only. To do it, pick up an item, then quickly open up the Hexen 64 Game Menu, Temporarily save the game, then reload it. Whalla! You will have two of the same item. You must time it right to get the same item twice. It can be repeated more than once until you need as much as you want.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Nintendo 64 Cheats

Easy life
After losing a lot of life, go to a place that has barrels. Break those barrels and get the energy that is inside them. Go inside a cave or building, then and come back out to find more barrels. Repeat the process if more life is needed.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Harvest Moon Nintendo 64 Cheats

Hidden blue apple
Do this in the spring. Go to the small pond by the fisherman's tent and fish. Catch any fish and then throw it into the pond. A water imp will come up and give you a blue apple, which supposedly allows you to work on a rainy day without getting tired. Note: This trick will not work in the winter due to the fact that the pond is frozen at that time.

Blue Berry
First of all you have to get the fishing pole before this will work (Duh!) Anyway after you get the fishing pole catch a small fish and throw it into the pond by the fisherman's tent a greenish imp should come out of the water and give you a blue berry that will keep you from getting tired (sick?) in the rain.

(1) This won't work on the first day your at the farm (2) To get the fishing pole talk to the fisherman (3) You can tell the difference between the sizes of the fish like this... Small = Small and blue medium = Kinda big and reddish orange large = HUGE and blue

Get Married
To get married, pick out a young lady of your choice. Dance with her at festivals, give her presents every day, and be very nice to her. When the heart in the bottom of the right hand corner is red or pink, buy a blue feather from Rick's Tool Shop (If he doesn't have it, he'll get it, trust me) and give it to her. If she says yes, you will be married the next Sunday.

Have a Child
Once you are married, be EXTREMELY nice to your wife. Don't stay out late, bring her gifts, and NEVER talk to another girl. After 30 days, she'll begin to act strangely. In another 60 days, you'll have a child.

Quick Cash
Look for wild fruit or herbs around the land, and take then to the shipping bin.

Chicken Cheat
When you buy a chicken, leave it on the roof of your house and it will lay eggs. Also it will not die. To put the chicken on the roof, you must first buy a stairway from the carpenter.

Ultimate Racing
When at the dog or horse races go to the mayors wife and talk to her. On your ticket put 99 for each dog or horse then go down to submit it and press "b" instead of "a" you will get your money back and you will win lots of medals.

Gifts To Give The Girl You Like
Give Ann wool and corn.
Give Karen tomatoes and berries.
Give Elli strawberries.
Give Maria spring cabbage

More Cow's Milk
Name your cow Coco. Insted of producing small milk at first, it will give you medium size milk to start, and three days later it will produce large milk.

Good Luck Log
First you must be sure you have some logs in storedge. Then, during winter, after the mine has opened (the tenth) go to the side of your chicken coop and get a piece of lumber.Put it in your nappsack and make sure you have your hoe. Once you have your piece of lumber, go into the mine before it closes (five o'clock). Using your hoe, dig up one spot of earth. Place your piece of lumber on the spot you hoed and it will stand there covered with snow.
Note: Right after I placed the piece of lumber in the mine I found a Pontna Root and then a Moonlight Stone.

Cow Cheat
When you have a cow, let it get sick. Buy some potion for it and it will produce medium milk. Let it get sick again. When you heal it again it will produce large milk. Sometimes it doesn't work but if you keep trying it will happen. Also, if that cow gives birth to another cow, and you do the cheat again, that cow will almost definitely win the cow festival.

Cool Dog Trick
If you want Karen to like you sooner than usual, there is ony one thing you need, you dog! Holding you pooch, go talk to Karen. She will say that your dog doesn't look to clever. But continue to show your dog to her and her heart rate will steadly climb after a while, so It's possible to have Karen at a pink heart by the first of second day on your farm. I don't believe it works for any of the other girls, but still try it out.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

GT 64 Championship Edition Nintendo 64 Cheats

Reversed Tracks
Beat championship mode on the easy difficulty level.

Quick start
Immediately after the starting light turns yellow, press Accelerate to get a faster start than your opponents.

All tracks
Complete the championship mode under the hard difficulty ode and also the easy mode and all tracks will be uncovered and can be used to race.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Goldeneye 007 Nintendo 64 Cheats

Multiplayer cool mode
To play with 3 same players against 1 other player: Choose the 4 player match, the character you want to appear 3 times, choose it as player number 4. Choose the other players, dont' care which. Change the number of players back to 3, go to the character screen and rename player 4 to 3. ( For example: Player 4 was Bond, select Bond as player 3. Do the same for player 1 and 2 ) Change the number of players from 3 to 2, go to the character screen and rename 3 to 2. Choose player 1 now, and change the number of players from 2 to 4 and start the game. Players 2, 3 and 4 are now the same person.

Play smart not sweaty
Use your brain. Sometimes it's smart to use a silenced gun instead of a Klobb, sometimes, it's smart to put your gun away altogether (like in the Statue level).

Watch out for grenades, explosive boxes
Listen for the clink of a grenade. They will hurt you, bad. Also don't stand next to boxes with skulls and cross bones on them! They will hurt you bad, too.

Be careful of cameras
Cameras send in the troops. Cameras are bad. Don't let them see you. Ever hear the saying, "Kill you Television"? Well, here, the same applies to cameras.

Shoot through windows
You can shoot anything through a window with one shot. It's fun, they break, and you get to kill. Hey!

Be quiet when required
Sometimes, you simply need to shut up. Learn how to be sneaky.

Check your gadgets and weapons often
Sometimes you'll pick stuff up without noticing, or even worse, you never checked the beginning. In almost every level you're given a different stuff. Check it out!

Reload often
Reload every time you're about a new encounter. This way you're always prepared.

Use stealth (i.e. be careful, run fast, and be sneaky)
Sometimes you simply need to be fast, oftentimes strafing and running simultaneously is better than straight running. Stealth includes being sneaky and smart, without getting noticed. Try to be subtle. This isn't Doom. Example: Shoot one single round of the KF7 Soviet instead of four to keep the whole army from arriving at your door step.

Press R and then the bottom C button to crouch. Occasionally you can blow the shins off people and it's pure pleasure.

Press R and then press the right or left C buttons to lean around corners. This is even better than strafing in certain situations.

Use the left and right C buttons to keep from getting shot.

Quick Tips
Here are some basic tips that will keep you alive while playing. These techniques and quick hints will make your game infinitely better and more fun.

If you beat the game on agent you get the Magmun cheat.

Mine in Mid-Air
On multi-player set weapons on remote mines and the level on servyana bunker. Go to the room with the tvs, put remote mines on all the tvs. Detonate them, reload on remote mines, throw one and nothing comes out. But when you step back theres a mine in mid-air.

Hate dying?
Hate dying when you're really close to beating the level? Well, when you have 1 bar of life left, press start and go to your weapon supplies. Go to the last weapon and when you press start again, you have to shoot a guy within 5 seconds and your health will be refilled.

Go to a level with scientists in it. Preferably the facility. Now go up to a scientist with a fairly weak gun. Shoot him either twice in the arm or twice in the leg. If you don't end up killing him, he will pull out a DD44 Destovei. Then, if you dodge his shots, he will then pull out a grenade.

This glitch is done in the cradle.
Put the game on slow animation and beat the level and watch the replay and when bond runs for the plane it leaves before you can jump to it.

Among the varios cheats for beating any level at a certain difficulty there is only one that I find very cool, beat the silo stage at agent level (Very easy) and you recieve fast mode, which in short changes every small step to like 3 yards! very funny in multiplayer mode and awesome to use to beat the other stages in their time limit.

All Characters in Multiplayer
Go to the last available character in multiplayer (usually Mishkin) and hold
1. Hold L and R and press C-left
2. Hold the L button and press C-up
3. Hold the L and R buttons and press left on the pad (not the stick thingy).
4. Hold L and press right on the pad.
5. Hold R and press down on the pad.
6. Hold L and R and press C-left.
7. Hold L and press C-up.
8. Hold L and R and press right on the pad.
9. Hold L and R and press C-down.
10 .Hold L and press down on the pad.
WHEW! there is no sound to verify it worked but you should see almost 40 extra characters like the enemy heads, a grandma and even a terrorist complete with face mask.
this trick however is not saved so you will have to repeat it when you play again.
This trick is going to work I promise, if it doesn't you probably have some defect or you moved the anolog stick in the process.

Get back in the vents on facility. first stand on the toilet you land on when you get out. hold on R, aim the joystick to the left and hold on the Z button. you will begin spining the you will get back in the vent in about ten seconds.

If you finish Facility (2 level) on 00 agent in less then 2:05 min you will get INVINCIBILITY (god mode). if you get surface2 (level 8) in less then 4:15 min on 00 agent you will get Tiny Bond cheat(makes it harder to shot you). if you get cradle in less then 2:15 on agent mode you will get a gold GET INVISIBILITY get archive(level 11) in 1:20 min on 00 agent.

This is a long cheat ten steps but that it be on the battle mode character selct and be on valentine or moonraker eliete to make sure it works:
1. Hold the L and R Buttons and press C-Left.
2. Hold the L Button and press C-Up.
3. Hold the L and R Buttons and press Left on the digital Control Pad
(NOT the Control Stick). your starting person will be different
4. Hold the L Button and press Right on the Control Pad.
5. Hold the R Button and press Down on the Control Pad.
6. Hold the L and R Buttons and press C-Left.
7. Hold the L Button and press C-Up.
8. Hold the L and R Buttons and press Right on the Control Pad.
9. Hold the L and R Buttons and press C-Down.
10. Hold the L Button and press Down on the Control Pad.

Extra ammo
In multiplayer mode in the temple, on the top floor shoot the boxes of ammo and a third box will apear with more ammo.

Want to have some fun?
There are some really funny ways to kill enemies in this game, (almost as good as that Turok game).

1.Beat all the stages in 00 agent mode. You should see a new option when playing--OO7 mode,(allows you to set the difficulties and fine tune the enemies accuracy,health etc.

2.set the enemy health to 1000 and invinciblity can help oout a lot.

Now for the fun part, I find the nuts, the crack and the gut to be the funniest ways to kill an enemy, if you shoot an enemy in the crack(I mean reeeeally in the crack,not the ass) they should frolic around in pain.

In the gut or groin they may lie on the ground for up to 15 seconds trying to ward off the pain.
also,if you are in the surface stage, (preferaby the first) grab the 2x grenade launchers or use the enemy rockets cheat (beat the streets in under three minutes or something) and set off the alarm, now blast away at the oncoming idiots.

Oh yeah and one more hing, if you have invisibility, and all weapons, place a mine underneath of some guy, around thier foot or something and blow the S$%T out of can also place mines on thier helmets for some extreme fun.they shoud shoot straight up in the air or do a somersault and pass out!

While playing goldeneye I discovered a cool glitch. You need 2x throwing knives, Infinite ammo, and Invisibility helps, on cradle throw knives in the sky the sound effects should disappear. Then switch to a gun and shoot. odd sound huh?

Make Oddjob invisible!
First, go to a multiplayer game. Select a level with the gray boxes. If you are Oddjob, shoot one of the boxes on the bottom. Make sure the top is still on. Then make Oddjob duck and walk him into that box. Put his head down and your opponents can't see you!!!

On a level with a tank, (Streets or Runway.) Have Infinite ammo on and jump in the tank. Go to the weapon before the tank shells and then change weapons and get out of the tank at the same time. If done correctly you will be able to shoot tank shells out of your head!

Beat the game on Secret Agent and you will get the Aztec stage and if you beat the Aztec on Secret Agent in under 9:00 you will get 2 cheats that are Laser and 2x Laser. Beat the game on 00 Agent and you will get the Egyptian stage. Beat the Egyptian on 00 agent in under 6:00 and you will get All Guns and Golden Gun!

All-Characters Code
This is a long code -- 10 steps -- and may take a few tries to enter properly. You can do this code anywhere, but it's best to do it on the Multi-Player Character Select screen while looking at the last available character (Mishkin or Moonraker Elite). Here's how to do it:
1. Hold the L and R Buttons and press C-Left.
2. Hold the L Button and
3. Hold the L and R Buttons and press Left on the digital Control Pad (NOT the Control Stick). Note: Doing this will select different character on-screen. This is supposed to happen.
4. Hold the L Button and press Right on the Control Pad
5. Hold the R Button and press Down on the Control Pad
6. Hold the L and R Buttons and press C-Left
7. Hold the L Button and press C-Up
8. Hold the L and R Buttons and press Right on the Control Pad
9. Hold the L and R Buttons and press C-Down
10. Hold the L Button and press Down on the Control Pad
If you entered the code correctly, you will be able to select from nearly double the characters you had access to before. Note that this code will open all of the hidden characters, even if you haven't finished the game. One drawback is that your game will not save this code, so you'll have to re-enter it every time you want to use the extra characters. Note that the Connery, Dalton, Lazenby, or Moore won't be playable -- even with this code. They're simply NOT in the game.

Cradle glitch
You must have Fast Animation for this to work, and it would help if you had invisibility or incicibility. Ok, at the cheat screen sellect Fast Animation and anything else, go to the Cradle and beat it. Now Bond should go flying off the helicopter into thin air.

Surface 1 glitch
Get your sniper rifle out and go to the first cabin then aim on the other cabin shoot the 3 windows and you should see a computer on the wall.

RCP - 90 On Train
Go on agent mode and go to the last boxes stacked up on the left of the first carrige shoot both of the boxes and you will get a RCP- 90.On secret agent you get a dd4 dosstivi and on oo agent you get nothing.

Just For Fun
When you are playing Flag Tag with a friend don't you think it stinks to not be able to kill your partner. Well you problem is kind of solved. This tridk only works with slappers, so that is the kind of part. when you are fixing to pick up the flag, starting continously pressing the "Shoot" button. You must keep pressing the button when you have the flag or the trick fails.

Get Underneath the Truck
Go to the Cheat Options list and turn on Tiny Bond. Go to the Dam and then run in front of the truck, crouch down, and move under. Now, you can go underneath! Also, enemies won't see or shoot you!

This is a glitch, if you have the all guns cheat (or gameshark all gun cheat) start any level, select throwing knifes, press A,and you should have two throwing knifes, press and hold Z (they should be out of view) while still holding Z press A, you will throw two throwing knifes at once!a good attack on soldiers (it works good on the guys in the 2nd surface level)

Go to your cheats page and put on All Guns, Infinite ammo and Invisibility (if you have it.) Then go to the second bunker (on missions) and then set off the alarm and go to the room with TV's and put remote mines on every TV and blow them up! Now you can go around making everything float (Rockets, grenades, mines, tank shells, etc) This is a really good glitch if you love to kill guys!!!!!

To shoot during the ending scenes
Set the control style to domino and beat the level. During the ending scene,press Z on the second controller and you'll fire whatever gun you finished the level with. EXAMPLE: Finish the Egyptian level with the golden gun. When Baron Samedi is laughing at the end,fire the golden gun to kill him once and for all. Cool, huh?

Double Weapon cheat
You need to go to a weapon you can have double of Dostevel or a Klobb. Then press and hold A. Then press Z twice let go of a press a then keep on pressing Z. It takes a couple of tries though.

On the Dam Level
At the very beginning press start and choose your weapon on unarmed. Run and get the sniper rifle in the first tower and as soon as you pick it up press A 3 times and you should be able to fight with a paintbrush.

Do a little dance!
Not really a cheat but it's funny. You need enemy rockets. Go to Control and find a place where Natatlya stands still. (Elavator) Shoot her rocket launcher and she will move to the music!

4 grenade launchers at once!
OK, put the cheat mode on all weapons and fast animation. Play multiplayer with 3 people. Make on bond one Jaws and the third doesn't matter. Use your remote mines and stack 7 on to Jaws head. Then get the hell out of the way and trigger them when he dies and leaves behind his weapons press start and go to unarmed. The pick up all of his weapons and press a 6 times fast so that no guns appear in his hand. This cheat kicks but but only last as long as you remain in that multiplayer game. Oh yeah, neither Bond or Jaws can use any ammo before using this (except for the 7 mines used, duh) trick.

2x AR33 in Caverns
When you go to the Water Caverns, go to the Com area where the radio is to contact Jack Wade. As soon as you enter the room kill all the guys in the room. Go to the right hand corner where there are strips of glass in the wall. blow all the crates in that corner and in one you should see a smaller box come out. Blow all the boxexs in that crate and you should see two computers come out. Blow them and you will find two AR33s. Pick them up and you will have double Assault Rifles.

Get Back into the vent on the Facility!
Goto the Facility. Then goto the stall with the vent open above. Then goto the right corner and hold Z, R, C-Left, and the control stick left. Hold them until you get into the vent. If it doesn't work try again!

All weapons
At the start of the dam level hold down A+B while pushing R+L+Z concecutivly for five times in a row.

See through floor
Go to the cheat menu and put all guns on. On the Runaway level if you take out your sniper rifle and put it to maximum zoom (Using aim And C-Up.) Look down at the guard and you will be able to see through the floor. Also the white snow turns blue, pretty cool huh!

Bunker Glitch
First, Put on a weapon cheat [magnum, gold pp7, etc.] Next, go to missions. Put it on the 2nd Bunker. Then, put it on any difficulty, [agent, secret agent, etc.] When you start the level, get your magnet watch out.Get the cell key, but don't open the cell yet.Get your weapon out and shoot the guard until he drops his gun, [That's a sign to show he's dead] Then, before he disapears, open the cell door and the guard will say "Stop, or I'll shoot!" Even though he's dead. It doesn't help you out any, but it's pretty cool.

Unlimited Lives
The hardest cheat to get for Golden-Eye I think is the invincebility cheat. You get this cheat by finishing the facility level within 2:05 on the 00-agent setting. It's hard but i did it so you can to. !!follow each step!!:

1) Go down the toilet without killing any guards. Go down stairs and toss a mine on the wooden box next to the door. Run to the card-holding guard but before you open this door press A+B (to detonate the mine) the mine will kill all the guards inside. Take your sillenced PP7/PPK and kill the guard. Take his KF7-Soviet and his pass. Go back to the computer (sometimes the door is open) and open the other door by pressing B when you are for the computer.

2) Run all the way to the door that you opened without killing any guards. Go by the other door where there 3 guards are waiting for you. Most of the times you know have 40 bullets. If you want (I think YES) you can kill some guards but this is not necessary. Either hold left or right and open the 2 doors.

3) Go left and kill (most of the time)the 2 guards with your KF7-Soviet (!not your silenced PP7!). The noise of your gun will alarm the guard behind the automatic door and he openes this door. Shoot him.

4) Go up-stairs (youcan shoot a vieuw bullets but keep walking!) And look for Mr. Doak, found him walk towards him, when he begins with his "chits-chat" walk away; the door-opener will automaticly be in your (watch)inventory.

NOTE: Dr. Doaks place in this level is random: he can be in 7 different places. 3 of them are upstairs. Less than 50%. You have to hope/guesse that he is upstairs!

5) Walk away to the 2 stupid soldiers (most of the times they don't hear a thing. Toss a mine on the wall where the guards are and walk futher. They start shooting now press A+B zo the guards will die. The fire will kill some other guards sometimes. Open the door with your decoder.

6) Run down and start talking to 006/Alec Travelyan/Lienz-Kozak-Traiter. Go to the opposite wall of the gastanks and toss your left 3 granades. (*=mine :=2gastanks :*:*:*:) One by one. While in the air press A+B. By doing this high enough you don't kill 006. Leave the level.

It's hard but can be done. Try and don' give up. It took me 1, 5 days from my hollidays. My best time is "1:26". Beat me?!

Knife Tricks
In bunker 2 in the begining, after killing the guard, go to the right into the area that seems usless. Use your watch magnet extract and aim it down. Use it and you will get knives. Also, next to the camera room with the cv tape, in bunker 2, go through the door to the right. Throw knives up into the air and hear them go up and come back down. This is also helpfull when you are being chased. Throw alot of knives in this area when being chased (by people in multi-player or the game) and the knives will land on the heads of the people chaising you. This will happen everywhere as long as there is alot of space above you, but you have more controll in bunker 2.

Here are a few tips for goldeneye. In every board on any agent, except the caverns on any agent, if you stand near a guy he can not shoot you. In the train on any agent the faster you get through the floor the faster Nytalya speaks(very helpful on 00agent). Also, if you shoot Xena in the train it will give you a few extra seconds to get through the floor and for Nytala to speak. In the Egyption Temple do not bother to shoot the guys they just come back. In the Aztec stand near Jaws and shoot him and he will not be capable of shooting you. Hold down c left or right it wiil make you run fast you could even catch up to 006 on the cradle. In the statue do not shoot to many of the shot gun guys they just keep on coming back alieve in front of you. There are a few boards that you should not even bother to get the codes for,unless you want to waste days to weeks to months of you life. those boards include, facility, train, and caverns.

Run Faster
This is not exactly a code, but in some boards it can be helpful. In any board if you hold down c either left or right it makes you run faster. I was able to catch up to 006 in the cradle.

Strike a pose
This is NOT a cheat, just something very odd I found. First, go to Cheat Options and select Slow Animation. It doesn't matter what other cheats you have, but you MUST have this one. Next, choose the Depot Level. Next, use Agent mode for the difficulty, or another if you feel like it. Beat every objective you need to until you only have to find Trevelyan's train. Next, find the train, open it up, and DO NOT kill the guys inside!! Instead, get in the train before they start shooting you. If you did it right, you will see Bond aim his gun at the guy on the right, and the guy will die, but the gun doesn't fire! Then, Bond will sort of freeze, then aim his gun at the ceiling, and the music will get kind of weird! The ending won't stop until you press A. Strange, but true.

Statue Glitch
First, you pick the Statue Level in any difficulty. When you get to Valentin and when it says Objective A complete, you can kill Valentin and you won't fail Objective A.

Street Glitch
First, you select the Street level. Then pick Secret Agent or 00 agent. Then, when you get to Valentin and when it says Objective A complete, he starts to run off. You can shoot him and the game still says he contacted his colleagues and you still don't fail Objective A, even though you killed Valentin.

DK mode
To get DK mode beat Runway in Agent in 5:00.

Paintball Mode
To get paintball mode beat Dam in Secret Agent in 2:40.

Kll Trevelyan with Throwing Knives and Helicopter Trick
First, you must have Slow Animation on.(If you don't have Slow Animation you must beat Depot in Secret Agent in at least 1:30.) You can have other cheats on if you want. You must hit Trevelyan in the head with Throwing Knives otherwise you can't win. After you beat Trevelyan when you are about to jump into the helicopter the helicopter just leaves and you don't jump.

Floating Bond
If you have the cheat: Tiny bond put it on and you can put any other cheat on if you want to. Now go to a level that has big stairs like Facility and Frigate. Get down on your knees and walk of the stairs.

Funny Dance
This cheat works best in multiplayer:
Choose any character and any cheat. Now go into whatever your doing and look down in front of your opponent and press all of the C buttons while moving.

Three Handed Bond
Enable the "All guns" code. Get the double laser guns. On the first pair, fire the left gun, then quickly press B. Release B, press A, release A, and hold Z. The game should show Bond holding a laser gun and a laser watch.

Weapon Damage Percentage
Weapon - Head - Body - Limb
Throwing Knife 299% - 149.5% - 74.75%
PP7 - 99% - 49.5% - 24.75%
Silenced PP7 - 99% - 49.5% - 24.75%
DD44 Dostovei - 99% - 49.5% - 24.75%
Klobb - 59% - 29.5% - 14.75%
KF7 Soviet - 99% - 49.5% - 24.75%
ZMG(9mm) - 99% - 49.5% - 24.75%
D5K Deutsche - 99% - 49.5% - 24.75%
Silenced D5K Deutsche - 99% - 49.5% - 24.75%
Phantom - 139% - 69.5% - 34.75%
US AR33 assault rifle - 139% - 69.5% - 34.75%
RC-P90 - 139% - 69.5% - 34.75%
Shotgun - 199% - 99.5% - 49.75%
Automatic Shotgun - 199% - 99.5% - 49.75%
Sniper Rifle - 99% - 49.5% - 24.75%
Cougar Magnum - 199% - 99.5% - 49.75%
Golden Gun - 9999% - 4999.5% - 2499.75%
Silver PP7 - 199% - 99.5% - 49.75%
Gold PP7 - 9999% - 4999.5% - 2499.75%
Laser - 199% - 99.5% - 49.75%
Watch Laser - 199% - 99.5% - 49.75%
Taser - 99% - 49.5% - 24.75%

Invisibility in multi-player mode
Press L + C-Up, L + R + C-Left, R + Up, L + C-Right, R + C-Left, L + Right, L + R + C-Left, L + C-Right, L + Up, L + R + C-Down during game play.

Invincibility Push Button Code
Press R + Left, L + Down, Left, Up, Down, R + C-Left, L + C-Left, L + R + Left, L + R + Right, L + C-Left at the cheat menu. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Exit, then return to the cheat menu to access the unlocked option.

Two Trevelyns
More of a glitch but funny in multiplayer. Go to multiplayer mode and put it on 2 player. Choose player one as bond , player two as trevelyn.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Golden Nugget Nintendo 64 Cheats

For this tip, the only thing required is a controller with an auto fire feature. Go to the slots, and choose a machine.
Set the bets to $5 or $10 bucks and put all of your money into the machine. You'll want to have about 200 credits into the machine, just to be safe. Move your hand to Bet Max Credits, set the a button to auto fire, get a rubberband (or something to hold the a button down) and leave the room for a few hours. In no time you'll have millions!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Goemon's Great Adventure Nintendo 64 Cheats

Four Player Mode
Insert four controllers and begin a game. Collect forty-four hands from various levels, press C-Right + Start on controllers three and four.

Alternate Costumes
Enable four player mode. Then you can access new costumes for each character at the "Prediction" house.

Faster hoola-hoopa
In the game-over screen, Select 'Try Again' then repeatedly press A to make the hoola-hoopa hoop faster!

Get to Creep Village
To get to the hidden town in the game, first beat the last boss. Then, go to Mokeke forest in the Underworld. Find the Impact rock, then keep going until you see a pink-suited clay doll. Defeat it and go left to the player change platform. change to Sasuke or Yae, go left, dive, and swim right until you can surface. There is no Teahouse in Creep village, so change to whoever you want to be NOW! Then, go right until you see a run-down bus shelter with a post nearby, and stand under the post. Sometime near daybreak, a HUGE bus will come and bring you to creep village. In Creep Village, you can get the last 4 entry passes.

Secret Finish
On Ryugo Island Kappa Road has two objectives! First you beat it normally then go back and when you are at the cave's first pool of water you have to be Sasuke or Yae to do it. Dive in and change to Sub Sasuke or Mermaid Yae then swim to your right. Go very far. When you can't go any more go up and you will find some star blocks. Use Goemon's chain for that [change into him] and you will beat the second objective!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Glover Nintendo 64 Cheats

Infinite lives
Pause the game, the press the following in order: C-up, C-up, C-up, C-up, C-up, C-right, C-down, C-right. It will say "Infinite Lives On."

Bonus levels
Press Start to pause game play then press C-Down, C-Up, C-Right(2), C-Down, C-Left, C-Right(2). Glover will cheer to confirm correct code entry. Several cheat codes will be displayed and all six bonus levels will be unlocked.

Code bird
Did you ever wonder what that weird looking bird is doing? Press B to hear a combination of sounds (fart, burp, hiccup, and bacaw). Press Start followed by C-Up, C-Down, C-Left, or C-Right to hear the same sounds. Try to match the series of sounds given by the bird to learn new codes. The name of the code will be displayed if entered correctly. This may be done every time a ball (crystal) is returned to the castle. Complete the game or enable the "Open Portals" code to receive new codes rapidly.

How to beat the gorilla in the desert island level
First you get the smaller annoying monkeys away by fist slamming them (a+z) then pushing them behind the the big rocks on the sides. ( you don't have to push them far behind the rocks.) Next, approach the gorilla. Be careful not to get too close or he will attack you. When he is swinging, time it just right and jump. Then, slap the ball at his belly after you do that he will swing really fast then he will swing off. After he falls of run to him and fist slam him he will get smaller and smaller untill he dies. (It takes three hits to kill him.)

Invisible ball
C-Down, C-Down, C-Left, C-Left, C-Up, C-Up, C-Down, C-Up.

Boomerang ball
C-Right, C-Up, C-Up, C-Up, C-Up, C-Left, C-Left, C-Down.

Call Ball
C-Up, C-Left, C-Left, C-Up, C-Right, C-Left, C-Down, C-Up.

Control Ball
C-Left, C-Right, C-Left, C-Right, C-Up, C-Down, C-Right, C-Right.

Infinite lives
C-Up, C-Up, C-Up, C-Up, C-Up, C-Right, C-Down, C-Right.

Infinite energy
C-Right, C-Right, C-Down, C-Right, C-Right, C-Right, C-Up, C-Left.

Level select
C-Up, C-Up, C-Up, C-Left, C-Left, C-Right, C-Left, C-Right.

Low gravity
C-Left, C-Left, C-Up, C-Left, C-Right, C-Up, C-Up, C-Up.

Frog Spell
C-Down, C-Left, C-Down, C-Down, C-Down, C-Left, C-Down, C-Up, C-Left.

Hercules Spell
C-Down, C-Down, C-Down, C-Left, C-Left, C-Down, C-Right, C-Left.

Speed Up Spell
C-Left, C-Left, C-Right, C-Up, C-Right, C-Left, C-Down, C-Down.

Death Spell
C-Up, C-Left, C-Left, C-Left, C-Left, C-Up, C-Right, C-Up.

Locate Garibs
C-Left, C-Up, C-Right, C-Down, C-Left, C-Up, C-Left, C-Left.

Big Glover
C-Down, C-Down, C-Down, C-Left, C-Left, C-Down, C-Right, C-Left.

Disable all cheats
C-Down, C-Down, C-Down, C-Down, C-Down, C-Down, C-Down, C-Down.

Press C-Left, C-Right, C-Left, C-Right, C-Left, C-Right, C-Left, C-Right.

Enemy Ball
Press Start and enter: C-Left, C-Down, C-Up, C-Right, C-Left, C-Left, C-Down, C-Down.

Mad Garibs
Press Start then enter: C-Down, C-Right, C-Down, C-Up, C-Left, C-Down, C-Left, and C-Up.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Gex: Enter the Gecko Nintendo 64 Cheats

Fourth gate opened

Third gate opened

Second gate opened

First gate opened

All remotes + 99 lives

Reaching the Titanic level
Go to the first main room and approach the arch. Climb the wall to reach the roof of the arch. Once on top, look for a floating square and jump on to ride to the Titanic TV screen.

127 Lives and All Remotes
Go to load game from password and enter this password:
You now start the game with 127 lives and all remotes.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko Nintendo 64 Cheats

Enter these passwords at the "Password" Screen.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gauntlet Legends Nintendo 64 Cheats

Play as Pojo the Chicken
Enter "EGG" and "911" as a password.

Bonus characters
First, reach level 10 with your character. Then at the selection screen, hold Turbo and choose the same character.

Play as nude Valkyre
Enter "NUD" as a name and "069" as a password.

Play as Falconess
To play as Falconess WITHOUT CODES, collect 50 coins in the Castle Treasury bonus round before time runs out. The portal to the bonus round is accessed by standing in front of the star-studded door that is near the end of the Castle Treasury level. Initially hidden from view, the door whisks players into the future - to a bonus round on a space station.
Alternately, to play as Falconess WITH CODES, raise Valkyre to level 10. Then, at the character selection screen, hold Turbo and choose the same character. Valkyre will turn into Falconess!

Play as Jackal
To play as Jackal WITHOUT CODES, collect 50 coins in the Ice Camp bonus round before time runs out. The portal to the bonus round is accessed by standing in front of a star-studded door that is near the end of the Ice Camp level. (In the cargo maze near the end of the level, head to the upper-right portion of the maze and walk up the ramp. Shoot the boxes to reveal a door with a star on it. The star-studded door will transport players to a bonus level on the docks.)
Alternately, to play as Jackal WITH CODES, raise Wizard to level 10. Then, at the character selection screen, hold Turbo and choose the same character. Wizard will turn into Jackal!

Play as Minotaur
To play as the Minotaur WITHOUT CODES, collect 50 coins in the Mountain Cliff bonus round before time runs out. The portal to the bonus round is accessed by standing in front of the door (with skull and crossbones) that is near the end of the Mountain Cliff level. The door is near a ramp on the edge of a cliff and will transport players to a classic Gauntlet bonus round.
Alternately, to play as Minotaur WITH CODES, raise Warrior to level 10. Then, at the character selection screen, hold Turbo and choose the same character. Warrior will turn into Minotaur!

Play as a Dragon
To play as a dragon, raise Warrior's level to 10. Then press RIGHT, C-Up, C-Down-, Z-trigger, LEFT, C-Left, A, Start. (A bell confirms correct entry.) Warrior explodes into tiny fragments that are then are fused into body of a dragon.

Bird/dragon familiar
Get your Character up to level 25 and your character will be given a bird or a dragon to help fight when you attack your familiar will attack with you.

New Weapon
To get a new weapon for any of the characters you must level them to level 50. Your weapon should change into a more ornate one.(for all characters, including specials.)

Permanent anti-death
Successfully complete the game to receive permanent anti-death, which allows you to steal health from death.

Fun Experience
I especially like doing this. Choose the warrior and go to the valley of fire(the very first level). Now, DO NOT destroy the generators. When the smallest ogres come out, walk around slowly. Many ogres will come out. When they hit you use your largest attack. You drive the ogres nuts, and gain piles of exp.

The Ice Axe of Untar
The Ice Axe of Untar can be found in the Armory level of the Valkyrie's Castle. This weapon is useful in defeating the Red Dragon in the Warrior's Mountain.

The Scimitar of Rasha
The Scimitar of Rasha can be found in the Cave level of the Warrior's Mountain. This weapon is useful in defeating the Chimera in the Valkyrie's Castle.

The Flame of Tarkana
The Flame of Tarkana can be found in the Spire level of the Skytown. This weapon is useful in defeating the Yeti in the Ice Domain.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

G.A.S.P. Fighter's NEXTream Nintendo 64 Cheats

Fight as Gouriki
Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A at the title screen.

Fight as Reiji
Press A, B, Right, Left, Right, Left, Down(2), Up(2) at the title screen. Note: While fighting as Reiji, press L + R when the health bar is at approximately 33% to transform into Yami or Hikiri.

Alternate costumes
Hold L and press Left or Right at the character selection screen. The character portrait will change colors to confirm correct code entry. Then, select a character while L is still held.

Special stage
Break down all ten buildings in a single stage. Return to the stage selection screen and press Start. Alternatively, successfully complete the game in tag team mode under the very easy difficulty setting using only one character in under twenty-one minutes.

Hint: Regain health
Repeatedly tap C-Up, C-Down, C-Left, or C-Right after being knocked down to regain up to two health points.

Hint: Extra character creation bodies
Create and train a character until he or she has accumulated over ninety moves. Two new bodies (male and female) will be unlocked the next time the character creation feature is used.